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10 Cheap romantic tips to keep the Sparks Blazing

Updated on June 25, 2016

10 Inexpensive (CHEAP) Ways to Keep the Spark in Your Relationship

How many of us have thought that we would love to have a romantic date night but will stop the thinking process because of___ (fill in the blank) – too tired, lost job, no/little money, not enough time in the day, no babysitter, etc. My response would be, we all have. Especially in this economy. Let’s just think for a moment of the typical cost of the romantic date night for two (side note-does not include date nights of celebrities or wealthy couples but they can also take notes):

Typical cost of a romantic date night for two

  • New clothing (we all know that most times we (ladies) go to our closets we cannot find anything that fits/worthy/shoes) - $75 (modest)
  • Gas for vehicle – (with today’s gas prices, you also have to think about refueling for the rest of the week - $25-$60
  • Parking/Valet/Metro - $5-$15
  • Nice upscale restaurant (now remember you are thinking “sparks”) – appetizers, entrée desert, wine and of course tip - $75-$125
  • After dinner activity – (movie/play) - $30-$120
  • Babysitter - $8-$12 a hour (let’s just estimate 4-5 hours- for overnight-just sign over your paycheck)
  • Estimated Total night costs - $250-$455

Now after we let the figures above sink in…we need to now consider the items that we can do that will not put us in debtors prison just for a romantic date night (or any other night) to have and keep the sparks growing into a roaring fire. The items below will work for either gender.

Inexpensive steps from embers to fire:

10) Tell your mate that you love them – now how much did that cost you? - $0

9) Home pedicure – come let your mate pamper your feet after a long day of working, looking for work, running after the kids/parents, sitting in traffic, etc. - $0

8) Play games – Twister anyone? Talk about getting “twisted”! Side note: people over a certain age (such as myself) please consult your doctor before engaging in activity! - $0

7) Tell your mate that you love them – worth repeating -$0000

6) Help around the house – picking up behind yourself, kids, cooking (*if cooking is not your “thing” and you don’t want to have the fire department on speed dial – skip) – nothing can be more romantic when you both have more energy (at the same time) and not carrying resentment for each other for the perceive notion that your mate is not “carrying their weight”. - $0

5) Notice; really notice the things that your mate does on a daily basis. Thank them for the small things they do. Such as putting gas in your car (or would that be a big thing???), get the kids ready for school/daycare, heck-just keeping them alive and not killing each other. - $0

4) Listen to them. Really listen, hear their fears, wants, needs. Remember you can’t fix everything but your mate will know you are at least in their corner just by listening. - $0

3) One of you pick up dinner on the way home. Hey, your mate will appreciate not having to think of dinner – stop at one of the restaurants that have the 2 for $20 offers. You will have more money in your pocket, appetizer/entrée/desert, can kick off your shoes, loosen your belt. - $23

2) Tell your mate that you love them - need I say more $0

1) Show your mate that you love them - $0

Some may think that the above list is a bunch of crock. Believe me, a number of years ago, I would have thought the same thing. Now let me let you on my sense of logic. Some family members may tell you I think like this because I am cheap but the reality is I don’t think it should cost you a mint to keep your mate warm and fuzzy. Especially when I can buy the things for myself and take myself out to eat if I wanted to. I may also feel that way because I can’t wear jewelry, perfume, be around flowers and I am not a shopper. Okay, I'm cheap. Hmm, come to think about it, my husband does have it easy.

But hear me out for a little longer. Read items 1 and 2 again, one more time. Well also items 7 and 10. They are the most important items on the list. And if you do those items consistently, the other items and other items not listed will come naturally. No matter your age group, everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated. And they will in turn show love. We may not get everything right but a little bit of stroking the embers goes a long way.

If you’ve been in a relationship for any period of time, you know that there are periods when you just want to only be around that person and then there are the times when you can’t wait to dig a hole in the back yard. (Only briefly!) Now, I repeat these suggestions will not work with everyone. Some may still want the "bling, bling" of a romantic night. You know your partner better than I do. But just try them. They may just surprise you!

Just remember the above is not just for the “set aside date night” but any day. Are the embers in your relationship smoldering? The above will not cost you anything but maybe just maybe a roaring fire in the fireplace a little more often.

Keep The Fire Burning

Love will keep the heart roaring...even on a budget!
Love will keep the heart roaring...even on a budget! | Source

Does it Cost A Lot to Keep Your Romance Blazing?

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