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10 Ways To Say "I Love You" ... Without Saying It (For Men)

Updated on February 3, 2014

Not For Valentine's Day Only

This article consists of a series of tips that can be applied by men in order to show their affection towards their girlfriends/wives. It doesn't have to be a special occasion like Valentine's Day for men to say "I love you" or to show their love through their actions. If love is there, it is always there and even if some men might think they don't have to prove anything and it is enough if they just say it, every woman appreciates love gestures that yell "I love you" and these gestures can strengthen relationships.

1. Pay Attention To Her

Women love getting a lot of attention so if she is talking, pay attention to what she says, including the smallest details and prove you are doing so by actively replying to what she says. She will notice your interest and she will appreciate it.

2. Write Her A Love Letter

Even if you could easily say it to her, writing down your feelings for her is a very romantic thing to do. It doesn't have to be a long and complicated letter, it can be just what crosses your mind in regards to her, simply and honestly written.

3. Prepare Dinner For Her

Even if you don't know how to cook, the internet is full of recipe websites and you can pick a simple and delicious dish and surprise your loved one with a nice, romantic dinner. She will appreciate the effort, she will admire your skills and she will want more!

4. Offer A Gift

Even if it's not her birthday or Valentine's Day, you can give her a gift. Everybody likes gifts and women definitely love receiving them out of nowhere and for no special occasion.

5. Dedicate Her A Song

Whether it's on the radio or just by playing it on a computer, a love song with beautiful lyrics accompanied by you telling her it's a dedication for her can mean a lot.


6. Kisses And Hugs

Tender gestures of affection are a great way to show how much you love her. Don't refrain from kissing and hugging her, in the middle of the day, for no special reason!

7. Do Things Together

Whether it's sports or cooking, doing things together strengthens relationships and if it is a hobby or a passion she has that you are willing to get involved in every once in a while, she will, most probably, love it.

8. Watch Her Favorite TV Series With Her

If she is watching a certain TV Series that you are not a big fan of, she will love having you by her side every once in a while, trying to see what is so interesting about it.

9. Talk About What She Loves

Start conversations on topics that she loves and get involved in them, understanding her points of view and expressing your own. Having conversations is an important factor that strengthens relationships.

10. Remember Details

After paying attention to details when she is telling you something, remember them and surprise her by mentioning them in later circumstances. You remembering the smallest thing can mean a lot to her.

The Key

The key to all these tips is to not exaggerate with them. Put them into practice frequently but not too frequently and, obviously, take into account her desires, because every woman is different and will like different things, some more than other. Happy loving!



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    • inding profile image

      inding 5 years ago from Romania

      Thank you Eddy!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

      Thank you so much for this wonderful hub. Here's to so many more by you.