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Fourteen Types of Friends You Wish You Didn't Have

Updated on July 10, 2016


As you go through life, you meet and bond with all types of people. These friends often times come across as likeable and fun, but ultimately there's one quality that ends up being a friendship deal-breaker.

The following is a list of 14 friends you wish you didn't have.

1. The Guilt-Trip Friend

You know this friend by the following question - 'Why don't you ever call me?"

At this point, you begin wondering why you must be the one to initiate a call. Did they get the 'receive-calls-only' telephone model? Are they too lazy or insecure to dial your number? Do they not call so they can turn a non-issue into an issue?

However you look at it, this friend's time is numbered.

3. The Treats-Servers-Badly Friend

This can be a good friend, right up until the moment they rear their ugly head in a restaurant setting. Some people just believe that they have the right to denigrate servers since they will be tipping them later on. Others believe that every server in the world gives perfect service every time, except when they are serving them.

When this friend turns, it's embarrassing. You begin to wonder how they could be raised to treat people in such a manner. You also begin to realize that to continue on with this friendship will be the cause of your inability to eat at any of your favorite restaurants ever again.

2. The Always-Short-of-Cash Friend

This friend takes a while to manifest themselves. But when you finally come around to realize that you have been paying for both you and them over and over again, the strain will be too much for any friendship to overcome.

At which point, you will see them gravitate to the next person who they can mooch off of. You could also call them the Frogger-Friend since they will be hopping from one person to the next looking for the next free ride.

4. The Will-Hit-on-Anything Friend

This is a tough friend to have. Usually, this type of friend will give you plenty of innuendo warning prior to hitting on one of your parents (married or not) or one of your siblings. Once you have identified this friend, you can no longer bring them around any family member. You will be consumed with keeping an eye out for your family instead of having a good time yourself.

Even worse is if you are dating someone and have to worry about them being alone with this friend. Even though you can be entertained by the diverse lineup of people this person dates, it's just not worth the worry they will create around the people you care about.

5. The White Rabbit Friend

This is the friend that is always late. Always. You will end up wasting so much of this friendship waiting for this friend, wondering if you're in the right spot that you agreed upon, and having to apologize to others for your tardiness.

This friend makes you look bad. This friend causes you much worry. This friend causes you much irritation. This is the friend who gets the moniker '???-time' to describe the constant lateness they exude.

6. The Nosy Friend

This is the friend you catch going through your phone. Your phone might as well have been your diary. Any way you look at it, the trust is gone. What business was it of theirs who you've been texting (or sexting).

All friendships should have some boundaries. The cell phone photo album and text messages are well within those boundaries.

7. The Catastrophic-Thinking Friend

Also known as the Dr. Jekyl-Mr Hyde Friend. This is the friend who flips on a dime. You'll be out having a good time when suddely - 'What? There are pickles on my burger? I didn't order pickles!!!!" (plate gets thrown)

Being friends with this person causes many facepalms. You are constantly wondering when the next blow-up is going to occur. And when it does, you wish you were anywhere than with this friend.

8. The Taker Friend

This friend is a drain because everything you do will have to be centered around them. It won't matter the situation, it'll be all about them. This friend uses the word 'I' constantly and has to have the last word in every conversation.

'Oh, you're Grandma died. I'm hungry, let's eat."

9. The Can't-Keep-a-Secret Friend

This friend is tough to have because they will be the death of so many other friendships and relationships. Things you share in confidence turns into gossip points for them. In the end, you'll end up strictly talking about the weather with them or sports because you can't trust them with any information more valuable than the day's temperature or the Yankees starting Designated Hitter.

10. The Judgmental Friend

Instead of joining you in having the time of your lives, they are always asking why you would want to do that. Or worse, telling you how you could get arrested or hurt doing so. Talk about a buzzkill.

These types of friends just watch life go by afraid to try new things. After a few times judging you, that'll be more than enough to crush the friendship.

11. The Can't-Handle-Their-Liquor Friend

You better have the time of your life early at whatever party or bar you go to because the later part of the evening will be spent holding someone's hair or carrying them out to the car.

This friend is a power drinker. They drink to get drunk and think they have an iron liver. You wonder if their liver works at all because they are always smashed. You start to wonder if you've already had kids because you spend so much time looking after your friend.

Can't-Handle-Your Liquor Friends are like lies. Get overly drunk once, shame on me, Get too drunk and make me take care of you twice and it's over.

12. The Conversation-Domination Friend

You like talking to this friend one-on-one. But you get into a group and you might as well not even be there because they dominate the conversation so badly. Were you getting hit on? Hard to tell because your buddy jumped in too soon to really be able to tell. This type of friend cock-blocks you with their mouth.

You almost cannot go out with them anymore because they so dramatically drown you out so badly. They closely resemble Taker Friends, but without all the I's and Me's.

13. The I-Am-Their-Only-Friend Friend

This is a tough one because you and them click so well together. The problem is that they hate the entire rest of the planet. Like everyone. Even kittens.

Anytime you get around anything else with a pulse, things turn toxic. These friends bring stressful situations wherever they go and you get dragged down with them.

Socially, the only thing you can do is to go camping with these types of friends. But that gets old pretty quickly.

14. The Passive Friend

This is the friend who continuously finds ways to avoid meeting up or looks at everything negatively. This friend takes a ton of energy to be friends with. You almost need to sneak attack plan them and not let them know what's going on, so you feel dirty and guilty for not being honest with them about getting them to have the time of their lives.

Eventually, you will get tired of doing all the planning. Much like the Guilt-Trip Friend, it's too one-sided to stay tight with them for long.

What's the hardest type of friend to have?

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    • Stacie L profile image

      Stacie L 

      5 years ago

      Well, I didn't know there were so many types of friends in the world.

      Thankfully I only have to deal with about 5 types you discussed.

      Good read. ;-)

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      5 years ago from Chicago

      Each of us (chooses) our own friends, lovers, and spouse.

      There is no getting around that one. We get to decide who we will spend our time with. If you go to the grocery store to purchase an apple but you buy an onion instead whose fault is that?

      Do you curse the onion for not being an apple? No!

      You learn to become a better shopper! :-)


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