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1 in 4 Women On Psych Meds Compared to 15% of Men; Four Ways It is Secretly Validated

Updated on February 19, 2016

Who Are You Calling Crazy?

All Women Are Crazy. The Societal Myth. How Not To Validate.

A study (PDF version) done by Medco Health Solutions from 2001-2010 shows that the 1 in 4 women were dispensed medication for a mental health condition compared to only 15% in their male counterparts.

"Medco Health Solutions, Inc. was an American Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) company which served more than 65 million people, before it was ultimately acquired by Express Scripts in April 2012." Medco Health Solutions Wikipedia Page

When I hear these statements two things specifically go off in my head



That myth comes from two places.

The Big Pharmaceutical Chains that give Doctors bonuses as well as the Doctors themselves think that you are to weak to engage in the divine light of Personal Accountability. You are just a crazy woman right???

It supposes that one in four women have behavior so poor that they must be medicated. I do not believe that 25% of American women need pharmaceutical medication because to do so would mean that normal people were unable to help themselves and it is ok to hide behind an "I'm crazy" label.

I am going to show you four behaviors that lead women to hide behind the "I'm Crazy" label. In this way it is my hope you can grow in awareness and control of your actions.

If you are at the mercy of some madness

or the madness of mercy, you give your will away when you label any of these behaviors as crazy and beyond your control.


The top two for girls were bipolar and borderline personality disorders. Can you guess what symptom these two disorders share. Increased promiscuity. A girl diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder has double the amount of sex as the average lady. I am a champion of sexual freedom but just own up to it.

Drug and Alcohol Use.

You are crazy right? You can't help it go ahead have just one more. You forgot to take your mental health medications you just cannot help it right?

Attention Seeking.

Did you know that Men commit suicide 3.5 times the rate of women. Women attempt suicide four times more than men. The fact that men are so much better at committing suicide has to be statistically significant and it means that much of the time these women are crying out. For help? For attention? Regardless of the reason they are still crying out.

Identity Seeking.

You are the dark depressed one and the rest are happy go lucky bimbo bitches right? There are tons of false identities to engage in by being "one" of the mentally ill. Give me a break and enjoy your life. I cannot promise it will not hurt but it is better. I promote a certain INDULGENCE in life.

What Men Want:

First of all. Men want a woman. Act like a sick girl and you will be treated like one. No man wants to commit to a mentally unstable girl. Those last four traits are pretty much a blueprint for what activity healthy men do not want in their significant other.

Personal Accountability is the Only Road to A Personal Heaven

Second of all. Everything changed in my life when I started practicing Personal Accountability. Practicing Personal Accountability is not for the weak. But it is for those who are Strong and Want to Be Free.

If you need your medication and are ill you can be responsible enough to take them.

If you do not need medication take it into your being that you are not neurologically or chemically out of order.

There is NOTHING wrong with you.

If from now on you act as if every failure is your fault.

If from now on you act as if every success is to your credit.

Who knows maybe you could be that Genius you know you are, that Champion and that Winner I Know You are Inside. Perhaps your insides will match your outsides and you have become Atu (Ancient Egyptian Word For Key) #1 THE MAGICIAN. The magician is first card of the tarot it is only preceded by #0 The Fool.



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