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8 Ways of Successfully-Coping With Your "Ex"

Updated on June 1, 2015
Guess who? This is  Charlie Sheen's "ex."
Guess who? This is Charlie Sheen's "ex."

Looking at "ex's".

How a man or woman went from girlfriend, boyfriend to companion and then "ex," is something I do not want to get into because each relationship varies and has its own web of tangled tales that need not be published in this venue.

All I know is that it's rough on both the person the "ex" hurt and this heart-breaking situation is equally-hard on the "ex" when he or she sees their happy ex-partner having a great time living life with a new partner.

Golf great, Greg Norman once had the beautiful Chris Everett as a girlfriend. Now she is his "ex."
Golf great, Greg Norman once had the beautiful Chris Everett as a girlfriend. Now she is his "ex."
(left), Gina DeBoer, Junior Seau's ex- girlfriend.
(left), Gina DeBoer, Junior Seau's ex- girlfriend.
Male "ex" gets it in his face.
Male "ex" gets it in his face.
Tattoo work by a guy whose girlfriend left him.
Tattoo work by a guy whose girlfriend left him.

Hey, Chris Everett . . .

Sorry things didn't work-out for you and Greg Norman, but I dreamed of you during your time with him and before, so if you are reading this, give me a call and let's have coffee. Thanks, Kenneth

Wisdom is the best weapon.

I supposed to get a wider-view of "this" situation, I needed to see it from both sides.
In today's adventure, I am going to help you, the person your "ex" left behind and how you can use a happier by by using these . . .

8 Ways of Successfully-Coping With Your "Ex"

  1. If you accidentally-meet your "ex" in public, start running as fast as Wilma Rudolph, the Olympic track star dubbed "fastest woman on earth."
  2. If you are eating alone and your "ex" strolls by, hide behind a menu or better, underneath your table and with the handy disguise kit you now carry in your purse ever since your "ex" deserted you, you can look any part you please to fool them.If there is no escape route, stand firm, do not extend your hand to shake their hand, and get your game face on. Do not smile. He should make his comments brief.
  3. If you see her, your "ex" in line to get a ticket to the movies, act like you did not see her and duck behind other customers and whisper to them that you need them to camouflage you.
  4. If your "ex" has this habit of chronic-denial about him leaving you and calls you several times a day to "keep tabs on you," just keep your mouth shut when he calls. What you do or do not do now is none of his business. Or get your phone number changed. The best answer is just hang up on him.
  5. If you cannot avoid or escape your "ex" in public, and they start the "third degree" on where you have been or where you are going, simply relax and answer this way, "why?" Say this to every question. Soon they will tire from your stubborn attitude and leave.
  6. If your "ex" tries to hurt you physically in public or private, let the authorities handle it. You are in no position to take matters into your own hands.
  7. Change your appearance often. Things such as getting a different hairstyle, clothing, etc. Anything within reason to throw your "ex" off of your trail.
  8. After numerous phone calls that you did not answer, your "ex" knocks on the door of your apartment. You open the door, but do not let him in. You let him speak his mind. Then you say, "Hey, do you have a tough time retaining knowledge? We are NOT together anymore. You are an "ex" to me. That's it. I am not your business anymore. You have no reason to call me at all. And I do not need to hear your voice either. So understand this: get yourself a new girlfriend. One who lets you roam around and do whatever to whomever without saying a word. You left me, remember? When I shut this door, you had best be gone or I will call the authorities

I should charge for advice this good.


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    • kenneth avery profile imageAUTHOR

      Kenneth Avery 

      3 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

      Dear rebeccamealey . . .

      (start scary music here. Possibly them from "Jaws.")

      "or is it?"

      (Vincent Price scary laugh here. The laugh that was on M. Jackson's "Thriller."

    • rebeccamealey profile image

      Rebecca Mealey 

      3 years ago from Northeastern Georgia, USA

      Funny take on a potentially serious subject. Love your writing style, as always Kenneth!


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