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10 Ways/Tips How To Keep A Relationship From Going Stale (Rebuild Couple Advice)

Updated on March 30, 2016
Free Modified from HD-Desk
Free Modified from HD-Desk

There are few things that are as disheartening as a relationship gone stale. He’s/She’s just there as I go about my daily tasks, its my turn to make dinner and then we head to bed like we do everyday… and then we repeat tomorrow. If you find yourself feeling this way; quickly break this cycle and bring some much needed fresh air between the two of you. Here are some suggestions!

1. Take them out to dinner

Classic, Cliché, and effective. Going out to a dinner sets both of you in a different environment and forces the two of you to be together for those moments. Although that sounds negative, it provides the perfect environment to make conversation, crack jokes, ask about their day, new happenings, and other things that often get pushed to the side. Extra points if you go out to a pasta themed dinner. Pasta dinners often lead to a full, comfortable and sleepy feeling; perfect for cuddling and snuggling in-front of the TV or in bed.

2. One day Road Trip

This idea was suggested to me recently. Take one day when the two of you are free and go out somewhere to spend the day together. The trick for this one is to pick something different (preferably not done before) than your day-to-day activities and have fun together doing it. Sea World, The Beach, Amusement Parks, Fairs, Conventions and Museums are great ideas of where one can go for an entire day and return. It’s a fun break from the day-to-day feeling and fewer restrictions allow the two of you a better chance to unwind.

3. Share one interest between the two of you (Or just agree with their interest) and go do it.

But really… GO DO IT. It is one thing to find interests that the two of you share; it is another to actually go and do them. It’s pretty much the easiest connection made since we learned how to boil water. She likes skiing + he likes skiing = Go Skiing. He likes swimming + she likes swimming = Go Swimming. He likes picking noses + She likes picking noses = Pick each-other’s nose(s?). I don’t care what it is, if you both like it, do it together. So many couples overlook this thinking that they will create new interests together or some silly thing like that.

OBVIOUS DISCLAIMER: Upon agreeing that you share their interest, you hereby forfeit the right to takeback what was stated and you must bear it until they are no longer interested in it. You have been warned.

4. Do a “First Date”

The general idea of the “First Date” is to reintroduce yourself and your feelings as you are now compared to when you first met. It’s fun, it’s awkward, it’s different. This is a good time for reminiscing or to mock yourselves in the past to see how far you have come since then. Bonus points for repeating the first date the best you can (time, location, clothing, gifts...ect). You can only use this tactic once… after that it becomes ineffective and it loses most of its value. (Unless the two of you actually like doing this, then that’s a different story.)

5. Write letters to one another

The age-old timeless activity of writing letters to a friend or the one you love. For many it is a long forgotten activity, but it might just be the thing for the two of you to do for one another. The important thing is that you write a letter… Not a text, not an E-mail, and definitely not an instant message. I’m talking Paper and Pencil/Pen/Crayon/Lead/Graphite/Paintbrush/Blood(not really)/Hammer & Chisel/Cheese Wiz/Whatever! Letters take time and effort to do, on top of that it is freeform so you can write any which way you like, in whatever color you like and it even allows you the freedom to draw things too whether it be little faces in the words or a full blown picture on the back. It allows you to communicate or state things in your own style. In order for this to continually work, you must not stop the letter trading… A suggestion I would make is to have “Post On Sundays” where you two exchange letters every Sunday.

6. See a movie you both agreed upon. (Or bite the bullet and agree with their choice.)

This one tied with the dinner suggestion above are usually the first to come to mind whenever this topic arises, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good idea. The price can range from a full blown $40 for everything at the theater or you can rent a movie and get store bought concessions for about a total of about $10. No matter the cost, the important part is that you two watch a movie and enjoy it together. Bonus points for cuddling and making jokes/conversation (when appropriate) about the movie.

7. Cook a special dinner together.

Special and Together are the key words for this to work. Try to go “All Out” and make something you have always wanted. Personally I would try to go for a homemade 5 course meal that the two of us agreed upon, but you don’t have to go that far. Just pick something different or hard to make that isn’t normally cooked for the day-to-day grind. The only downside is the potential cost for things like Ribs, NY skirt-steaks, Crab, Lobster and the like if you decide to go that route (shopping around can net you amazing deals). Depending on your collective cooking and recipe finding skills, your mileage may vary. Extra credit to you two if it actually tastes better and costs cheaper than something you would get at a restaurant.

8. Create and Complete a Project together.

This could range from the Cutesy (poem, compose a love song to each-other) to the Burly (building a shed, renovating a room) to the Nerdy (create a program/game together, cosplay outfits). It doesn’t matter what it is; it just has to be something that both of you can willingly participate in and it must have a definitive beginning and end (hopefully that benefits both of you). Look to your interests and skills; be creative! And most importantly... Make sure you reach the end of your project, it’s no good and demoralizing for both of you if you don’t reach a point both of you can call “complete”.

9. Watch a sunset together

Ah, the classic sunset scene. It’s cliché, but it works. There is something special about watching a “red-orange-yellow in a blender” colored sunset that leaves you feeling comfortably inspired. Personally I prefer sunsets for couples than sunrises… watching the sun during a sunrise is so much more painful than during a sunset. Secondly, the sunset occurs right around that time when the two of you can head to that previously mentioned dinner out *hint hint *.

10. Try to stay up 24+ hours together. (Technically 40 hours if sleep = 8 hours)

This might be easier for the younger folks than the older folks, but it’s still incredibly fun to do if you can pull it off. Try living your day (night) as if you had an additional 8 hours that day (night) to spend with them. The idea is to completely skip a night of sleep on a Saturday and hold off until the next appropriate time to sleep Sunday. (Or whatever two days you are free. Friday->Sat works too.) Both of you fighting off sleep and keeping each-other awake. Maybe do something that you are always too busy to do because other things come first. Maybe just clean the house with your significant other for that time, if you are into that… Just do something fun to keep each-other awake for that time and the rest of the day till next day’s sleep!

Of course there are other suggestions to be had, but remember this is a “Children Friendly” Article and area, so please keep such suggestions to yourself or post them on pages that allow it.

If you have any suggestions or if I am wrong in my posting, please let me know in the comments. Thank you!


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    • mayodmv profile image

      Jose Matalo 

      6 years ago from Philippines

      Every married couple needs this. It's not easy to keep a relationship but these are the things that can surely keep it intact. Very helpful and interesting hub!

    • GamerAinion profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Miami, FL

      Thank You! :D Wishing you the best of luck in your Endeavors!

    • neco555 profile image

      Morgan Sheridan 

      6 years ago from Illinois, United States

      These are some interesting and helpful ideas! Great work!


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