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10 Signs You Are Too Clingy

Updated on February 24, 2015

Why Are We Clingy?

It's a fact that many women are too needy, dependent, and stage 5 clingers. However, that is something that can be fixed. Clinginess can be caused from childhood abandonment or other traumas as well as just a co-dependent personality.The problem is us women often do not understand what we are doing wrong. Some men can't take even one clingy behavior, while some others can handle it a bit more. Do you need to feel reassured, or do you need a lot of attention in a relationship?


10 Signs You Are Too Clingy and Need to Change Your Ways

Clingy Behavior

1.) Calling too much, sometimes even every 5 minutes to an hour. This can become very annoying and you lose your appeal.

2.) Contacting their friends when you can't reach them. Creepy...

3.) Texting Constantly. He will get annoyed that you have to talk to him and know what hes doing every two seconds.

4.) You Accuse him of cheating if he doesn't respond for a few hours. Most men won't put up with this.

5.). You Show up at his house unannounced. This can be a bit much especially early in the relationship.

6.) Stalking His Social Media. Do you get mad when he likes another girl's picture?

7.) Lack of Trust. Believe it or not, guys like girls to trust them and when you don't you end up being needy and clingy.

8.) You do too much for him. You are basically a push over, and go out of your way for him for things he doesn't even need to try to get him to like you more.

9.) Calling him every few hours. Just don't.

10.). Telling him everything that happens to you everyday. This is actually an unknown one for many but men can be annoyed when you act as if they are the only person you have to talk to.

Instead of trying to contact him all the time, talk to your friends. It may be hard but keeo busy and live your life. Make sure your life does not revolve around a man but yourself! He should be part of your life, not your life.



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    • profile image

      Whitney Rose Wood 3 years ago

      This is one of those "I wish that I knew what I know now" life lessons. I was definitely guilty of this when I was younger. Sometimes finding your independence can be tough but that's what men seem to love most. This is a good read for any young relationships.