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10 Things Men Do in Relationships but Shouldn't

Updated on May 13, 2016

You've probably read my hub "10 Things Women Do in Relationships but Shouldn't". If you haven' should. Ladies, we aren't crazy! Guys do things that make us that way, right? RIGHT?? Regardless of who is right and who is wrong there is always, until the end of time, going to be a battle of the sexes. Regardless of who is right and who is wrong, take it with a grain of salt. At the end of the day we are always going to be different and do things differently. It's noticing and practicing how to deal with the natural reactions/thought processes of the opposite sex that will make our relationships successful!

10. Taking Her for Granted

She cooks, she cleans, she makes sure your comfortable. Everything she does and thinks about revolves around you. Why? Because she loves you of course! When women love, we love hard and give our everything to our significant others. Tell her you'll do the dishes. Ask her if you can rub her feet (Oh, wouldn't that be a treat!). One thing I have noticed in many people's relationships is the man somewhat starts to "expect" certain things from his lady. He expects her to be the one taking care of the house, the cooking, the kids (if there are any). This snow balls into him getting comfortable and eventually not appreciating or realizing what he has. If she feels you are worthy enough to revolve her life around you, do everything you can to keep her. Once she starts feeling she is being taken for granted, the relationship can turn ugly!

9. Not Admitting When You're Wrong's OK to be wrong! Men have this problem (in my opinion) way worse than women do. Even if a woman just wants to squash the argument, she will admit she is wrong when she isn' most cases. Don't try to finagle your way into being perfect. Trust me, you're far from it. You'll get more respect from her when you admit your faults and wrong doings rather than not admitting them. Especially if you have a woman who is willing to admit hers! At the end of the day, you might learn something about yourself when you can step back and take a good look and see where your faults are. Maybe it just make you a wiser man?

8. Being Irresponsible

Let's face it. It's a woman's natural instinct to make sure her significant other and children are cared for the best way she knows how. Making sure bills are paid, the house is in order, fixing the broken doorknob. Whatever. She expects the same from you, believe it or not. As a adult. We have responsibilities. The responsibilities multiply once you enter a serious long term relationship. Procrastinating or just plain ol' blowing off your responsibilities will eventually blow up in your face. If you know you have to take out the trash, do it...don't wait until it piles up. Putting all the household responsibilities on her will cause her emotions and stress to pile up. And just like the full trash can eventually there's not going to be anymore room to shove anything else in there. I know, silly analogy, but you get the point. Don't let your trash pile up before it finally tips over.

7. Ignoring Her

There will be times when you just want to shut her out. No matter how much you love her, she will get on your nerves (and you on hers). But if you asked 10 women if her man ignoring her is one of things that hurts her the most...I bet 8 out of 10 of them would say yes. Not sure what does it for the other 2 women, but I'm sure it'd be something similar. If she asks you a questions while you're playing your video game, just answer her. Even when you're fighting, most of the time all she wants to do is talk things out and ignoring her will turn an anthill into a mountain. Don't give her a reason to gravitate towards someone who DOES give her attention...get it?

6. Being Insensitive

I don't think there will be a day that men will ever truly understand the extent of a woman's sensitive nature. We are naturally sensitive beings. Our emotions run wild sometimes and all we want and what would probably make us feel better is having the loving support from our significant others. Even if you don't understand why she is crying over the spilled milkshake, give her a hug! Tell her something sweet and go get her another one! Believe it or not, we don't cry for no reason! There's always a reason. We know you may not understand, but we expect you to be sensitive to it. If you said something that hurt her feelings, but you "didn't think it was that serious", just suck it up and say your sorry.

5. Using the "B" Word

You think she's crazy now? Go ahead, call her a "B"! You ain't seen crazy yet! Haha! It's one thing for some irrelevant person to call her out of her name. It's a whole new ball game when the one she considers so important to her does it. It may make her angry, but more than anything, do you realize how much that hurt her? Regardless if she shows it by anger or getting upset, it probably hurt her...a lot. Unless it's sweetheart, sugar, honey, baby or anything like that...think twice before you open your mouth.


4. Lying About Watching Porn

We know you do it! And more than likely, unless you have an insecure and controlling woman, she doesn't care. Maybe if you're open about it she'll wanna watch it with you! Real women understand a man's nature, just like we'd expect men to understand ours. If you were watching porn while she was out shopping and she finds out, it's not a big deal to tell her you were. Realistically she should understand. Lying about it will just give her a reason not to trust you and/or feel insecure.


How many of these 10 things are you guilty of?

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3. Making Irrational Decisions

Ok, we know you REALLLYYYYY wanted the new XBox console, but the budget doesn't allow for it at the moment. Making irrational and immature decisions based on what you WANT instead of what you need is truly unattractive to most women. I guess in a way we might feel you were being kind of selfish going out and spending a butt load on something you wanted when there are things that NEED to be taken care of. It could be anything. Don't decide quit your job with nothing else lined up because you have just had enough. Be the mature manly man you are, holding it down for your woman and the household, and make the mature decision to wait until you have found something better. Catch my drift? Who knows, maybe she'll buy you that new XBox console for Christmas!

2. Spending More Time With Your Boys Than With Her

We all need our "away" time with our friends. Male or female we need other social communication besides the one we see every night and day. It's ok to hang out with the boys, but every night? Let's put it this way...if you feel the need to hang out with your boys every night after you get off work then there must be a problem either with you or the relationship. So you can either fix it, or end it. Plain and simple...

1. Being Selfish

Believe it or not, a MAN once told me a man should put his woman first. Maybe some won't agree, whether male or female. But basically what it comes down to, don't be that guy who expects everything to go your way and getting anything you want or need while putting her on the back burner. Don't do for her when it's convenient for you. Do for her when it's convenient for her. Trust me, like I said earlier...if you have a good woman, more than likely you are #1 in her book and the loving will keep getting better when she see's you are aware and care about her well being as much as she cares about yours!


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    • Willem Verheij profile image


      4 years ago

      I'd say I am not guilty of any of these points, but everyone can have their bad day once in a while.

      These points are well known, but its important to find solutions to prevent it from happening.

      Irrational purchases can be countered by both partners having a separate savings account they can use to buy stuff for their own enjoyment.

      When you are in a relationship together, it also works to understand each other.. sometimes it really surprises me how little some couples know of each other's behaviour, or simply don't seem to care about it.

      I'd advice doing activities together that helps strenghten the bond, but it should be something you should decide on together. Something you both enjoy. No need to do everything together of course, should both keep your own interests but there should be something to do together.

      Some proposed activities:

      -Playing boardgames together. Can easily involve kids, friends and relatives in this too.

      -Take up ballroom dancing lessons.

      Only if the guy really wants to do this, don't force a guy to take dance lessons.

      It is a great form of teamwork since you are in this together as a couple, and there many kinds of dances. Something is bound to fit. Everyone can learn it as long as partners are patient with each other.

      -Share a hobby.

      Wether its watching movies of a genre you both enjoy, fixing up something together, playing videogames you both like or practicing a sport together, there must be something you can both relate to.


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