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15 Advantages of Love at Work & 19 Traits to Look For in a Potential Husband

Updated on July 6, 2014
Your Workplace Can Be A Place To Find Love
Your Workplace Can Be A Place To Find Love | Source
15 Advantages Of Finding Love At Work
15 Advantages Of Finding Love At Work | Source

Did you know that many executive and professional women either marry colleagues or remain single? You too can find love at work and have your career and your husband too. This is not just about colleagues. Look beyond to your clients, even your suppliers says Margaret Kent and Robert Feinschreiher, authors of ‘Love at Work’. The divorce rate they say is likely to decline as more marriages happen at work because there is a close bond between people who work together. That’s because you can understand the pressures your mate goes through, you can solve work-related problems together. You can help each other in ways not possible in a conventional relationship.

Finding A Husband At Work
Finding A Husband At Work | Source

15 Advantages of Finding Love at Work

  1. *Your colleagues get to see the best side of you at work.
  2. *Your qualifications will make you look good in a social context.
  3. *Because you use your talent and energy and your concentration on the job you’re at your mental best and that looks good.
  4. *You get the chance to show that you’re articulate and intelligent, something you can hardly do at a noisy pub.
  5. *You don’t go to work dressed to kill or with gobs of make –up. You’re well-groomed and the less you look like a man-hunter, the less threatening you appear.
  6. *You have the business excuse to begin a conversation with any man you like.
  7. *Men can approach you easily with the same excuse.
  8. *Social activities related to work allow you to meet people you don’t meet everyday.
  9. *You can use business and professional organizations to meet others in your field.
  10. *You can interact with men in an atmosphere free from sexual pressure.
  11. *Even if you don’t make a good first impression, there’s time enough to ‘grow’ on a man.
  12. *You’re not likely to kiss frogs since only the able are hired.
  13. *You’ll discover a lot about a man including his priorities by the decisions he makes.
  14. *Your colleagues could tell you more about him.
  15. *Since he’s not on a date with you, you’ll see the real him. You’ll see him every day (well, almost) and so you’ll know him pretty well, in fact.

You Don’t Have the Time to Look for Love

People often say that they don’t have the time to go out and mingle with the opposite sex because work pressure is too tight. Or by the time they reach the long-awaited weekend, they’re too pooped to socialize. Well, in this case you don’t have to worry about that since love could be right under your nose.

What to Look for in a Potential Husband at Work

  1. *Assertiveness
  2. *Capacity for stress, criticism, boredom
  3. *Compassion
  4. *Generosity with money or time
  5. *Honesty
  6. *Patience
  7. *Self-esteem
  8. *Sense of humour
  9. *Stability (dedication to a project or idea)
  10. *Temper
  11. *Energy
  12. *Habits
  13. *Intelligence
  14. *Lifestyle preferences
  15. *Manners
  16. *Sociability
  17. *Sophistication
  18. *Spending patterns
  19. *Competence

A final word of advice here: Just don’t make a public show of love at work. Don’t fall all over each other. You can do that only when no one is looking.


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