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11 Clever Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Updated on April 27, 2018

Clever Ways to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

Clever ways to get a guy to ask you out: let him see that you are a confident woman who knows how to have fun
Clever ways to get a guy to ask you out: let him see that you are a confident woman who knows how to have fun


You have met this hot, gorgeous guy in school or at your workplace. You like him and want to have a relationship with him. You dream about him whenever you sleep and your heart misses a beat whenever you see him. You are dying to make him date you. You have racked your brain trying to figure out how to go about it but you can’t seem to come up with a strategy you can use to achieve your aim. What can you do make him date you? How can you get a guy to ask you out?

Let us look at some creative ways you can get a guy to ask you out.

Show Confidence

A lot of guys want to go out with a woman who knows what she is about and who is comfortable with herself. They find it sexy and appealing and so want to associate with such women.

Therefore, let confidence and optimism exude from your body. Walk tall with confidence, talk with self- assurance when you are conversing with the guy, and feel relaxed and assured of yourself when you are around him. He will find you attractive. As a result of that, he may ask you out so that he can develop closer ties with you.

Drop Hints That You Are Attracted To Him

Let him see that you have feelings for him
Let him see that you have feelings for him

Let Him See That You Like Him

Let the guy know that you admire him and think he is a great guy. Verbalize it from time to time to make him know that you are his supporter.

For example, if he gets a promotion at work, say to him, “Isaac, congratulations for your achievement. I always knew you were made for greatness. And trust me, this is just the beginning. Greater laurels are on the way coming!” When you appreciate the guy’s prowess, his spirit will swell, his desire to relate to you will become stronger, and that will make him ask you to go out with him.

Give Him Special Treatment

Show warmth to him always. Show extra kindness to him and let him see that you treat him with deference. Let him feel that you think he is a special guy. Always give him the impression that you think he ranks higher in your eyes than other guys by making him conscious of his positive attributes often. Make statements such as, “I think you are more considerate than all the guys I have met in the past,” or “You are my perfect kind of guy. You stand head and shoulders above all other guys I have met in terms of your humility and sense of humor.” It will make him see that you like him and he will also like you and want to have a relationship with you. Consequently, he will ask you out because of your attitude towards him.

Be Humble

Three studies conducted at Hope College in Michigan revealed that men like women who are humble. The study also found out that men find humility in women attractive.

Therefore, do not show any domineering and demanding tendencies. Instead, be willing to submit to his leadership as a man. Exhibit a humble disposition and it will make the guy feel that you will be a good romantic partner who will be willing to submit to him and make him be the head of any potential relationship. Consequently, he will want to go out with you so that he can have a more intimate friendship with you.

How can you learn to be humble?

  • Always remind yourself that for everything that you can do, there is someone out there who can do it better than how you do it.
  • Remind yourself often that there is a lot you do not know about life and that there is a lot you have to learn.
  • Remind yourself of your limitations often.
  • Think about the negative things people say about your personality and your character and let it remind you that you are just an imperfect human.
  • Accept your mistakes without arguing.
  • Never praise yourself or blow your own trumpet. Do not brag about all the wonderful things you have done.
  • Let others do that when they see good qualities in you. Avoid statements such as “I am smart,” or “I think I am better than you.”
  • Don’t talk to people in a condescending manner. Learn to appreciate that we are all equal before God.
  • Do not feel that your contribution to discussions is more important than those of the guy.

Be Honest

A study published in the Journal of Research in Personality has revealed that men are attracted to honest women.

Therefore, do your best to show an honest and open character. Keep the promises you make to him so that he can see that you are a woman of integrity. This will make him increase his admiration for you and he will value you more and desire to have a closer relationship with you, which will make him take you out.

Use Good Communication

Engage him in interesting conversations
Engage him in interesting conversations

Be a Good Communicator

Share your heart with him often so that he will see that you trust him. Additionally, do your best to engage him in stimulating, interesting conversations.

It will make him love your company and he will ask you out so that he can spend more of such wonderful, interesting moments with you.

Let Him See What He Is Losing

Be excited when you are around him. Giggle once in a while or laugh in a peculiar manner. Let yourself go and make him see that you are extremely happy to be around him. It will make you look magnetic and attractive and he may want to go out with you because of that.

Let Him Know You Are Thinking of Him

Send him an email or text at a time when he may least expect it. For example, send a message such as, “Hey! Getting ready to go to bed? Sweet dreams!” late in the evening or “Good morning, Isaac. It is good to know you are alive. Hope to see you at work!” Let the guy see that you think about him often. He will realize you like him and he may reciprocate those feelings and as a result spend wonderful moments with you later.

Entertain Him

Make him experience memorable moments
Make him experience memorable moments

Invite Him to Have Fun With You

When you realize that you share an interest in common with him, invite him to enjoy that activity with you. For example, if you discover that he likes soccer just as you do, invite him one Saturday morning to play soccer with you.

When you have such wonderful times together once in a while and you start to bond as friends, he will come to like you because he will see that you will enrich his life and make him happy. Consequently, he may want to go out with you.

Be Intriguing

Drop interesting snippets about exciting incidents that happened in your past, when you have conversations with him. Furthermore, tell him snippets of funny things that have happened in your life. Doing this will make you look intriguing. As a result, the guy will want to know more about you and he may ask you out so that he can unravel the mystery behind this “interesting woman.”


To get a guy to ask you out, you must make him see that you are lovable and that you are attracted to him. In addition, try to get his attention as well use his social connections to your advantage.

Then, if the dating goes well, you may try to have a lasting relationship, try to move the friendship to a more intimate level.

How to Get a Guy to Ask You Out

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