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12 Ways To Keep Your Wife Happy

Updated on February 11, 2021

Send Her Roses

1- Send her ~ daisies, amarryllis, gardenias, bird of paradise, mums, carnations, hyacinths, kangaroo paw, lilacs or just some pretty colorful flowers from your neighbors yard (with their permission of course). For an extra special touch send these flowers to her job. You or a friend can deliver them to the lobby of her job.

You do not have to send her a dozen roses or a dozen of any type of flower. If you use a florist have them deliver one or two flowers or a small plant with a large bow wraped around it. Add a special note, eg, "Just thinking of you", Love your husband. Or you can sign it from "A Secret Admirer".

Listen To Her When She Speaks To You

2- Listen ~ It is so annoying when you speak to someone and they pretend to listen to you. Sure they hear words coming from your mouth, but immeadiatly ask them what did you say and many times they can't tell you.

It is even more annoying when the person you're talking to is your husband and he's looking right at you and he cannot properly acknowledge what you have said with a decent answer or comment because he just wasn't really listening. Really listening to each other will make your happiness level even higher. This is such an easy way to keep your wife happy.

Surprise Her

3- Surprise ~ her with her favorite chocolate or candy bar under her pillow. Do you know what her favorite candy is? Well it's pretty easy to find out. Just observe what candy she's always snacking on. If she doesn't have a favorite, any candy will do. It's the thought that counts.

Write Her A Love Letter

4- Love Letter ~ This may sound a little corny but a woman loves a love letter or just a short love note. Mail it to her at your home address or to her job. This surprise in the mail will have her sealing your lips with a kiss . If you don't know what to write, here is an old favorite rhyme you probably used when you were a child: Roses are red...Violets are blue...I am so in love with you.

The words are simple yet true and the rhyming gives this short phrase a nice effect.

"You Look Beautiful"

5- Tell her she looks beautiful ~ especially when she doesn't have on any makeup or if she's expressed to you that she doesn't look pretty. It's not that you are telling her something that isn't true, she's your wife, you want to keep her happy, you love her and in your eyes she should always be beautiful no matter how she looks. Every woman needs a little ego boosting sometimes.

Cook Dinner For Her

6- Shrimp Fried Rice ~ Broccoli, Orange Chicken, and 2 Fortune Cookies Anyone? Do this at least once or twice a month. If you can't cook, no problem, pick up a meal from her favorite take out restaurant. (The food listed above is served on almost every Chinese restaurant take out menu). Pick up some red wine or mineral water.

Put a tablecloth on the table. Make a centerpiece by putting 1 flower in the center of the table in a vase or just lay it on the table. Use 1or 2 candles on candle holders, or just use your imagination. (Cost of tablecloth, flower, candles and candle holders $1.00 each at any Dollar store). Serve the food on your good china dishes or at least make sure you don't serve it on paper plates.(Unless your newlyweds and paper plates are all you have right now).

After you finish your meal break open your fortune cookies and have fun reading the fortunes found inside. Discuss the fortunes given and the lucky numbers usually found on the back of most fortune strips. Enjoy the conversation and enjoy each other.

When you both are finish eating, clean off the dinner table and wash all the dishes. She'll be so happy that you planned, prepared and cleaned up after such a great time together. And you'll be pleased to know that keeping your wife happy can be fun and entertaining.

Buy Her A Pet

7- A Puppy ~ kitten, hamster, bird, turtle, fish, a teddy bear, or UglyDoll, whether stuffed or real, pets can be such a happy addition to the family. Whether you choose to buy her a stuffed animal or a real one take in consideration the size of the animal you select. Does your house have room for a super large animal or would a medium or small one be more suitable?

Go Green

8- Plant A Tree Together ~ This will show strength and longevity that you want in your relationship. Visit a nursery and find a variety of choices. Google the words trees and shrubs for some excellent ideas. You'll want to pick out the tree together and decide where you want to plant it.

Also work on your lawn together to make the landscape a beautiful flowery and green oasis. Since this is a project the both of you will be working on, not having to remind you to cut the grass and take care of the yard will keep your wife happy.

Do the Repairs You Promised

9- Check your Honey Do list ~ Is she still asking you to fix a leaky faucet, fix a running toilet, paint the bathroom? Well don't ask her if she still wants you to fix this or do that, just go ahead and do it. From now on when she asks you the first time, do the chore as quickly as possible. How quick is quick? If you can do it immeadiately that's excellent. If you can do it in one or two days that's fine.

If the task takes a little longer to complete because you have to buy materials etc., then be sure to complete the request in no more than 2 weeks. If money is an option and you must wait for a paycheck then by all means let her know you will handle the problem when you get paid. And when you get paid start and complete the task and check it off of your Honey Do List.

Take Her Out On A Date

10- Ask her out ~ Call her on her cell and ask her out on a date. You both had plenty of dates and fun times before you got married. Rekindle that passion and make it a point to always have a date night. Schedule this time together as you would any regular appointment.

Visit some of the fun places you use to go to. Things change so fast. If any of those places are no longer there or if they are located in another city or country and it's impossible to visit that's ok. There are lots of other possibilities. Make some new, exciting, fun and romantic memories.

Give Her A 13 Hour Break

11-Take the kids~ This will give your wife time to do whatever she wants. She may want to go to the beauty shop, manicurist, visit a girlfriend and gossip, go to the spa, go to a movie by herself, or whatever. Plan a day where you take the children to a movie outing and play date. Twelve hours can go by pretty fast when you're having fun too. It's very easy to fill those hours, for example:

Wake up at 6:00am- Get the kids ready set Go:

7:00am ~7:30am - Leave home, travel via car or bus to a restaurant to enjoy a Breakfast Special

7:30am - Arrive at McDonalds, Denny's, Bob Evans or another favorite breakfast place

7:30am ~ 9:00am - Enjoy eating breakfast together. Talk about the food you are eating. (Some resturants give coloring books and crayons for kids to help entertain them. Ask your hostess if they offer this) Depending upon the ages of the children you can discuss where do eggs come from? Which came first the chicken or the egg? Why is the yolk yellow? What rhymes with yolk? What rhymes with sausage? How do you spell pancakes? What is the caloric amount of one pancake? What is the caloric amount of this meal? How much cholesterol or fat are we consuming? Is fat good for the body? How much body fat should a person have? What are some good exercises to burn off body fat?... You get my drift. The possibilities of conversation are endless.

9:00 ~ 9:30am - Travel to the park

9:30am ~ 1:00pm - Stop at almost any park. You can play football, basketball, baseball, catch, jump rope, bike riding, kiting, play on the swings, the slide, dodgeball, tennis, soccer, run laps, make snow bunnies, throw snow balls, make a giant snow man... enjoy the outdoors.

Let's burn some calories. Enjoy one of the many Free events being sponsored by their school, your city, a church, the Boys and Girls Club, etc.. If no special group is having something, no problem, or if the weather does not permit, go indoors to a recreation center, festival, gym, game room etc. You and the children can play air hockey, ping pong, go carts, basketball, enjoy a puppet show at the library, drawing, crafts, etc..

1:00pm ~ 1:30pm -Somebody's hungry. Travel to your lunch destination

1:30pm ~ 3:30pm - Arrive at Grandmas, sister- in- law, or aunties house for a nice home prepared lunch and visit. Or seek out a McDonalds with a playscape and serve up a Happy Meal or any variety from the dollar menu for the older kids. (Don't forget to add a $1.00 salad). If any littles ones they can burn off some extra calories here as well, playing on the playscape.

3:30pm ~ 4:00pm - (If Grandma will let you go) Travel to the movie theater

4:00pm ~ 7:00pm - Arrive at the movies. Stand in line, buy your tickets, go to the bathrooms, stand in the refreshment line for an extra big bucket of popcorn to share. If you have little ones don't buy any thing to drink,or just a small drink, so you will have less trips to the bathroom. Find a good seat in the movie theater, look at the previews now enjoy the show appox. 2 hours.

7:15pm ~ 7:30pm - Have the children use the restroom, whether they say they need to or not. This always makes sure you won't be interupted when you're enjoying the ride home.

7:30 ~ 8:00pm - Travel home

8:00pm ~ Arrive back home to a Very, Very, Very Thankful and Happy Wife!

*(Repeat this routine at least once every other month.)

This will surely keep your wife happy.

Kiss Her When She's Sleep

12- Kiss her ~ on her cheek or forehead while she's sleeping. Sometimes she may feel your lips when you kiss her and sometimes she may not. But ooh when she does feel you kissing her, she'll be so happy and so pleased with you that you took a moment to enjoy her presence and express your delight.


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