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11 Signs He is Cheating You – Women Shouldn’t Ignore These

Updated on August 28, 2017

You love your partner but …what makes him aloof these days? Is this boredom or he has got used to you or is it just a normal phase, when a man needs his privacy.

The reason could be many and you might not have anything to worry about, but still you cannot afford to ignore.

Well – think for yourself, if he was always like this. My friend Daisy would often ignore the changing behavior of her husband as due to work pressure and stress. It was too late and more than six months later, when he confessed he was seeing someone else. It was like a bolt from the blue but was it actually?? She had an intuition, a kind of feeling and vibe but she chose to ignore it completely.

Is it another woman? For most women this is unimaginable to even think about. But what about the clues you are getting? Ladies, there is no harm in being aware – at least it is going to save you from getting a shock.

Every man who cheats his wife or girlfriend leaves behind several signs and evidences. Do not brood later on – if your partner is hiding something from you, ask him straight.

Here Are Some Most Common Signs He Is Cheating

1. Staying Out Late -

Is he coming home late regularly? Are weekends busy too? It might be work pressure but it might not be also. Do not simply accept anything which are you being told. Try to find out the genuine reason.

2. Changing His Hygiene A Lot?

Many women notice this trait much before they realize their man is cheating them. A person who is quick in the bathroom seems to spend a lot of time there – why? Why so much hygiene recently? This is especially when he has an important meeting to attend or when he is going out for a party or when he informs he will be late at work.

3. Cell Phone Addiction:

You are spending your time with the guy and he anxiously keeps checking the cellphone – what is he up to? Is he hiding something? Does he text a lot these days? Does he excuse himself and move away whenever he receives a call. In short you notice he is using his phone a lot more these days and is quite secretive about it. If the answers to all these questions is a ‘Yes’, you definitely need to be aware.

4. Has Things To Hide:

He has attended a friend’s get-together and spent an entire day with his school mates. You inquire about the venue, food and friends and you hear all the stories. But what about the photographs which were clicked? If he is not able to show a single photograph or video of the party or gathering, there is surely much more to it. He is definitely hiding something from you.

5. Is He Avoiding You?

This is one of those signs which every lady starts noticing first. Whenever a man avoids his lady, there is something wrong in the relationship. He perhaps misses your movie date, he denies to go for an evening walk, he doesn’t feel like going out to dinner, he feels tired when you wish to talk and so on. If this happens regularly and you are feeling neglected, then it is definitely a cause of concern.

6. Has He Become Selfish?

Women start noticing a difference in the nature of men as soon as they start cheating. Is the guy becoming self indulgent? Is he putting himself much before everything? Is he shopping new clothes for himself too much and ignoring your interests? Guys who cheat tend to get a bit selfish and it is quite noticeable.

7. Privacy

Women tend to confront men when they feel something is getting wrong in the relationship. This is when the issues of ‘privacy’ come up. Men start talking about the importance of privacy and how he needs space. We wonder, how does this privacy issue come up so suddenly when previously no one needed so much privacy. Is there something to hide?

8. Too Much Travel

Is he traveling too much these days? Earlier tours were just for a day or two but now they seem to be quite frequent and for a longer duration. You definitely need to worry about something. Why not ask for ticket details or stay details and watch for the reaction. If he has nothing to hide, he will gladly share all details. If anything needs to be hidden, he will definitely not accept your inquisitive nature.

9. Increasing Lifestyle Expenses

This is another clear sign about something going wrong. Is he spending too much on hotel bills, entertainment, drinks, food – and for everything you were not a part of. Who is he spending so much money on? Is he trying to please someone?

10. Hints and Warnings From Friends and Colleagues

Another prominent sign is that colleagues and friends start hinting and cracking jokes, which your guy seems to enjoy. Maybe some of your friends have warned you too but you choose not to believe them.

11. He Doesn’t Notice You

You had a new hair style and your guy didn’t even notice it – is that normal? He doesn’t seem to notice any new changes in you – a new dress you tried out, you haven’t called for last 24 hours, he doesn’t reply you – he simply chooses to ignore.

Remember, your sixth sense can help you! Do not suffer silently – it is always good to be aware.


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