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10 ways to keep your man's attention on you again

Updated on May 26, 2013

Do you ever feel like your man has lost his attraction for you. You feel like he is just not paying you any attention any longer. If so, well here are 10 ways that can help you get and keep his attention on you again.

1. SMILE. Men love to see their women in a happy state. With smiles on their faces especially when she is looking at him, or whenever she is around him. To sit around your man with your lips stuck out all the time is not a good idea for your relationship. This makes your man feel like your facial expression has something to do with him. He then begins to take things personal because he doesn’t understand your facial expression. When speaking to him, he feels like everything your saying is with a tone. I am sure many arguments have and will continue to occur because of a frown on your face. Just remember that sometimes a smile can turn the situation from a negative to a positive. If you really want to keep your man’s attention on you, practice smiling. You’ll look more attracted to him when you are smiling.

2. BE UNDERSTANDING. Never Ever make your man feel like he is less than a man. Doing this will cause problems in your relationship for sure every time. Things will not always work out the way he may have planned. He will make some mistakes, of course you will too, but the important thing is that your man is not perfect. So be open and understanding to fact that he can’t do for you exactly what he promised you. However, on the other hand, he goes out his way to do whatever he can for you that’s within his means. Be able to understand that your man may just fall short sometime, but if you really love him you will stick out anything with him. You will work with your man in any situation that reasonable (I’m not saying be stupid by any means) because the two of you are team. He will be more attracted to you when you can be more understanding.

3. COMMUNICATION. There is really no relationship without the proper communication. Communicate with your man as much as you can. One reason it could be that you can’t understand your man is because you are not communicating with him the way you should be. Make conservations with him. Ask him wants on his mind more often, and actually listen to what he is saying. Let the conservation be about him for change. When the two of you have disagreement just talk things through more often, and come to conclusion together. If it means you being the bigger person then do it. You be the mature one in the relationship if it means keep his attention on you. That what you want right? Yes you will have to bite your tongue sometimes, but if it gets you what you want then it worth it.

4. COMPROMISE. Let me just say it. Everything can’t always be about you. Things can’t always go the way you want them to. Learn to compromise with your man, and let him have his way sometimes. Don’t you enjoy yourself when you have you way, so let it be about your man for change. In those situations where you just can’t agree for some reason, start learning to at least meet him in the middle somewhere. That way the both of you are some what happy. It will surely make your relationship better.

5. KEEP YOUR APPERANCE UP. Most men like for their women to dress nice and look presentable on a daily basis. They love it when they see you looking your best. It really makes them smile on the inside. Now I really have to be honest here, although your man may love you. He will get tired of the same old things when it comes to you. Remember you trying to keep your man’s attention on you. Sometimes a new hair style and a little makeup will make a big difference all around. Maybe even dressing a little more sexy (not to revealing), but classy, like a lady. Show your man your figure as much as you can. By looking sexy and attractive all the time makes him want you. His attention will be on you more. He will notice the other guys as they check you out, but just remember it’s all for your man and no one else. The more you keep your appearance up the easier it will be for him to stay attracted to you. These days, no one has to look always look the same all the time. You can be different women every week for your man if you wanted to. Just change it up a little. Never get to comfortable with your man and let yourself go because once a man has lost his attraction for you, unless it’s regain the relationship is probably over. Especially if he is seriously attracted to someone else.

6. WATCH YOUR WEIGHT. The question to ask yourself right now is; how much did I weight when my man committed to me, and think about it this way. At that time when the two of you got together what ever weight you were at that time, it was what he liked. He committed to you. Now ask yourself, have I gained any weight? Probably so. Too many women become so comfortable in their commitments that they let themselves go. They feel that the man should love them do matter what. I know as a female our body go through so many changes, and it’s hard to control our weight sometimes, but we just can’t let that be an excuse anymore. A good way to keep your man’s attention on you is to control your weight. Maintaining your figure is very important because you know what he likes when he see it, and you need to realize that when your weight change your mans attention level for you change as well. What you don’t need to forget is that there are far more women out there looking the way you use to look or even better gaining his attention. I say you can do it. If you have gained weight, I know you can lose it, I did. On the other hand, I want you to understand that in this situation that you are not losing weight for him, but understand that you are losing the weight for yourself. If he is the man you truly want to be with, then you will do what you need to do keep his attention on you.

7. BE THE PERSON HE COMMITTED TO. Never let people or anything, change you from the person he fall in love with. Sometimes new friends and different situations cause confusion. Don’t become a stranger to him. He needs to recognize you at the one he loves, not someone his trying to figure out.

8. SET GOAL. When men settle down, most of them are ready to move on to bigger and better things. He expects he women to want some of the same things he wants in life. He might be turned off by the fact that you’re not interested in goal setting. He may even feel like you don’t want anything at all in life. Set goals with your man. Sit down and talk them over with him, and try to make them happen.

9. GIVE YOUR MAN YOUR ATTENTION. Believe it or not men like and want you to pay them some attention. Your man does not really care how it’s done. He just likes to know that you are listening to him when he talks, and that you are thinking about him when he’s not with you. Not showing your man the proper attention can result in him feeling like you are giving your attention to someone else. Failing to give your man the attention he seeks and needs from you, can push your man right into someone else arms. He will understand that I you get a little business, but in his mind there is no reason why you should be to busy for him. Give him all the attention you can. The smallest amount of affection will make a huge difference over all.

10. BE INITIMATE. Nothing is more important in your relationship than being intimate with your man. Your man has serious needs, and those needs are not always sexual, but never forget that sex is a part of it that shouldn’t be left out. Never forget what you want do for your man someone else will. Your man wants to feel loved and appreciated by you. He’ll probably never just come straight out and tell you that, but every now and then, he wouldn’t mind being romanced, sweet talked, or caressed. Loving your man, appreciating your man, and having a good sexual connection with your man can be a wonder feeling to your man. When your man feels wonderful inside and out about you and him. It will be hard for him to walk away, and he will be focused on you.

I believe by you reading these tips I’ve given here and if applied properly, they will really make a difference in your relationship. If you really want to keep your man’s attention on you, then it certainly want hurt you to try them. But you have to be willing, and ready to do what it takes to get you on the level where you need to be with your man. Try these 10 ways to keep your man’s attention on you. Take them one at a time if you need to. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have along the way.


To sum it all up. If you want to keep your man's attention on you like it once was then trying these simple tips want kill you, but hopefully help you keep his attention on you again. You can do it good luck.

Do you think it would hurt you to try these tips, or It could help you to try these tips?

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