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Have You Found Your Soulmate? 15 Signs He's the Perfect Man for You

Updated on May 22, 2016

Sure, your boyfriend is sweet, fascinating and drop dead gorgeous. You think you're with the right one? Real husband material? Soulmate? Could be. I certainly wish you to be in a perfect match. Eh? What's that? You're not sure? Maybe the time has come for a reality check? Take a look a the following criteria, behaviors, feelings, ideas and whatnot. If you have indeed found the love of your life, you'll recognize your couple pretty quickly in at least a few of those...

You feel loved

He tells you he loves you. More importantly, he shows you. And you feel it.

He's interested in you

He finds time for you, and keeps wanting to know you better. He wants to meet your friends, your family, and then he cares about what happens to them. (That doesn't mean he'll get along with everybody, though!) And he wants you too to know him, to be part of his life.

You feel listened to, understood and supported

Communication flows naturally between the two of you. He listens to you, sure, but also, he actually hears you. Sometimes, you don't even have to say a word for him to understand. A single glance is often enough for you to understand each other. No topic is off limits for the two of you. Of course, he can't always stop everything and come running whenever you call, but you see that he wants to be there for you. You know that you can count on him and that he will always be there for you no matter what. He's your rock, chivalrous and reliable, and makes you feel protected. And he lets you vent when you need to! He's your go-to person when you have a problem or when you need to talk. Before your mother or your girlfriends (well, most of the time!)

You get to be yourself

You feel good about yourself when he's around. He's already seen you in moments of weakness and in all kinds of conditions and you know he won't judge you. He loves you for who you are, and he doesn't try to change you. He thinks you're beautiful and desirable the way you are. There's no pretending.

He's your number one fan

He is visibly proud of your achievements and constantly speaks well of you. You're even a reason for him to brag! In his eyes, you're simply the best. Yet, because he's a teammate and a coach rolled into one, he challenges you and encourages you to challenge yourself, because he believes in you.

He makes you want to be a better person

You want him to be proud of you. You also want his most admirable traits to rub off on you. With him, you feel closer to becoming the woman you want to be.

He wants you to be happy

You're not the only one making efforts. He's not submissive and he knows how to say no, but he wants to please you – you can see it in even his smallest gestures – sometimes at the price of his own contentment. Since he entered your life, your existence has taken on a new meaning and you're more serene. With him, you feel closer to fulfilling your dreams.

You really like him

You're not with him just because you don't want to be alone. You like him a lot. You find him attractive. He's your best friend, on whom you can rely.

You want to be with him

This one is really important. Sometimes, even with the greatest, nicest guy, you could just not feel it all that much. You could be apart for days and not really mind. But you have to prefer to be in his presence than being alone. You have to miss him when he's not there. None of you should be needy, but if the simple idea of spending time with him puts a smile on your face, you're on the right track. Although, he understands if you sometimes need to be on your own. And he can do the same. If you think about marrying, you think first and foremost about the perspective of spending your life with him, not necessarily about the wedding...

You have fun together

You have a good time together. You laugh more than with other people, experience things better, are more hungry for life. You want to share anything that's meaningful. You want to tell him things you don't tell anyone else. Sometimes, nobody says anything, but it's okay since silences are not awkward for you guys.

You are sexually compatible

There is chemistry and electricity between the two of you. You do not have to beg him to satisfy your sexual needs. He knows what to do to please you, and he enjoys doing it. And you do want to return the favor. You guys just can't seem to keep your hands off each other!

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You don't want to want to be with another man

It's okay to fantasize. But if you keep feeling the urge to check if another guy's bed is more comfortable than his, Houston, we have a problem! Just being with him should be enough, even if you're having troubles – which can and will happen – and your love for him should be stronger than your cravings for new adventures.

Fights are not a problem

You might fight from time to time, but even in the worst case scenarios, neither of you wants to put down the other. He respects you. He's fair, knows how to weather a storm and thinks about the solution, not focusing solely on the problem, his point or the fight itself. It's not about winning. And you can't never stay mad at each other for very long anyway...

You agree on important things

You both have to be able to compromise a little, accommodations are inevitable in a relationship. But too much of it can be quite a bad sign. Don't lose yourself. You have to want pretty much the same things. You need joint projects. You need to share similar values. Yet, you must not be afraid to occasionally disagree with him.

You've overcome the insurmountable

Despite obstacles, you're still together, stronger than ever, while other couples have decided to call it quits. When you think about your future, he's in it. Front and center.

© 2016 Max Stinson


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