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10 Dating Profile No No's for Men

Updated on July 9, 2016

If you are not getting a lot of dates from these dating sites, you may want to rethink your photos. That profile pic is THE pic. It's the one we girls fly through on our breaks at work, before going to sleep, so we don't have a lot of time and are impressed by your primary photo. Make sure that one is just right, even if the others fall a little short.

This is your first impression. Look how you would if you were on a first date with the woman of your dreams. Holding that fish without a shirt on isn't looking so good now, huh?

Here are 20 absolute no no's for your profile pics. If you have any of these, please grab your camera and take some new ones. Your love life depends on it.

1. Keep your junk in your pants and placed in a way where we can't make the outline out. It's gross and probably against site policy anyway.

2. No sunglasses. Doesn't matter if you're on the beach. If we can't see your eyes, we can't see your face.

3. If you have a great smile, show us. Otherwise, that close lipped expression tells us you are hiding something.

4. No blurry or far away shots. We can't see you and chances are we never will.

5. Please don't hold a drink.

6. Put the fish down. Take us fishing after we meet...if we like to.

7. Don't make faces like sticking your tongue out. Show her your sense of humor after you meet.

8. Watch your backgrounds. Last thing we want to see is your dirty place or that wedding photo on the dresser.

9. Don't pose with a lot of your friends. This includes your ex. Why would you want to pose with a lot of your good looking friends? You're trying to get the girl, not have her check out your buddies.

10. No kids, please. You love your kids but we don't know them. We want to know YOU first. This is an adult site for adults only until it develops into something else, if it develops.

Hopefully if you follow these rules, you will notice more women looking, liking and messaging you. Good luck and don't give up! There is someone out there for everyone.


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