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10 Free Love Letter Templates for Lovers, Spouses, Parents and Special Friends

Updated on May 13, 2011
Here are some of the love letters I've written. They're free for you to use and share.
Here are some of the love letters I've written. They're free for you to use and share. | Source

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When words alone can not convey the depth of your love, this might!


Love Letters for Lovers & Everyone Else

About a decade ago, I had an idea to offer a love letter writing service. I’d write customized love letters for people who had a hard time finding the right words to express how they really felt about someone. The service was called Letters for Lovers. I figured I could create a dozen or so templates and use them to write love letters quickly.

People were interested. But I felt more like a therapist and counselor than a just a copywriter applying his marketing skills to help people connect with others.

I got a few clients and a lot of media exposure. Still, it was not something I could make enough money to justify the time I was spending creating love letters from scratch after chatting with customers about their goals and needs. The great thing is, the love letters and notes of appreciation worked really well for the clients who used them.

Admittedly, some of the letters for lovers were designed to be a bit humorous or a little dramatic. Just like in marketing, you have to get the prospect’s attention! But (unlike some marketing) each of the letters were honest and came from a place of sincerity. It made me feel good to know that these words where giving people confidence and mending some broken relationships too.

Flash forward to today

I found several of the original lover letter templates I created while going through some of my old computer files. Reading through them made me smile, and brought back a lot of memories.

Although I am still writing and coaching, I no longer offer customized loved letters. Still, I wanted to share these with you. They should relieve the pain of wanting to be with someone or wanting to express yourself but not having the words to do so. And, yes, the names are all made up so don’t try to figure out who they were written for! :-)

You are welcome to use them as inspiration for your own love letters or emails or texts. Be sure to change the names and update the dates. You may also share them freely with others and modify them. You many NOT sell them or use them for commercial purposes.

Enjoy, and let me know if you find these love letter templates helpful.

Love Letter Template #1 (married couple)

Dear ____,

I'm sorry. I was inconsiderate, selfish and wrong. My pride gets in the way sometimes and it gets difficult to look you in the eyes and ask for your forgiveness. Please know that I love you with all of my heart, and nothing will ever change that.

What do you say to me cooking dinner tonight and having some alone time together?




Love Letter Template #2 (long-term couple)

Dear _____,

We've been together for a lot of years, more years than many of our friends. Sure we've had our ups and downs, our peaks and valleys. But through it all, here we are. Together. Which is why I wanted to say a few things.

First, you're remarkable. You've stood by me, despite all of my crazy dreams, misfortunes and bad directions. Whenever everyone suddenly became unavailable, you were there with a reassuring smile or a gentle nod of encouragement that said, "Mike, I believe in you". Your faith in me means everything to me. Your strength, power and intuition have lifted me time and again from the shackles of my own uncertainty.

Second, I love you. I don't say those three words to your often enough. But I'm always thinking it. And every morning when I open my eyes and see you I am reminded that dreams really do come true -- that I am one of the lucky ones. Even at the station, you are always there. And every romantic ballad that I play, from Whitney to Celine from Elton to Rod, is secretly dedicated to you.

______, you'll be the first to agree when I say that things get chaotic sometimes. I come home from a tough day at the station and pass out on the couch, not wanting to talk to anyone. Meanwhile, you're left alone, again, with only the comfort of the remote at your side. There will never be a great reason why you should ever be by yourself. I am going to do everything in my power to make those moments of loneliness few and far between.

Because you are all that really matters, ______. Everything I do is with the hope of making you happy and secure. Our marriage. Our friendship. Our love. These are the catalysts behind my every action…

So tonight, let's leave the TV off. Let's leave the phone off the hook and turn the lights down. And for an entire night let me show you how much I appreciate you and all that you mean to me. Let me show you how a princess was meant to be treated.

Loving You Now & Forever,



Love Letter Template #3 (just a friend, appreciation, Valentine’s Day or holiday)

Dear Nancy,

Nancy, I didn't want to do this. I thought I could go on without letting the cat out of the bag. In fact, I was confident I could keep my secret suppressed until my dying day. But I know now that coming clean is the only logical thing to do.

Nancy, I really like you!

Not in that "want to make mad love to you" kind of a way (although I did have this dream once…), but in a "Nancy proves that women are people too" context.

I used to think that all women, with the exception of my wife, were put on this earth to humiliate every man that came across their path…I was wrong.

Your style and grace never fail to impress me, Nancy. Even on bad hair days and times of the month when some women would be better off alone, you manage to stay cool and give our audience a great show. If there is a dark side to Nancy Alexander, then I haven't seen it. Your savvy and work ethic are remarkable too. You've helped this guy kick the Monday Blues on more than one occasion.

And that's not all ….

I mean, not every guy is blessed with two intelligent AND beautiful women -- one at home, and one right here next to me each and every day.

Thank you, Nancy, for being you.

Happy Valentine’s Day,



Oh, and by the way -- if you tell anyone about this letter, I'll deny everything! ;)


Love Letter Template #4 (make up, reconnect)

Dear Debbie,

After 25 years, I still love you more than anything. I look at you every day and see the beautiful 15 year-old I first laid eyes on in high school. Although I don't say this nearly enough, I can't imagine my life without you.

You are the center of my universe and there isn't a moment when I'm ever really alone. The thought of your beautiful smile or the way I feel when you brush your hands across me. You have made my world a paradise. Thank you for your love and understanding.

Because even though we don't always see eye to eye on raising Jill and Stephen, always remember that your interests are mine too. We share the same desire for a happy home: a home with great children and a husband and wife who love each other unconditionally. And you know what? We've succeeded!

I know that sometimes we point fingers, saying that I'm too care-free or that you're too much of a realist.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is...we complete each other, Deb. Despite my shortcomings, you make me whole again every time we're together. Even though I haven't always told you were right when I should have, you have always amazed me with your wisdom and commonsense. And while other couples have parted over minor things, our commitment, love and respect for each other will keep us together until our final days.

In celebration of that undying commitment, let's go out tonight, just the two of us, on a romantic "date". I want to court you like when we first started out. After dinner, I want to come home to an empty home (let's make sure the kids have other plans) and make love to you for hours and hours.

And even after the day is over, let's make sure we see more of each other, more often. You and I need to spend more time together, because I miss you every second that we're apart.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Debbie. You are my purpose & my passion!




Love Letter Template #5 (long-distance relationship)

Dear Ana Bella,

I love you. You are my song and my passion. Some people go through life never finding their soul mate. But I have found you and nothing: not distance, nor time, will ever keep us apart.

You are the only one capable of making my life complete. Because of you, Ana Bella, these 22 months have opened my eyes to the beauty of life.

And that beauty is you….

From the sound of your voice as we talk on the phone and in person.

The softness and passion of your touch when hold each other and our lip meet.

That sparkle in your eyes.

The brilliance of our conversation.

Nothing compares to you and the magic you create in everything you do, say and feel. Even in a crowded room, you are all I see.

Ana Bella, I know that we've had a few setbacks. But know this. Transfer or no transfer, we will be together soon. The day is rapidly approaching when we'll wake up every morning in each other's arms. It's all I think about.

In fact, I lose track of time sometimes remembering all the times we've together. My mind flashes back to the day we first met, and what you were wearing and what we said to each other. I knew that you and I belonged together from the moment we crossed each other's paths. Two single parents destined to love and cherish each other. Then my mind envisions the life we will have together, once the boundaries of geography are erased for good. I am going to be everything that you deserve and give back the joy and love that you have filled me with.

I can't wait to hold you again on the 16th and to show you in person how much I miss and love you and cherish you.

Truly - Deeply - Madly,



Love Letter Template #6 (confession and first date request)

Dear _______,

From the moment I laid eyes on you, my world changed forever. Your beautiful smile and soft, alluring skin and those magical eyes make me yearn to be close to you. Your mind is brilliant too. I could spend eternity talking to you about anything.

And that's only the beginning. Every time I hear you speak & watch your lips form each syllable, your spell over me deepens. To hear your warm and sincere laugh makes me want to pull you close to me and hold your hand as we along beach watching the sunset.

Let's start with Dairy Queen, ______. Banana Split. Heath Bar Blizzards. Root beer Float. You name it and it's yours. Just the thought of seeing you again makes me smile and shiver with joy and eagerness...

I know I'm being forward, _______, but the connection we feel for each other is unavoidable. We are kindred spirits with a powerful connection.

Please meet tonight at Dairy Queen and see if what we're feeling is real. You are extraordinary and powerful and simply amazing. Please say yes and let's begin this friendship the right way....

With Respect and Admiration,



Love Letter Template #7 (Valentine’s Day, to Parent)

Dear Mom,

It is difficult to put into words how much I love you. You have loved me and encouraged me every day, unconditionally and unselfishly. Despite all my crazy dreams and half-baked ideas, you have stood by your son and inspired me to make those dreams come true.

I only wish that I could have the same effect on you. To let you see your own infinite potential through me. Despite the big bumps in the road, you have earned the right to live life abundantly. And, if what goes around comes around, then you are in for a life of happiness, love and comfort.

Mom, your love and compassion has changed so many lives and given so many people a reason to live. You have given when there was nothing left to give. You have reached out to protect and nurture your children (it seems you have adopted hundreds of them) every day of your life.

I love you for all you are and all the things your life and actions represent. I could have grown up to be an anti-social failure who cursed life and the people around him. But, you believed in me. You loved me too much to let that happen. Thank you for teaching me to love and find happiness. You are my inspiration, Mom.

Even when I'm not there as often as I should or I don't call as often as I should, I am thinking of you every day. And it makes me smile and thank God for having a mother like you.

With Love and Sincerity,

Brian, a.k.a. Boo-Boo


Love Letter Template #8 (Valentine’s Day, Spouse)

My Dear Carlos,

You excite me….

Although six years have passed since we first said "I do", your touch still sends shivers down my spine -- filling me to the deepest parts of body. Every day, I can read your thoughts as you smile and our eyes meet. And the way you kiss me makes wild. Even when the kids are in bed with us, there still is only one thing I want to do.

My passion for you can never be quenched, Carlos. It goes and on. Each day that we're together makes me lust more for your affection, more for your strong embrace, and long for the indescribable feeling of our naked bodies pressing against each other.

Sometimes, I start thinking about you at work and the world around me ceases to exist. All I see is you. I think about how I lucky I am to have a husband who loves his wife and his children. I see that courage and sexy determination you have when you race. Even the way you mount a motorcycle makes me crazy with jealousy.

In all the years I've known you, you've never missed a detail. I love everything about you!

And that's what I want from you tonight -- your handsome body, pressed against mine. You lips exploring every detail of me. My lips exploring every inch of you. Hours and hours of passionate love-making that will make this Valentine’s Day really special.

Because, tonight the kids will be with a sitter and the house will be empty. You and I will be alone. No kids, no phones, NO interruptions.

So what do you think? An intimate candlelight dinner with our favorite music playing softly. Just the two of us, like it was in the beginning. And an entire night alone with my husband and soul mate for whom I live, to do whatever we want, wherever we want to do it….

The quiero mas que todos,



Love Letter Template #9 (wife to husband)

Dear Ward,

You make me feel extraordinary.

Despite my tough schedule and the challenges that come with raising children, you've never failed to show your love and affection. It's obvious in the way you smile at me, the way you hold me, the way you look at me with that sparkle in your eye every time we get to be alone.

And I love you more than you'll ever know. No man could ever wrest me away from you. No billionaire or hunky beefcake could even make me think twice about where I belong -- in your arms, forever. You are what every good husband, father, friend and lover should be. You are compassionate, truthful, passionate and insightful. You fill me with joy every time I think of you.

And just to let you know how much you mean to me, here’s what I have in mind. Tonight. Alone. A candlelight dinner of takeout from our favorite restaurant (no dishes!). A smooth Merlot. Negligee. Boxers. And a scintillating night of kissing, nibbling and all the things that we love sharing with each other.

Ward, you are my passion. Your love is the rock on which I stand. Thank you for making life so complete.

With Passion & Adoration,



Love Letter Template #10 (workplace crush, secret fantasy, naughty)

Dear Joe,

I've got a confession to make.

All I can think about is your smile and your great sense of humor. And the way I feel whenever we talk or whenever I'm next to you! Sometimes, I just wish you would grab me, rip my clothes off and make passionate love to me for hours and hours and hours. Other times I imagine myself as the aggressor, throwing you on to my desk and devouring every inch of you. Bottom line, I want to be with you!

Since you transferred, I've been miserable. Because, just the thought of seeing you … hearing your voice … smelling you – gave me the daily motivation to get out of bed and come here. Why am I telling you this now? First, I believe that you and I are right for each other. Second, we make sense together – emotionally, mentally and physically. And third, if I didn't take the time to write to you, right now, I'd go on kicking myself for not being honest with you.

What's next? Let's give this a try, Joe. Let's go out tonight. A real date, not just coffee and chit chat about work. Dinner – Dancing – and whatever else the night might bring. And if you’re worried about your girlfriend, keep in mind that there's no sense being with someone who makes you miserable. So let's finally give this a try.

Call me as soon as you get this (123-456-6789 ext. 237) and let me know what time is best for you.

Missing You Deeply,


P.S. - A person can have anything if they want it badly enough. Well, now, you know want I want … and I want it bad!


Brian Norris is the author of the Creative Sales and Marketing Manual and Escape Life Sucks Syndrome. Aside from writing and speaking, he enjoys trying new ideas and is unafraid of taking risks, because you never know how an idea might turn out unless you try it. Learn more by visiting


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