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10 Reason Why it Might be Time to End Your Relationship

Updated on January 22, 2013
Together Forever???
Together Forever??? | Source

To Be or Not to Be???

 That really is the question.  I wrote this because I see so many people in relationships that they are completely miserable in.  To be honest I too have been there before.  It is never easy to end a relationship because it means your life will change.  And lets face it we are all scared of change.  So I wrote 10 Reasons Why You May Need to Get Out of Your Relationship.  These are just my own personal suggestions; however, I really do believe in them.  When I say reasons to get out of a relationship I am not talking about MARRIAGE.  I am talking about boyfriend/girlfriend type thing.  I just wanted to make that clear before anyone misinterprets the article.  Enjoy, and by all means please leave your feedback! (In a positive, and constructive manner of course!)

Is Your Relationship Worth Fighting For?

Sometimes a relationship reaches a point when it is no longer worth fighting for.
Sometimes a relationship reaches a point when it is no longer worth fighting for. | Source

10 Reasons it May Be Time to End Your Relatioship

10. You fight most of the time. (Granted everyone fights but it shouldn't be the majority of your relationship)

9. Boyfriend/Girlfriend is unwilling to compromise (Relationships are all about compromise and communication. It's give and take and being able to be honest when communicating with one another. If your significant other is not will to compromise now. Chances are that will not change in the future.)

8. You wish you could change them. (You should never go into a relationship expecting to change someone. You want to find someone who is already what you are looking for. Of course people can change, but they have to want to. It is very unlikely to mold someone into the person you want them to be. I recommend making a check list of the essesntials you are looking for in someone. Be realistic in your list, and if someone doesn't meet your requirements, seriously consider moving on to the next potential mate. When you settle for less than you want you deny yourself the opportunity of finding someone who already has what you are looking for.)

7. You do not feel respected or appreciated. (You, as an individual are the only one who can decide how you will and won't let yourself be treated. If you do not decide you deserve better than what you are getting who will? Of course, I think this is a reason to end a relationship, AFTER, you have tried previously to address the issue and nothing has changed.)

6. Your significant other is too controlling (You need a companion and partner not another parent. If someone trully loves you they will want you to have a mind of your own. They will also view you as an equal and WANT to confide in you and make decisions together.)

5. Your significant other doesn't communicate with you (Good communication is vital to a relationship. It is what makes the difference between fighting about the same things and calmly talking them out.

4. If you know for sure it isn't the person you want to be with the rest of your life. (I say this because if you know without a doubt that you don't want to be with the person your are with now, then there will never be a better time to end things. The sooner you get out the sooner you can move on. Moving on means giving yourself the opportunity to meet the right person.)nd solving problems.)

3. If you are settling. (Okay so if you are with someone and they are a pretty good person. They treat you okay. But, they aren't what you are looking for, and you know you deserve better. Then get out and go find better. It is not fair to either of you.)

2. They cheated on you! (Dating someone that is unfaithful is just not worth it! It all goes back to trying to change someone. If someone cannot be faithful to you when you're dating, they are unlikely to be faithful to you when you're married. Quite simply it's important to find someone who already has the same values as you, such as loyalty. Not to mention, cheating leads to so many other issues in relationships that stem from lack of trust.)

1. You are being verbally/physically abused (There is absolutely no reason why anyone should treat you that way. If no one has ever told you before I am telling you now. You deserve better!!! If you are physically being abused contact proper authorities.)

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    • Stina Caxe profile image

      Cristina 5 years ago from Virginia

      I think these are great reasons for someone in a troubled relationship to consider. Good job getting this information out there for someone who may need it.

    • paul b profile image

      Paul Bail 8 years ago from Massachusetts

      Wise thoughts on relationships!

    • ktps profile image

      ktps 8 years ago

      i completely agree with what your saying change is sometimes a good thing you can't be miserable your whole life . you only have one life to live