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10 Ways to welcome your relatives.

Updated on November 11, 2009

Relatives .

They are hard to avoid sometimes. Even when I went on a vacation in Norway, suddenly there they were. It turned out to be that some relatives planned the same thing and lived only five miles away from us in a bungalow.

I just love them

I'm a real family loving kind of person. Duhh.. I left home at a young age, and because of all the trouble at home I always tried to move as far away as possible. So I did when I got married to my ex husband. We found a nice peaceful little town. The ideal place to raise a family and have a happy life. But all happiness can come to an end. His mother decided to move too. And she found a place to live, right around the corner of the street were we lived.

Mother in law


And mother in laws. We love them all very so much. I have to admit, that my mother in law was the best thing that happened to me during my marriage with my ex husband. And sure, I had my share of moments too. Especially when I was just planning to jump on my husband, that doorbell rang. And don't ask me how she did it, but somehow she knew if we were home or not. And she would stand there, until we opened the door. A doormat that said; " No Mother-in-laws " didn't help a bit. And sometimes she could mislead us, and changed something about her looks, like shaving her mustache , so we wouldn't recognize her and thoughtlessly opened the door.

10 ways to say hello at beloved family members when they show up at your doorsteps.

A warm welcome at the door is always nice isn't it? For any relative.

1. Come in! Are you on foot or did you travel on your broomstick?

(A great line when my aunt came in. She looked a little like Bette Midler did in Hocus Pocus)

2. Ugh!Were does that smell come from?

(Hi dear mother in law... You again)

3. Welcome, welcome! Just grab two chairs and sit down.

(Yes, my uncle, who married the witch. He had a little weight problem. But it wasn't his fault he always told us. No, Mc Donald's didn't use enough fat free products .)

4. How long are you ringing the doorbell? It's raining pretty hard. You'd better go home fast!

(It was mother in law again)

5. Huh? You came on your own? No one else with you? I thought that misfortunes never came singly.

(Yes my mother, married three times, normally didn't come alone.)

6. Eeeuw, I thought I only had nightmares in my sleep.

( You don't need to ask yourself who this was, HER, again)

7.Do you want a drink? A Molotov cocktail maybe?

(Hello dad. It was always nice to see him. Still Alive. The loads of alcohol didn't kill him yet after twenty years.)

8. I never believed in ghosts, until now.

( you don't even want to know what my mother in law looked like early in the morning)

9. How was your flight? Didn't the plain crash?

(It was my cousin. I often wondered why she even bothered to come. I'm not that funny)

10.Aha, it's you.(Again) I was just leaving. Maybe you'll have better luck next year.


But people come and people go.

"Bye bye everyone. Call next time before you're planning to come over. So we have plenty of time to make up excuses for you not to come!"

Relatives are so much fun. You can't live with them and you can't have fun without them.



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