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12 Things Women Wish Men Did More Often

Updated on May 3, 2011

Relationship Advice And Counseling

Even the self-proclaimed "greatest" couples have relationship problems and they too want solutions that make sense. This day and age it is not unusual to seek online relationship advice and counseling in place of expensive couple or marriage counseling but will it be as effective?? Makes you wonder doesn't it. It can be if the relationship advice makes sense in the readers relationship. I have learned that the most common communication problems really are not problems at all. Most of the time they can be really just misunderstandings between two different people that still love each other. Well the old saying is that men are from Mars and women are from Venus so it is not surprising that we look at our relationships very differently.

Men seem to agree on at least one thing about their partners and that is that we complain a lot. Sometimes it is not that we are complaining, we are just asking for what we feel we deserve as a partner and/or spouse. In order to have a decent and healthy relationship, it usually starts with communication and understanding of what the other partner/spouse wants from you within the relationship. Men and women think totally different about the same situation so sometimes this can be very tricky. This leads to the wrong conclusion of you and your spouse thinking that you all seriously need relationship advice when really it could be a very simple solution to the problem.

Below are some things that can help if you are unsure what women really want. This list will not cover all the things we want and it won't perform miracles in your relationships but they should help some men get a more clear understanding of what we are always complaining about. These simple steps can make your rocky relationship go a little smoothly and make the woman in your life a very happy and unstressed lady. Now every man wants that kind of woman so why not make your life a little easier and read on.

1. Listen To Their Spouses More

  • The number one thing that women cannot stand about men is that they do not feel as if the men in their lives listen to what is on their mind and their hearts. Men sometimes can be selfish without even realizing it and that drives us crazy inside. The solution is usually there if they would just be quiet and listen to our feelings instead of growing angry and storming off from the conversation. This is some of the best relationship advice for any man because sometimes the solution is right there within the stupid argument.

2. Be More Romantic

  • Who has had the guy who was all flowers and candy in the beginning and then as soon as he won your heart, it all was history?? Women love to be pampered and thought of. Surprises and candlelight dinners are not just for Valentines Day,  they are very good choices for a romantic evening with your lover just for fun.  Rose petals and quiet evenings at home alone can go a long way if done right. Give her a massage after a long day at work or take her to the spa just for fun, not just a special occasion. You will be surprised how this eases the tension at home as well as raises your ladies self esteem in the process. In a long term relationship this could get a little boring so remember to spice up your love life in your own little creative ways. This goes a long way in any type of relationship.

3. Clean Up After Yourselves

  • Every woman loves to be the head of her household but sometimes we need a break. It can be nerve racking to always have to go behind a grown man and pick up his dirty socks and clothes. Not all men are this way but for the ones who have made a habit of having a lady pick up after him, listen up!!! Give her a break sometimes. Offer to cook dinner, wash clothes, wash dishes or clean the bathroom. This will keep you woman happy and she will get to rest and watch you be the maid for a change. This particular relationship advice can go for men or women because you have some women who do not clean up after themselves, their spouse or the kids.  It sounds crazy but they are out there. Remember cleanliness starts at home on both ends.

4. Cook More

  • Do not get me wrong, there are a lot of men who do cook on the regular but some just are so used to being cooked for that they have just forgot to give the ladies a break. Even if you are not the best cook, try to take a cooking class or order out and act like you cooked it. Just the thought of you attempting to give her a break will touch her heart. Remember you do not have to be Chef Mario Batali or Chef Bobby Flay to make a decent meal.  Now If you need to clean up the cooking skills, your best bet is to watch The Food Network to get a little help or just simply order some catering. Either way it is the ultimate gift and its the thought that counts in the end.

5. Complement Your Woman More

  • Why do men think that we spend hours in the nail salon or endure the pain of hair waxing, eyebrow picking etc.?? We love to be told that we look good, great, amazing!! When we get our hair or nails done, we expect the men in our lives to notice without us having to tell them. That lets us know you are paying attention to us and our beauty efforts. Especially when your wife has just had a baby, she really needs to hear that she is still appealing to you. We hate the effects of pregnancy such as stretch marks and weight gain so we really need to hear this as much as possible. This can be very troubling to an already unhealthy relationship.  This can be the ultimate breakdown for a women who is already stressed and feels no support. When you do not notice the good things about your woman, her self esteem starts to sway and she looks for comfort from other men sometimes. You would be surprised at how many women are complemented more by co-workers and men walking down the street then their own spouses.

6. Take Your Woman Out More

  • Just because you have been together for a couple years or so does not mean fun romantic dates are behind you. 25% of couples end up becoming homebodies way before their time. You should always go out and explore new events especially when their are other couples involved. This raises the stakes of your relationship staying fun, exciting and long lasting.One of the sure ways to help have the ultimate healthy relationship is to get out and explore because it brings the two closer. This is also a great cure when couples are having minor relationship problems and need time to get away privately. This can make a big difference in your relationships. A vacation to Jamaica, the Bahamas or just a simple day of love at a local beach can also count for an awesome date and makeup session. 

7. Surprise Your Woman More

  • I know, I know, women can sometimes be hard to surprise but when you can make it happen, it is worth it. I personally love to be surprised with flowers or a small gift just out of the blue. It lets me know my man is thinking of me when I am not around. Even if it is for a birthday or your anniversary, surprises can be very beneficial. In a healthy and loving relationship this should come naturally with time but when the relationship is troubled this is forgotten easily by men at times.  This can lead to arguments and a couples breakup without even trying to compromise.  It sounds petty but remember its the small things that count. It's not that we are materialistic,  its just we want to feel special and loved  occasionally that's all.

8. Help With The Kids More

  • If this applies to your situation then listen up!!  If you have a woman who is a housewife and you work all day, just because you have been at work does not mean when you get home you can just rest.  You should take the time to give her a hand with the kids especially if she has had them all day long. Some men undeliberately come in from a long day and feel like they do not have to help out but this is truly a myth.  Woman grow exhausted from the daily motherly duties set upon them. Even if your partner never complains,  I guarantee deep down she is tired and would love to have a break.

9. Cuddle After Sex

  • Yes we really hate it when you all turn over and just go to sleep. We want to still feel wanted in the end not like we just turned a trick. A little hug or smooch makes a big difference. Then we know that you are happy being intimate with us and it is not just a task you feel you have to complete. More and more couples are separating due to non-intimacy and long term periods between sexual encounters.  It starts to make your woman think that she is unattractive or just boring sexually to you.  We love foreplay and trying new things little do men know.  We love to know that after sex we excited our man so much that he can't help but hug and kiss us afterwords.  Again, it sounds petty but its the little things that count.

10. Be More Understanding

  • Women can be very emotional and some men see this as a sign of weakness. Being understanding to her emotions and needs will make the tension at home less likely. Understand that she may see things more seriously than you and even cry or be more traumatized about certain things that may seem small to you.  If you have ever been to marriage counseling or couples therapy, then you already know how important this one is. Come on you don't need Dr. Phil or Oprah to tell you how this can make a difference in your relationship. Being more understanding to your partners needs and emotions can cause a more close knit and formal bond that will last a lifetime.

11. Be More Supportive Of Her Wants And Dreams

  • Men that are used to being the "Bread Winner" usually feel threatened when their spouse or partner wants to further her education or get a job. You should always be supportive of her dreams and desires. If she works or has a hobby, ask about it. Be interested in what she likes to do or does. You should know just as much about her work or ideas then your own. Ask her what she likes or does not like and learn who you are with. This is a big issues in a lot of relationships because the woman feels less important because of the males dominance.  Men and women both love to be noticed and complimented on there goals and accomplishments in life.

12. Tell Her You Love Her More

  • When you leave out for work, go to bed, etc. always leave her with that thought that you love her. It is so important to remind your mate everyday, as much as possible how you feel towards her. Reassuring your spouse on the regular that you still got that fire and desire for her always keeps a smile on her face. A healthy relationship is not based solely on saying "i Love You" every hour but it helps keep that love mutual, Guaranteed!!!

Relationship Counseling And Advice Makes Happiness In The End

Love And Happiness Is Possible
Love And Happiness Is Possible

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