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10 Signs to Know a Guy Is Not Worth Your Attention

Updated on October 3, 2017
shiwaninegi profile image

Shivani is a professional Digital Marketer and freelancer. She loves to write blogs on personal life and relationships. She is fond of cats.

Wrong Man Wrong!

Watch out!

Isn't it so awesome feeling that if you love someone, that person loves you back?

We all have our dating doubts when we fall for someone. We feel a little bit insecure and it's obvious and natural. We are always watching what we say or how we act in front of our partners.

We always look for advice as to whom should we date and whom we shouldn't. But if you are facing any of the following issues in your relationship then let me tell you darling, you could be investing your precious time in a wrong person!

  1. He is not open to the relationship. You have never fit in with his friends, and they have never made an effort to welcome you in any way. Maybe he has never introduced you as his life partner or a person who is very special to him. You can get your first sign from his friend circle as to how they treat you in front of him.
  2. You are always worried about the idea of keeping him and hold onto him because you keep on thinking all the time that someone is going to come along and steal him. What kind of relationship is this if you are so insecure about it? In order for someone to steal your man, he'd have to willingly go with her. Why don't you understand this fact?
  3. The only time you feel special with him when the two of you are having sex and that's the only moment you finally feel like you have his whole attention. The rest of the time, you feel like you could be anyone to him. Babes, are you his sex toy or his submissive?
  4. He doesn't care about your interests and makes fun of them most of the time. He makes fun of the stuff you do for him, makes fun of your taste in things like your dressing sense, your hairstyle, your choice of gifts you buy for him. Overall he makes fun of your feelings. Ooppss! Watch out, babes.
  5. He's made nasty comments about your body before that make you think twice being naked around him because now you feel like you are not attractive or thin enough. Maybe he is thinking of changing his sex toy or having a new submissive. Poor you!
  6. When the two of you are alone together, he keeps on checking his phone and avoids you most of the time. Maybe his social life is much more interesting than you.
  7. The kinds of dates that you go on aren't really dates, and more like hangouts that he was going to do anyway if not with you then with somebody else for sure. You find no difference while going out with him and going out with your bunch of friends.
  8. Your greatest fear is the moment he stops answering you or avoids you intentionally because you already know that it could happen at any time. And-and-and the only rescue you got for this situation is SEX! Hello, my sex toy.
  9. Your friends hate him. I know this is not a solid sign but hello! if he can't impress your friends then don't expect him to impress your family members in future. And the feeling of meeting each other's parents is one more thing that terrifies you because you know that it will never happen.
  10. And last but not the least, He wants to live his life on his own terms and keep his life private but he is irrationally jealous and


    over what you are doing with your life. You cant be yourself whenever you are around him. Poor submissive you are!

Last words!

© 2017 Shivani Negi


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      There is no amount of "work" or "communication" that can overcome being with someone who simply does not want what you want. Compatibility trumps compromise!

      Like attracts like and opposites attract divorce attorneys!

      If something doesn't feel right to you it's probably not right for you.

      "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

      - Oscar Wilde

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 

      2 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Great article. Thanks for writing.



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