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10 things to remember while in a long distance relationship

Updated on April 19, 2013

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." - Helen Keller

When you are in a long distance relationship, you are mature enough to handle the relationship. This kind of relationship needs responsibility and rational thought. These days, people are staying away from family, love and native place due to various reasons:

ü Education

ü Job

ü Social activity

But, these activities do not force anyone to stop loving. Long distance relationship is a not an action, but an understanding between partners. When your love is far from you, each day is like a year. Some people find it very hard to maintain a long distance relationship. This result in regular fight, anguish, distrust and finally the relationship ends up in bad taste.

What can you do to maintain a long distance relationship with the partner?

  • Cut down the Ego- Where there is ego, there is no love. Whether it is personal ego or professional ego, it kills the long distance relationship with time. Flow the love without ego. You will explore exciting moments in love.
  • Accept the ambience- Do not hurt your partner with words like- “I have a huge facility in my place and you lack from such facility”. Always try to accept the ambience of each other. You will find love is growing by each day.
  • Talk and Talk- Communication is a vital step in a long distance relationship. Thanks to the revolution in the technology field. Social, media, Chat application, phone, email is there for you. Now, you can talk, as many times you want.
  • Keep your trust- Relationship is not a base where you only take love. However, you are in relationship to give love. Grow the trust for you, in the heart of the partner. Distance hardly matters when there is trust in love.
  • No cheat, no pain- Do not cheat your love for any other person. Loyalty is the foundation of a healthy relationship. Suppose you are in office party and your lover call you, try to receive the call. It will make your lover feel the happy and secure.
  • Do not assume- Share all your insecurities with the partner. Assumption in relationship kills the essence of love. Why will you waste time in assumption? Go for an open discussion and remove the fear from the heart.
  • Surprise visit- Surprises make one happy. Long waits ended up in surprise visit will make the love intense.
  • Take benefit of video chat- Four times a week if possible, share the warmth between each other through video chat. Even you are physically apart, but video chat brings you close even in a long distance relationship.
  • Share the toughest time- Remember that your partner is not God. The partner is not a mind reader that will understand tough situation. Be practical and share the incident. Your partner will feel the importance as an individual in your life.
  • "No" to drama, or anger- Most couples show anger or create drama when the other partner fails to call at the usual time. Is this your case? If you feel love and care for the partner, then you make a call and talk. You can save the long distance relationship from damage.

Not all couples possess the same attributes in a long distance relationship. However, the above points will make your love grow strong and healthy. After all, love is an emotion that keeps both partners together for the entire life.

Long Distance relationship

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