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10 Crazy Things About Women

Updated on May 6, 2016
We are crazy!
We are crazy!

Being a woman is a bizarre feeling, certainly because we are awesome in our own context. To add to my fury, somebody asked me, what is so formidable about being a woman? Frantically and intrepidly I said, be a woman yourself, and you will get to know. The fact is, only women enjoy the crazy things about themselves that is often considered as stupid and repulsive by men.

I feel proud of my woman instincts, and feel just fantastic for being someone who can do ten things at a time. Undoubtedly, we are awesome daughters, naughty sisters, compassionate mothers, and loving wives but do you know, what are the ten funny things about us that makes us out of the world:

10. Most of the females love to speak a lot - Eight out of ten women are always outspoken. Just observe a group of women, and you will find them getting vociferous like a chatterbox. I understand the pain of a lady when she is forced to stay quiet for some time, but men love it!

A shocking study has proven that women talk almost three times more than men. An average woman speaks around 20,000 words on a day that is nearly 13,000 more words than any average man speaks throughout a day. Isn’t it the power of feminism that most of the men lack and are certainly a bit hesitant to accept it.

For me, this is a wacky woman thing that can drive any man mad. Though men always dislike women for being outspoken; still they often get attracted towards them because of their chirpy personality. What an irony?

9. Gossiping, a common attribute found in most of the women – Even if you are a woman, it is not hard for you to accept that women love gossiping. Gossiping is always a tempting habit that has an exquisite pleasure associated with it and helps every woman feel light-hearted.

Though more of a guilty pleasure is derived from the practice, but it is somehow very comforting for ladies as a sense of satisfaction derived from speaking at the back of people, whom they don’t like is just so heart warming. So, attention all you women, if you feel superb about it, do not forget that some other woman might also be speaking ill of you behind your back and might be getting a commendable amount of pleasure from doing so.

We understand everything, but still can't help with the habit.

8. We love to shop – Shopping is one of those habits that is often linked with matrons. I have not known any woman, who have the guts to say “NO” to it. Whether men agrees or not, but we are smart shoppers as we can spend hours stumbling up and down in a shopping mall for finding a right thing at a reasonable price. Our urge to look better than others can make us do a parade throughout the day and pick the best fashion stuff after going through hundreds of shops. We are passionate shoppers indeed, and 7 out of 10 items in our shopping bags are meant for us and the leftover three for the family members. Shopping is a birthright of every woman, and we don't want to lose any opportunity to shop. In spite of being Shopaholics, we are always considerate enough to buy things for others. That is why, sales are meant for us, who are just crazy shoppers and can drive their male companion insane. I think the shop owners must thank us for being like that, or else their shops would get closed forever.

Undoubtedly, the pleasure associated with shopping cannot be ignored and can make a day of every woman on the earth. So, if your lady is not happy these days or is angry with you, shopping is the best way to make her realize that you care for her.

7. We love to flaunt our new outfit for every party – If we have added something new to our wardrobe, we cannot resist wearing it. That is why, we wear it for a very next occasion that comes our way, and we know it well, how to grab the attention of other women and how to make them feel envious about it. If, nobody compliments us, we do not hesitate to ask others directly if our outfit is looking up to the mark.

Even, if our closet is stuffed with hundreds of clothing options, we never have anything to wear, when we are invited to a party. We can never let ourselves down by wearing an old outfit for a new party. After all, we need to wear the trendiest of all the outfits and to wear an old party gown is not at all a viable option for us.

6. We tend to oversleep by putting off the morning alarm – Though; we always set our alarms 10 minutes earlier than needed, but we always tend to sleep more and often get up later than required. No wonder, morning rush is the obvious scenario in every house, and still we manage to do things on time.

5. Women are fond of eating – When it comes to food, we just cannot resist a few food items like pickles, granolas, candies, chocolates and a lot more. From Asian, American, Thai or Continental, we don’t mind trying new dishes and love it more when somebody else cooks it for us. No wonder, that is why, most of us tend to put on weight soon we reach our thirties and hate it when people make us realize that we are actually growing fat.

4. We are excellent in arranging things – We love to clean and organize the things in a right place and always instruct our male chums and kids to keep the thing in a place from where it has been picked. No doubt, we keep our homes clean and decorated, but our habit of arranging things often make us forget about a few things that we often keep somewhere in a hurry. Forgetfulness is in our blood, and the only option left for finding the lost item is to wait for the next cleaning session, which often comes after a week or two. Still, we somehow manage to find the relevant stuff soon with a good deal of hassle.

3. We are crazy mothers and opt to get pregnant again without the fear of those scary labor pains – We decide not to have any more kids after our first childbirth experience, but we don’t mind getting pregnant again for fulfilling the need of a sibling for our child. Isn’t it crazy that makes us capable of nourishing a new life by accepting a challenge again? Our ability to take tough decisions in life makes us unique.

2. We love to experiment – From the kitchen, fashion to sexual orientation, we are so amazing in experimentation. We love experimenting new things in life and feel incredibly blessed for our versatility. That is why we excel in every field where we enter.

Here are a few examples of our zeal to experiment:

  • Dare not challenge your lady ever, or else you may have to eat one of those food items that has been cooked for the first time in your kitchen today. No doubt, we are excellent cooks, and we will never ponder upon experimentation in the kitchen and serve it for dinner, whether other members in the family like its taste or not?
  • We are equally good at trying weird clothes, accessories, and makeup, and still set a fashion statement for society, and guess what? We look our best, even if we are not familiar with the trend.
  • The great news for all the guys is that your woman will never hesitate to try out a new thing on bed for her man. And, if you happen to be a lucky man in her life she won't hesitate to indulge in your sexual fantasies. Our daring attitude make us special for our men.

1. Women love to drive and can hit the road clean – Though, all men feel that women are bad drivers, but we are always more passionate about driving compared to men. We can bang on the street roads without even caring for the speed breakers. The fact is that, in spite, of being reckless drivers (that is what men always consider women’s driving to be), men tops the list of road accidents as a driver. Needless to say, we are comparatively better and safe drivers who can crazily hit the streets of the town with heart-warming confidence.

Do you feel that being a woman offers immense pleasure? The crazy habits of women might be beyond the understanding of men, still our alluring charm and the ability to smile even during tough times make us the most cherished member of the family.


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    • sukhneet profile image

      Sukhneet Kaur Bhatti 21 months ago from India

      Thank you Swalia for your comment :)

    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 21 months ago

      Interesting observations and very accurate too!