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16 Signs That Shows He is Mr Right

Updated on July 1, 2018

Signs Your Man is a Marriage Material

A happy marriage is no accident. As with every other area of life, success in marriage does not happen automatically, it takes commitment. Marriage is the most intimate of all human relationships. Sometimes women get into relations with men who don’t really give a damn about them. This is the reason for writing this hub. However, some relationships are so beautifully perfect that they survive the test of time, and even enter into the auspicious bond of marriage. The marriage relationship is so much a part of life that success in life often depends upon success in marriage. But the decision of whether or not the partner is worth stepping into marriage with, can, in some cases, be a tough one because marriage is meant to last forever, and it requires a huge commitment between two people to make it work. When you get married, you need to work as a team on things such as finance, budgeting, household chores, family, careers and so on.

The secret to success in any endeavor is planning, and successful planning depends on knowledge. It is only when we have accurate and adequate information that we can plan for success, hence I have given the following signs of love and care, that will help you choose a man worth marrying.

1. Does he remember the little things about you?

The man has to remember those little details of your taste and pay attention to what you like, and what you don’t. If he remembers the little things, such as the date of your anniversary and your birthday, he’s likely the one for you. Not many men remember these dates, but when they do it feels amazing. The man that is worth marrying will know what food you are allergic to, what color you really love, which books you love and what really makes you smile.

2. Does he love you?

Does he adore you? It is perfectly feasible for a couple poor in this world’s goods to enjoy a richness of experience which far exceeds anything that money can buy, if there is love. Love is the most important element and the foundation of the relationship you have with your life mate. He adores the way you do every single thing, the way you manage all issues, then you’re made for him and he’s made for you.

3. Is he transparent with you?

Many marriages are reasonably successful and bring considerable happiness if the man is honest. Does he realize the importance of being transparent with you? He is honest and tells you everything. Truthfulness between husband and wife is an indispensable part of a successfulness marriage. Does he admit to where he’s been when you ask him? If you answered yes to all of these, your man is definitely worth marrying.

4. He helps with domestic chores

There are few things more stressful in a marriage than you having to do all the domestic chores. Each evening, when you both return home from work, your husband expects you to head straight into the kitchen and cook dinner, while he reads newspaper. He’s been working all day and so have you. In a marriage, it’s only fair that your husband offers to help do some domestic chores, too if you have no house help.

5. Can he be humorous?

Is he one of those guys who can do anything just to make you laugh? A man with a sense of humor is interesting to be with. However, he shouldn’t treat disrespectfully as a laughing matter. But if he makes you laugh like hell then he loves to make you laugh no matter what because the last thing you want from marriage is years of misery, grumping and seriousness. But if your boyfriend isn’t humorous and sullen, this is what you’re probably going to get. Indeed, one of the key personality traits you ideally want from your husband is a man who can lift your spirits when you’re feeling blue, tickling your emotions and getting you to laugh out loud is an amazing man.

6. Does he respect your individuality?

He should not force his opinions on you because you have a mind of your own. Any healthy relationship, marriage included, must be built on mutual respect. He should love you just the way you are if he respects your individuality and shouldn’t try to enforce his choices on you. To respect someone means to esteem that person, to consider him or her worthy of high regard. Wives should respect their husbands and husbands should respect their wives.

7. He cuddles you

What any wife want most from her husband after a long, stressful day at work is a good cuddle. You want your husband to wrap his loving arms around you and tell you that he loves you. You want him to bring you close to his chest, to kiss you, and make you feel wanted, warm, and loved. A man that does this is worth marrying.

8. Is he totally willing to make your relationship public?

If he isn’t hesitant to take the relation public, then you can be sure that he’s serious about the relationship. He is not afraid to introduce you to his friends, family members or neighbors. This just means that he does dream of a life in future with you.

9. Does he respect your decisions?

Many men grow up to regard women as little more than sex objects to be possessed and used at will. Never learning any different, they carry this same ignorant viewpoint into marriage. Some couples enter married life with no clue as what marriage is or is not. As a result, they carry unrealistic and unreasonable expectations of themselves, their spouses and their relationship as a whole. A man worth marrying must give you space and respect your decisions. If your man respects you for your decisions and supports you in them, then he is a marriage material.

10. Does he like your friends and family

Marriage is for life, and for this reason it’s absolutely vital that your husband gets along with your friends and family. If your boyfriend isn’t currently liked by those closest to you, it probably isn’t going to get any better. And if he hasn’t even made any kind of attempt to improve relations, he’s not going to make any attempts once you’re married so he might not be a good choice.

11. Does he express his love for you?

When your guy is sensitive and emotional, there should be no reason for you to not take the big step with him. If he is expressive and doesn’t tire out in saying how much he loves you it means he is emotional and understands your emotions too. He is not arrogant or stone hearted, devoid of any emotions, he is your man.

12. Do you have similar future plans?

Yours and your fiancé’s future goals simply have to match because if they don’t, you’re going to struggle to survive the first year, let alone forever. Every marriage involves the joining of two totally different people, but there should be some distinct similarities as well, such as: common interests, common hobbies, or similar political views for example. There are also fundamental questions you must answer. Do you both want children? What kind of financial situation will you be happy with in your home? When do you want to buy your own house? Do you want to spend some time traveling or do you want to settle down as soon as possible?

13. Does he make you feel special?

Does he do everything in his power to make you feel special? He treats you like a princess. No matter where you go, his eyes are always on you. He does small little things to make you feel happy and blessed. Well, that should ease up your decision-making process.

14. Does he make sacrifices for you?

Making sacrifices is not as easy as it sounds, particularly for most men. This is Myles Munroe wrote, “Commitment is the lifeblood of marriage.” A man and a woman approach the marriage altar and exchange their vows but are just going through the motions, giving only lip service to their relationship. Whenever we enter into a relationship with someone, there are always a few things about them and their lifestyle that we’d like to change. Perhaps we want them to cut down on their drinking, their smoking, and so on. If your boyfriend is willing to make sacrifices for you and make alterations to his lifestyle, it means he’s your better half.

15. Does he make efforts for the relationship?

Does he make an effort to share your works and put you at ease? Does he try to revitalize the relationship between the two of you by planning and doing little things every now and then? Does he try to avoid fights? And when you disagree, does he try to wrap up a fight and get past it as early as possible? Put all together, does he value your relationship? If yes, then he’s definitely your man.

16. Does he like to listen more than he likes to talk?

True communication is not easy and happens rarely. Communication is the ability to ensure that people understand not only what you say but what you mean. Is he a self-obsessed guy who prefers to tell you how his day went rather than ask how your day was? Rather, a man who is only too pleased to ask you questions and who takes a great interest in your day is the ideal guy. This is a man who is going to listen to all your problems, and he’ll never get bored or check his watch as he listens to you. If you want someone to wake up and talk to in the middle of the night, he’ll be ready. He will endeavor to keep you happy.


Take note of these signs and you will surely choose a worthy life partner. Best wishes.


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