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10 Easy Ways to Win a Guy Over

Updated on April 28, 2018

How to Win a Guy Over

How to win a guy over: tell him about emotional stuff often
How to win a guy over: tell him about emotional stuff often


What can you do to win a guy over? What are some of the things you must do if you want to win a man’s heart and make him fall in love with you? How can you win a guy’s heart so that you can win his love?

In this article, I want to share with you tips to win over a guy you are attracted to so that you can make him yours forever.

Now, what are some of the things you must do?

Do Not Judge Him

One of the ways to win a man’s heart is to desist from judging him. Most guys are looking to have a relationship with a woman who does not judge or condemn too often. Most guys do not want a girl to judge their thoughts and opinions because judging them makes them feel that you do not respect them.

On the other hand, when you desist from judging his feelings, opinions, and thoughts, you will help to build the rapport and camaraderie between the two of you. Furthermore, it is more likely he will trust you and find it easier to open up to you, which will increase the likelihood that he will feel more connected to you.

So, to win his love, respect his views on issues without trying to be judgmental. If you disagree with him about anything, acknowledge his views and then express your point of view.

Find Out About His Challenges, Often

When you can get a guy to talk about his challenges often, he will see that you care about him sincerely and that can influence him to develop romantic feelings for you.

So, whenever you meet him, find out about the challenges he is facing at home. Listen with rapt attention and nod your head from time to time or make comments that will show that you care about his problems, by saying words such as, “Oh, I see!” or “I sympathize with what you are going through,” or “uh-huh,” or “Don’t worry, things will get better.” It will show him that you pay attention to what he says to you, that you place great premium on giving him a listening ear. As he continues to share his inner feelings with you, and as he sees that you want to help him carry his burdens, he will develop goodwill towards you, which may grow into love feelings.

Pay Particular Attention To What He Loves And What He Dislikes

Develop an interest in what he loves doing so that you can relate to him better. When you relate to him well, feelings of attraction can grow stronger and mutual feelings of love can develop and grow easily.

For example, if he likes cars, learn about cars so that you can talk to him about cars when you meet him. Or, if he enjoys playing soccer, start following the game and learn a lot about it. This will help you to engage him in compelling conversations which will make him feel strongly connected to you.

Exchange Emotional Information With Him

Another thing you can do to win a guy’s heart over is to whip up his emotions by telling him about emotional stuff often. When you share emotional information about yourself with him, it will promote strong feelings of connection, which will increase the chances that he will like you a lot, which will increase the chances that he will develop romantic feelings for you.

Therefore, tell him about sad things you experienced in your childhood, some of the great days you have experienced, wonderful moments you have shared with school mates or work colleagues, sad moments you will never forget and so on.

Like Him For Who He Is

Guys are taught from childhood that a true man acts, takes charge of affairs, controls situations, shows toughness and hardness and so on. However, whilst a man acts with toughness, every man wants to be loved for who he is and also to be helped to connect to his “weaker” side from time to time—he wants a woman who will still support him and encourage him when he is not doing better than his peers.

Be Playful

Be spontaneous and lively often and he will feel attracted to you
Be spontaneous and lively often and he will feel attracted to you

Be Playful

Guys admire and love women who are spontaneous, who let go of control from time to time and who choose to play sometimes. It makes a woman seem real, exciting, vibrant, and attractive.

So, bring out the child in you often. Giggle at his jokes, flirt with him, grab his hand and dance with him when he least expects it, and sing to him and that may intrigue him enough to make him desire to forge a closer friendship with you.

Let Him Talk About Himself Often

Research done in Harvard by scientists suggests that when a person talks about himself, it gives his brain as much pleasure as he gets when he thinks about food or when he thinks about money. In other words, when someone talks about himself, it makes him feel happy. When the guy feels happy when he is with you, when he gets pleasure from his interactions with you, it will help him to bond with you better, which will increase the likelihood that he will develop affection for you.

So, always encourage him to reveal things about himself to you when you meet for conversations. Always shift the conversation back to his life when he tries to digress or when he tries to talk about your life. Let him talk about his achievements, his dreams, his visions and plans for his life and what makes him great. It will fill him with positive and pleasurable feelings, he will love your company and he may fall in love with you as a result.

Be Self- Confident

Let him see that you know your worth and that you are proud of who you are. It will make you look more appealing and attractive to him and he is bound to take notice of that and like you for it.

Therefore, show your emotions in a mature manner, believe in your thoughts and opinions, and communicate them to him with boldness and courage. Moreover, share unique perspectives on issues that interest him and do this with enthusiasm and joy and that will make him see that you know exactly what you are about. It will make him feel that you are a smart lady and that will make him like you even more.

Additionally, highlight what you like about yourself and let him see that it is that thing which makes you great. For example, if you are a very friendly woman, let him experience your friendliness often. Or, if you are very creative, show case that to him and it will make him admire you and want to have a relationship with you.

Furthermore, show confident body language whenever you meet him.—stand tall, push your shoulders back, look him in the eye, smile often, and touch him from time to time. Doing these things will help you to forge a connection, he will get signals that you are friendly, it will make you look more approachable , and that can pave the way for him to bond with you.

Joke And Tease Him Often

Joke affectionately to let him see that you like him. That will give him the message that you are available and open to his advances and that will encourage him to develop a closer relationship with you. For example, tell him about something funny that happened when you went to your hometown or tease him about his taste in movies or something strange he does. It will make him see that you are fun to be with and that may influence him to desire to have a relationship with you so that he can enjoy more of such interesting moments with you.

Compliment Him Often

Guys like being complimented on something that makes them stand out from other guys. The more unique the compliment, the more it will give him pleasure and make him like you. For example, if he is handsome, don’t just tell him that he is handsome. It is likely other women have told him that many times and so he may not appreciate that kind of compliment anymore.

However, if you say something such as, “Although you are very handsome, you are humble, unlike most handsome guys who are normally arrogant. I like that about you and I hope you will keep it up.” This sort of compliment is more unique and he will appreciate it and it will make him like you better than when he hears the usual compliments.


To win a guy over, act confidently all the time, refrain from judging him, show that you care about him, learn to love what he loves, strengthen your connection with him by opening up about yourself, show that you can be fun to be with, let him talk about himself often when you converse, and let him feel that you think he is a great guy and he will be strongly attracted to you.

How to Win a Guy Over

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