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The top off-putting things to say to a man

Updated on December 17, 2014

Dating a new partner can often seem so exciting, so many things to talk about and ask on your firsts dates. However the wrong words or covering no go topics can end the relationship before it even starts. If your partner is so into you and is blinded by affection then it won't really matter what you say during the first stages but this doesn't happen in most cases.

Many women believe that being a good talking is the key to a successful dating, however many men a fine with a women that doesn't talk to much and mainly listens. Talking too much, means you have a good chance of simply saying the wrong things. A man by not seem offended at first, but will keep it in mind when considering the second date. Beautify is only skin deep, it's just the surface. A simple date and men will see beyond that.

The List

  1. Mention your ex-boyfriend - Even as a reference/good or bad point. It's a sign to him that you have failed to move on in life. He may even try to dive deeper into the topic making it even more awkward. Even if he asks, try to change topic. If he talks about his ex-girlfriends then again simply change the topic.
  2. Talk about unfamiliar topics - Unless he wants you to talk about the topics and shows and interest, he may become bored and even try and challenge you with his own selfish topics.
  3. Family wealth or non-wealth - If he thinks that your are from a wealthy background and he isn't, he may think you don't understand the value of money. If you thinks you are poor then he may be worried about having to support you.
  4. Illnesses - Some people want to be honest and straight, but the first stages of the date is not the time to tell your boyfriend you have a certain condition e.g. Aspergers Syndrome.
  5. Social status/job position - Sadly there are still men around who may feel intimidated by a women who has a better job or a higher income. Unless you know what he does it's best to be modest about your work, especially if you have a titled position.
  6. Saying he looks like someone famous - What you think could be a compliment may not be to him, it's not worth the risk. Works the same the other way round too.
  7. Asking him how many lovers he had - The opposite, this could even put you off a man. The past is the past and should be left that way. You may hear something you will not like at all and wish you had never asked and may feel like you are being compared to his previous lovers.
  8. Asking him to meet your family - Can be extremely awkward for most men at an early stage of dating, since its making him feel rather pressured.
  9. Suggesting that he dresses a certain way - People may be uncomfortable and not able to relax if they change their outlook. You could also give advice, e.g. "I think those pants would look good on you".
  10. Alcohol/Drug addiction - A good partner will be able to help you with these problem but its not something you want to discuss straight away. Build up trust and respect in the relationship first.
  11. Ask him to pay for everything - Maybe fine in places like Japan, however for most countries in the west. Men respect a women who are independent have their own money too to share with a man.
  12. Talk about future plans together - At an early stage of the relationship, this can make many men run a mile.


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    • Hezekiah profile image

      Hezekiah 7 years ago from Japan

      @Kim Lynn, I think being chatty is always a good sign on dates, as long as people don't get too comfortable.

    • Kim Lynn profile image

      Kim Lynn 7 years ago

      All good things not to say on the first date. Sometimes when I first meet someone I am nervous and become a little too chatty. If I were on a first date, being too talkative would be something I'd have to keep in check. Not dating so Frog just has to listen. Poor Frog!