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15 Romantic Things to Do with your Partner

Updated on September 9, 2013

Trying to find romantic things to do with your partner? Here are the top romantic activities for couples across the Globe. Perhaps your spouse or partner complains they aren't getting enough attention. Or maybe you want to surprise your girlfriend or boyfriend for Valentines. There is certainly plenty to do rather than planning a romantic dinner as usual. Doing something different will add to the long list of memories you both share together and could give the relationship a deeper history. Valentines Day is the perfect day to contribute to your lover.

Plan a beach trip together. Make sure the weather is well for this romantic activity. You'll want to bring towels, some sandwiches, and maybe even fishing poles. Don't forget to bring your favorite flip flops so you can walk in the sand with your man. The best part about this is that you both will be able to watch the breath taking sunset together while holding hands.

If you want to be very romantic with your girlfriend, try this. Buy her 11 roses and the last one, an artificial one. Leave her a sweet note that says "I'll love you until the last rose dies." This is sure to put a smile on her face.

For those of you who like to live on the wild side, why not visit the forest with well - no clothes. Skinny dipping in the waters is sensual while having freedom in the waters with your sweetie. You might also raise his brows without having to sleep together. The place you go to shouldn't have many people hiking by. Pick a spot that is well secluded with not any other swimmers. Your backyard pool is idea for this just be aware of any close neighbors.

Many romantic things to do don't have to include physical contact. Go to the mall together and shop. Try on some sexy clothes for her. Perhaps she may suggest that you wear only the red tie you chose along with those tempting heart boxers. The dressing room is a great place to spend together but be positive it isn't shared by only women or you might have some concerned females yelling. Private shops are ideal for shopping.

Here's an original one, with a twist. Romantic activities for couples are often skipped for married couples. Why? Because of well, work, children and household activities. Even though your day may be occupied you can surprise her. When everyone is asleep, make a trial of rose petals leading to the bed. Add a small bowel of chocolate covered strawberries on the bed, while sitting next to them in your boxers. For some women, this is an absolute aphrodisiac - especially with a hot stud next to their favorite dessert!

10 other Romantic Things to Do with your Lover

1. Take a long bubble bath or Hot tub dip together
2. Wear the favorite perfume that drives him wild
3. Go for long walks in the park, under the moon
4. Send her an e-mail from the other room, saying "I love you"
5. Feed your husband peaches and whip cream
6. Dance slowly together with your "Official Couple Song"
7. Leave cute stuffed Teddy Bears in his car, with a note.
8. Buy her a special ring, even if you are already married with her
9. Sit in his football chair when he comes from work, dressed in lingerie
10. When you come back from work, leave him a special gift at the door

More Romantic Activities For Couples

  • Love Board games
  • Reading short poems together
  • Watching a scary movie and cuddling
  • Set a day for a picnic in the sun
  • Eat spaghetti at a Restaurant (Like Lady + The Tramp style)
  • Go roller skating, holding hands


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