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10 Deadly Mistakes Single Ladies Make

Updated on August 3, 2013


Have you been a victim of repeated heartbreaks by guys? Have you been wondering why every guy you meet end up leaving you after a few dates? Do you feel insecure in your relationships? If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you have come to right place because after reading this write-up, I am convinced that your mentality and behavior in any other relationship you will venture into, will be a blissful one.

Mistakes are bound to occur in life because no human being is perfect, but there are certain mistakes every single lady ought to avoid to ensure a healthy relationship with the opposite sex, and some of those mistakes will be unveiled in this article, so sit back and enjoy the piece.

Mistakes Ladies Must Avoid In Their Relationships

Hello friends, it’s really been a long time, and I missed you guys, I hope you missed me too? *winks* Okay, let’s spare ourselves the long courtesy and get down to business- ten deadly mistakes single ladies often make. I am writing this article out of sympathy, sympathy for ladies who keep ending up with the wrong guys over and over again and only to run back complaining that all guys are the same, all guys are bad- nope! All guys can never be the same, and all guys can never be bad because even in midst of evil, there is always good, so it entirely depends on the personality and character of the guys you had been meeting because I know very sure that there are millions of good guys out there looking and searching honestly for a lady to love with all their heart, and hey, I am one of them….*winks*

Over the years, I have come to realize that most of the time, it is the ladies that do mistakes while blaming the guys that hurt or dumped them out of their mistakes, and that is why I have compiled this article to help guide single ladies out there on some of the deadly mistakes they make in their relationships.

Honestly, if you can avoid these mistakes, believe me, you will never experience heartbreak again, and men will forever see you as a treasure and not just a piece of object for emotional satisfaction and relief.

Now, what are those deadly mistakes single ladies make?

1 Believing that a guy will change for your sake, or that you will change a guy, is a deadly mistake.

2 Insisting on making a guy who clearly doesn't give a crap about you to fall in love with you is a costly mistake. See, men aren’t like women. Once a man sees a lady he likes, it doesn’t take him a decade to decide or to conclude, unlike ladies who most times take so long to decide on whether they cherish a guy or not. In order words, if its taken a guy too long to accept you, please run, because he isn’t connected with you, he is only trying hard to cope and to accommodate you, and once he finds someone he connects with, he will definitely flee or cheat on you.

3 Playing hard to get for entirely too long until the guy looses passion for you, only for you to start falling for him.

4 Falling for a bad guy and putting the good guys in the "FRIENDS Z0NE"

5 Thinking every guy is like your EX- no two guys are the same, no matter what your friends have told you, or what people have said in the past, you must stop believing that fallacy, biology and science can prove this too.

6 Shaving off your EYEBR0WS Completely just to draw them back on with an “EYE PENCIL”

7 Blaming the entire male population for one bad experience you had with a guy or some guys

8 Bringing other girls down because of your own insecurities

9 Allowing the same guy to hurt you over and over again, by accepting him continually with the hope that he would change. Honestly, it is you who has a problem, and not him.

10 Deciding on where and when to fall in love. For instance, you have ruled out that you can't date or love a guy you meet in a commuter or metro bus, night club, on the street, on the internet, etc, and maybe planning to find a date or fall in love at a particular environment or spot- cinema, gym, concert, church, school, etc, maybe because you watched a movie or read a novel in which your favorite female character met her date in that environment, you then conclude that that’s where people find true love.

That's a big mistake most ladies make because love can come from anywhere and anytime...all you need is to be open and give love a chance, because you never can tell where love will find you- it maybe on the internet, on the street, in the market, at school, during a seminar, at night club, etc.

Have you ever made any of the mistakes outlined in this article?

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    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 4 years ago from L Island

      Thanks @dashingscorpio, meanwhile, you just pointed out another great mistake some single ladies make....getting married/coupled up just to please the society. Thank you for the amazing contribution.

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 4 years ago

      Excellent hub! Voted up and awesome!

      The only other thing I could think of is some women allow their "arbitrary" deadlines/goals influence their decision on (when) to settle down or get married instead of going over their "check lists" of wants and needs for a lifetime mate. Some even attach themselves because all of their girlfriends are married or coupled up.