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10 Jaw-Droppingly Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Updated on April 5, 2018
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Mary loves discovering new things and enjoys sharing these ideas with readers through her articles.

save money on your wedding
save money on your wedding

Reducing The Cost of Your Wedding

If you and your partner have decided to tie the knot, congratulations. You may now be wondering just how much an ideal wedding is going to cost. Of course there are weddings where the cost is no object but realistically speaking, most people need to keep within a budget. Below you will find 10 ways to cut the cost of your wedding and reception whilst still ensuring your special day will be one to remember.

Saving money on your wedding starts with networking. By this I mean, contact friends and discuss what you want to do. Tell them any help is greatly appreciated. Everyone has an ever increasing circle of friends, be it on the internet, at work, the gym or at church. Listen to suggestions of where you can reduce the costs of your wedding. Ask questions about their ceremony and reception. Everyone loves to talk about themselves and their weddings. Use their experiences to guide you to a low cost wedding. Listen not only to how well there wedding went but also the unnecessary expenses they felt they paid. Their hindsight will be your foresight.

It is easy for costs to spiral out of control on planning a wedding. They can become such an expense that the burden of debt is carried forward into your married life or is a burden on your family. This doesn't have to happen, with planning and a true desire to keep the costs down, your affordable wedding is within your reach.

Wedding dress rental
Wedding dress rental | Source

1. The Wedding Dress and Tuxedo

If you are opting for a traditional wedding dress and tuxedo you have several options. One is to rent them. The other would be to buy from a wholesaler of wedding dresses.

You could buy used as well. There will be wedding dresses for sale on eBay, some have never been worn. Whether the wedding was canceled or they decided to wear something different, there is a bargain to be had.

Low cost wedding venues
Low cost wedding venues | Source

2. Inexpensive Wedding Venues

Deciding where to have your ceremony is an important decision but it needn't be expensive. If you are going to be married in a church, it doesn't have to look like a florist's foyer. A few simple touches with flowers, and draped fabric will look stunning. If your wedding is in summer, opt for a ceremony in a garden. It doesn't need to be at a hotel, it can be at your own home or that of a good friend.

Another popular option would be in a meadow. If you are expecting guests to share in your ceremony, ensure the availability of parking and if there are those who have impaired mobility, this should also be taken into consideration. These things could be explained on your invitations.

For autumn or winter weddings, choose a place that is covered but not too expensive. Remember, for many hotels and conference centers, this is their slow time, make sure you haggle the price down.

3. Low Cost Honeymoon

Let's be realistic here, everyone wants a romantic honeymoon but with so many couples already living their lives together, it is in fact, just another vacation. That doesn't mean it shouldn't be special but it also doesn't mean it has to be on some far flung destination. The idea is that you are now a married couple sharing your first vacation as one. You could go camping in your favorite national park. To the beach in an RV, something that you both will enjoy. It doesn't have to be a remote south sea island that is only accessible by dugout canoe. You can get away from the crowds but closer to home.

4. The Wedding Car

There are many options from limos, horse and carriages, to a typical family car. You are only limited by your ability to network. Who do you know that can help out with a nice car or other transport. I have known people who opt for everything from tractors to Hummers. This is something that should cost you nothing. Everyone knows someone with a car.

Have your helpers tie ribbons and decorations around it.

5. Low Wedding Reception Ideas

The best way to keep the costs down for a reception is by reducing the amount of people invited. There are also ways to keep the cost of food down. Ask everyone who comes to the reception to bring a dish of food, a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine. If you do this instead of a wedding present, it is a win-win situation. Your reception will cost less and it has saved them money as well.

On their invitation, designate what you would like them to bring. For example, you could say, "in lieu of a present, please bring a dessert to the reception." Or you could say, "an appetizer" or wine. Remember, they are coming to celebrate your wedding, not to have a four course meal.

6. Wedding Rings

Although it is every woman's dream to have a wedding ring that is special, if the cost is too high at this time of your life, aim to buy one for your next anniversary or in 5 years time. Any ring will suffice. A simple band is all that is needed and these can be bought very inexpensively.

If you want something a bit special you can often find Victorian or art deco rings at auction houses as well as on eBay. WitheBayy, as always if you see something you like, buy it or make a bid because it may not be there the next time you look.

Wedding reception

7. The wedding cake

We have all seen wedding cakes that are a work of art. Ask within your network of friends who bakes cakes and what they charge. You are likely to find someone who is willing to make one much cheaper than your local bakery. Ask to see photos of their previous wedding cakes. Always call to check and remind that it needs to be ready for your day.

Although a wedding cake is a tradition, you could opt for cupcakes which are decorated by the bridesmaids.

8. Wedding Decorations and Accessories

The key with wedding decorations is to start gathering needed accessories early. Don't leave sourcing them until the last minute. Ask for help from friends and family. Everyone wants to take part and will enjoy the time spent doing this.

So many people have a passion for crafts, let them help you. Go to the dollar store and craft store frequently to stock up on bargains.

9. Low Cost Wedding Photography

Almost everyone has a camera now be it in a phone or an actual camera. Ask everyone to take photos. This way, you will have a vast selection of photos to choose from. Professional photos can cost a good deal of money. Asking friends and family to take candid shots is far more fun and memorable. Why have the same posed shots that everyone else has? Strive for something different.

Ask your maid of honor to begin taking pictures from the beginning of the day. You will need a large memory card in your camera to be sure of having enough space. After the honeymoon is over, you could begin posting the pictures on the internet. Allow people to vote on the best shot of the wedding and offer a token prize for the winner. This will encourage better shots to be taken at the time.

10. Wedding Music

If you know someone who is either a d.j. or is a member of a band, ask if they will work for a reduced fee. Ask friends and family members. Their social network is large, use it. If you have someone who wants to become a d.j. you could hire the equipment and let them use it for your wedding. Always double check the songs they intend to play. You don't want to see your 80 year old grandmother trying to dance to the rap music.

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget: The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding on a Budget (Inexpensive Wedding Ideas, Budget Wedding Ideas)
How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget: The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Wedding on a Budget (Inexpensive Wedding Ideas, Budget Wedding Ideas)
Just because you're on a budget, doesn't mean your wedding day can't be special. I bought this for a friend who was waiting for her financial situation to improve before getting married. After she read this, she was able to budget and brought the day forward by a year. It gave her practical and actionable steps to take to save money in areas she hadn't considered before.

© 2012 Mary Wickison


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