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12 Styles for Wedding Slide Shows - How to Make the best show with Quality Photos

Updated on July 31, 2012

Friend's Wedding Photography at Loose Park

Loose Park, Kansas City, Missouri
Loose Park, Kansas City, Missouri | Source
purchasing license use to place songs in videos that are sharable on social networks.
purchasing license use to place songs in videos that are sharable on social networks. | Source

Creating Your Wedding Slideshow

A wedding slideshow truly allows you both to "share" your lives with wedding guests. You will have a live scrapbook of times you have shared. Engagement photos are a tremendous edition to every slide show.

When to DIY a video slideshow yourself: You can create them yourself if you have enough experience and you are satisfied with the results. When you plan to share it privately only, allowing you to add the music you want in the show.

When to pay a professional to create your slide show. They use professional software and techniques. Sometimes it is just the fact that you may not have the time or experience to create one on your own. When you want to publicly share the video that contains music. A professional will apply licensed music with credits to the performer within the show.

What to include: Titles, sayings, mentions, music and the images you pick. As a bonus, you can share it on YouTube either as a private link just with the people you share the link with or public for others to view and take note of some of your ideas and techniques.

How long should it be? Two ways to answer this question. 25-50 images with enough time for one song to play during the video, plays about 2-5 minutes. The second way to answer: Go to you tube, type in the keywords: wedding slideshows and view a couple that are this length of time and then view the ones that are 6-15 minutes long. Gage how long yours should be by the time you notice yourself loosing interest in the show. My time was 3 1/2 minutes and I was tired of watching.

Music and copyrights. This is the part to tread carefully. When you publish the video publicly, the music cannot violate any copyright laws. Just crediting the song isn't enough. There are many on YouTube that are in violation of the law. Professional slide show makers own rights to music for use in wedding videos that will be open for public viewing. Privately listing it, only people you give the link to can view it or it is on a disc or your computer at home; any music is acceptable.

Styles and Themes for the slide show

  1. Story telling from young to meeting one another; together up to the day of the wedding.
  2. Together a long time; share times together, places you have been and special moments
  3. Engagement. Create the slide show based on your professionally photographed images.
  4. Family. Include images of people in your family, but with a stronger focus on the couple.
  5. Activity based. Active couples do many things together and it makes for an exciting show.
  6. Engage family and friends in creating images for your show. Have them capture you both in natural states of everyday things that you do together.
  7. Renewal of Vows. You get to share your original marriage and then time leading up to the renewal.
  8. A slide show created after the wedding to include the wedding day.
  9. The whole package. Before the wedding, wedding day, reception and honeymoon.
  10. Multiple slide shows. One for each part or combine a few into one.
  11. A true love story.
  12. Couples overcoming challenges and the challenging time is in the video, showing the enduring love and happiness after that time.

When you use professional photographed images, you will need a release from the photographer allowing you to use them in the slide show production. Most truly professional slide show makers will request it.

Sample Wedding Slide Show Creation


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