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16 Things a Women Should Never Do To Get The Attention of a Man

Updated on January 4, 2017

Things You Should Not Do To Get Attention of a Guy

Whether you are a young girl or a woman, there are just things you should never do to impress a guy. You don’t need to use reckless methods to get attention of a guy. Being yourself works better than any trick out there. Human beings love affection and attention from those we like. While it is better to do some things that get us the attention that we need, it is never good to be careless, reckless or immature when it comes to our attention-seeking actions. Especially as a woman, you need to maintain a certain level of maturity. Here are the things that you should never do –both in relationships and in the dating world- in order to get a guy’s attention.

1. Act Dumb

You’re an intelligent woman, so under no circumstances should you act dumb because you think it will make him like you. If he can’t handle your intelligence, then how will he ever support your success? Even if you are on a higher intellectual level than him, be yourself. You have worked hard to become the person that you are, and he should recognize and appreciate that. Never feel like you must play an inferior role to be loved; if he is intimidated by it, then he isn’t worthy of you. If he can’t connect with you on an intellectual level then he isn’t the one for you. This is one of the biggest things you should never do to impress a guy.

2. Shave

You shouldn’t have every inch of your body. It’s your body and as long as you’re clean and hygienic you shouldn’t feel obligated to shave your legs, armpits, or anything else. You want to grow it out or wax it all off? You have the final say. Not him. You don’t have to shave everything off, unless you want to.

3. Have sex with him before you’re ready

It is never a good idea to get physically intimate with a guy before you are ready. Don’t feel pressured to do anything you’re uncomfortable with to make him like you more. Using it in that way is disrespectful to you. Chances are, it might even work against you. A lot of women make this mistake in order to get a guy’s attention. Physical intimacy inhibits the emotional intimacy in case of men. Remember that your body is not a bargaining tool; so, make sure you are ready before engaging in sexual activities. Have sex if it’s truly what you want to do, not if it’s just what he wants it and you’re simply trying to please him.

4. Be quiet when he says or does something that offends you

If he makes a comment you don’t like, tell him. Communication is important and you should let your partner know when you’re upset with something he’s done. Don’t hold back because you think if you let him know how you feel he’ll think you’re too sensitive or angry; your emotions should be important to him, and if they’re not, then he’s not the one for you.

5. Pretend to be interested with he likes

You should never pretend to share an interest with a guy. Just because a guy likes something does not mean that he wants you to like that thing too. For example you don’t have to know all the players on his favorite football team or listen to the same music. Falsifying your interest will never pay off so maintain your sense of self and do not pretend to be into the same things as he is. Eventually guys will ask more in depth questions about the hobby that you won’t be able to answer. You’re allowed to be different and have your own interests and you’re allowed to like different things. . Don’t turn into someone you’d normally have a problem with because you want to impress him.

6. Pretend to be someone you’re not

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not because you want to fit into the stereotypically girl he admires because you don’t need to have everything in common in order to have a good relationship. You don’t have to change who you are to make a man like you because pretending to be someone that you are not, will not get you far before the guy realizes that you are a fake. Be your own person, it might be exactly what he’s looking for and if it’s not then it is good riddance. Don’t be anyone other than yourself.

7. Career

You don’t have to choose between your career and your love life, career should be one of your top priorities. Of course, you need someone to hold our hand and stand by us in times of difficulty but that does not mean you should compromise on your career goals in order to get a guy’s attention. Instead, once you have achieved success in your career, you will see how easy it gets to gain a man’s attention.

8. Forget your manners

The more you hurry and the more stress you are under, the more manners are likely to slip. However rushed and fraught you are, do not forget your pleases or your thank you(s). Keep your promises, apologize when you are wrong and no matter who you are around, you should always treat others with respect and appreciation. Now you don’t have to go overboard with your politeness, just do not be rude to others.

9. Give him all the money you earn

It is not advisable to give all the money you earn to your man. If he decides to leave you, you will be stranded. He could even squander all of your money on other women or booze. However, you should contribute your quota to the upkeep of your family or if not yet married to the survival of your relationship.

10. Don’t make life altering decisions for him

Don’t give up your dreams like quit your job to move for him. You really don’t. You do not need to plan your life around his needs and preferences. If he pushes you to stop pursuing your goals, leave him behind and find someone that actually encourages you to go after what you want. Consider that guy in your life, but do not make life-changing decisions for him. Instead, be your own woman and plan your life according to the needs that you have because there is a difference between consideration and altering your life plans.

11. Change your appearance

Your own personal style is an indicator of who you are, and there’s no need to change that for a man. Don’t dye your hair blonde just because he says he likes blondes. If he has a thing for blondes, but you’re a brunette and like it that way. Don’t grow out your hair for him if you like it short, either. It’s your body. You’re in charge of it. Don’t start adjusting what you look like or dress differently because you think he wants a different type of girl. Every person has a distinct fashion style. You too, have your own sense of style that you have been following since forever.

12. Starve yourself

If you’re determined to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more but don’t start starving yourself and going to unhealthy measures because you want to be thinner for him or look better. Don’t start making yourself sick to make a man find you more attractive. Do it for yourself.

13. Negotiate your morals

Do not, under any circumstances, compromise on your principles and morals. . You might be able to put up with the charade for a while, but abandoning your morals for another human being will eat your soul slowly from the inside out. If you promised yourself you’d never date a drug addict, you probably shouldn’t date a drug addict. Stand up for what you believe in, even if it’s not what he believes in. So, stay true to yourself and do not compromise on the beliefs that you hold dear. Don’t change your principles and morals.

14. Drop your friends

Do not abandon your friends because you want to spend time with your new guy. Hanging out with him is important, but hanging out with your friends is equally important because if he leaves or things don’t work out they’re still going to be there when he isn’t. You need to have a life of your own without being around him 24/7.

15. Dress in skimpy clothes

There is nothing wrong with showing a little leg here or really toned arms there, but don’t start wearing less clothing to try to get more attention from him. Skimpy attire will make you look easily accessible and no man really wants a woman who is easily accessible. Everyone wants to feel sexy, but don’t push yourself to a point you feel uncomfortable just to make him attracted.

16. Lose yourself in him.

Don’t throw away all the strength you’ve gained because any guy that loves you is going to love you for the person that you are. It is not right to change who you are completely to match his vision of an ideal girlfriend. Don’t change who you are as a person and don’t become someone you’re not proud of in order to make him like you. If he is going to like you, it has to be for the right reasons.


The bottom line is being yourself with your own life choices. Men can either deal with that or keep it moving, because you are not on this earth for the sole purpose of pleasing men.

Can you abandon your career to get the attention of your guy?

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    • AF Mind profile image

      AF Mind 

      18 months ago

      You're quite welcome.

    • Chuksm profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Modungwo 

      18 months ago from Benin

      JeniferRW & AF Mind, thanks for your encouragement. I am happy that you found the hub useful.

    • AF Mind profile image

      AF Mind 

      18 months ago

      I think this was a very well rounded article. Good job.

    • JeniferRW profile image


      18 months ago from Couch

      Very good points made! Thanks for sharing this. A lot of things for all women to consider in a relationship, especially a younger audience of females. So many women will try to bend and twist their bodies and their actions to try and suit what they think someone wants, when in the end the person he originally fell in love with somehow gets completely lost. Once you learn to be OK with you and learn to love yourself, the right someone will love you too. (Cheesy I know, but I believe it to be true.)

      Great article


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