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10 Tips to Make Sure That Your Honeymoon is Happy

Updated on April 9, 2009

 People spend a massive amount of time and money planning out their wedding days and then seem to kind of hope that the honeymoon will fall into place easily. Unfortunately, this often tends not to be the case and then couples end up disappointed because the most special vacation of their lives isn’t going as they hoped that it would. Luckily, there are some basic tips that you can follow to make sure that you end up having a happy honeymoon. Read on …

1. Do your planning for the honeymoon in advance. It is so easy to overlook the honeymoon when you’re doing your wedding planning but it’s the single biggest mistake that people make in regards to the trip. Big vacations of any kind always require advance planning. You want to choose the best destination, think about the best time to go, figure out what you want to see when you’re there … these are things that require you to do some background research. If you truly don’t have the time to plan both a wedding and a big vacation then you should postpone the honeymoon until you’ve got the time to truly plan it out.

2. Take a few trips together before the honeymoon. Another major mistake that couples make is that they don’t travel much before the honeymoon and then expect the honeymoon travel to somehow just go smoothly. The truth of the matter is that people can have wildly different travel styles. One may like to have a jam packed itinerary of guided tours and top restaurants whereas the other may like to wander around amidst the locals. These differences can cause problems on a honeymoon if they aren’t worked out in advance. If you can’t travel together before the trip, at least sit down and talk seriously about your travel likes and dislikes so that you can work out a way of traveling that will work for you both.

3. Choose a destination that truly interests you both. The honeymoon should be a trip that is really meant for both of you to enjoy. It shouldn’t be something that one of you goes to in order to make the other one happy. There will be plenty of time for those types of compromise vacations but the honeymoon should be at a destination that appeals to both of you.

4. Enjoy activities that maximize your togetherness. Do things that are meant to be for couples like tandem biking or romantic dinners on the beach. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend every minute of the trip together – just that you should use the honeymoon to emphasize your togetherness.

5. Take enough time to be able to spend some time in bed. Honeymoons are passionate and romantic and should include in-room massages and time spent in a private Jacuzzi. If your honeymoon is too short, you’ll want to spend it all out of the room exploring your destination. Give yourselves enough time to also explore one another!

6. Take lots of photographs. You want to remember this trip for a long time to come so take photographs and collect souvenirs along the way. Try to pay attention to finding the things that you really want to remember about this experience. Make a whole experience out of collecting memorabilia from the vacation. Doing this together can be an adventure as you both look for the best photo ops and trinkets to take home with you. It adds an element of “we’re in this together” that makes the honeymoon trip a little bit more special than the other trips that you’ll take together over the years.

7. Ask locals what they do that is romantic. Strike up conversations with the local people at your destination and find out where they go for special dates. Although you will love the touristy things that you do on this trip, it could be the one local suggestion that you really remember for a lifetime and which will be the honeymoon story that you want to tell over and over again.

8. Get to know each other better. Honeymoon vacations are great because they give you time to just be together as you explore some place new. As you wander around or hike or hang out by the hotel pool, enjoy talking with one another. Ask each other things. Share stories that you haven’t shared yet. Express your dreams. Sure, you’ve done this before but there’s nothing wrong with doing it again and again and the honeymoon is a great time for that.

9. Do everything in your power to stay healthy. Being sick on a honeymoon is terrible. You can’t always prevent it but you can make smart moves towards making it more likely that you’ll stay healthy. Eat right to boost your immune system before the big trip. Learn about health problems in the area and how to avoid them. Don’t drink the water in places where you’re not supposed to drink the water, etc.

10. Relax. Everyone wants a romantic honeymoon but the more that you try to force it to be perfect, the less perfect it is going to be. Just relax. Like with any other trip, things may go wrong and it won’t be the end of the world. Chill out. Don’t require that it be perfect. Have a good time. Hopefully this is just the first of many, many romantic trips to come!


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  • rambansal profile image

    Ram Bansal 

    6 years ago from India

    Basic purpose of honeymooning must be kept in mind -

  • Deepika Arun profile image

    Deepika Arun 

    6 years ago from Chennai, India

    Great Hub! All the points are very valid and when followed, will definitely be the best honeymoon!

  • All Wet Beachwear profile image

    All Wet Beachwear 

    8 years ago from

    Great advice. I like the bit about asking locals what they do for romantic evening.

    I just posted a hub about packing for Honeymoons. Check it out:

  • profile image

    Honeymoons blog 

    8 years ago

    Any people can get find here Honeymoon information and Travel news.

  • rebu profile image


    8 years ago from Coorg,India

    Thnks nice advise and here im ur fan!

  • profile image

    Songs For A Wedding 

    8 years ago

    Awesome ideas! Thanks for the informative hub.

  • profile image

    With This Favor 

    9 years ago

    Another tip for any couple is to call a week ahead and make sure they have your room information correct. My wife and I, AND our friends who just went on their honeymoon, both had troubles once we got there with the resort giving us the wrong room. It all was worked out but caused a lot of un-needed stress as soon as we got there!

  • guidebaba profile image


    9 years ago from India

    Cool and Hot Hub. Thanks for answering my request.

  • 2patricias profile image


    9 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

    Absolutely no planning went into our honeymoons. This was mostly because we were so clueless, because we were both very young when we were wed. Our respective honeymoons couldn't have been too bad, because we are both still married to our original husbands.

  • Express profile image


    9 years ago from India

    great advise really..........great hub....Thus hub make me your fan also...


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