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My Mantra for 2013

Updated on December 25, 2012

With the onset of a new year, we all make resolutions. But, "experts" say that resolutions are made to be broken.

So, I thought of an alternate plan, which is divided month by month and am hoping to achieve Nirvana by December. I guess Santa will be happy to deliver that in person to me! Below is my description for each month....

January--Month of Reflection

I plan on reflecting on my deeds of the past year. As man has a habit of remembering those things, which has caused them pain and trying to reflect on good deeds performed by them. It will be a no-brainer for me, and I will be done with my list by mid of this month.

February--Month of Balance

I plan on creating a balance between my health and my goals. Health is Wealth and with so many goals to achieve and boundaries to touch; I tend to put my health at the back seat and just pop in pills when health is down. I am determined to devote that month towards my health, which will help me achieve a sense of balance towards many things since exercise tends to increase the oxygen level and will help the circulation of blood in my mind and body.

March—Month of vitality

Vitality can only be found if there is balance in one’s life. The motivation to drive can only come if things are in order and if health is good. My wheels of life can drive if my above goal is achieved since; a good health can bring liveliness and sparkle for any situation.

April—Month of Clarity

Clarity is directly proportionate to the balance in our lives. If we have been able to get a balance on our priorities then, there will be so much clarity in our work, and it will be prominent around us. This will be delivered automatically IF I am able to achieve my February goal.

May—Month of Tranquility

Peace usually follows when a person is content and translucent. I believe, it is not an easy process, but I got to achieve my monthly goals carefully in ALL aspects of my life. Tranquility can be obtained, there after.

June—Month of Zen

Zen means peace and I am hoping to continue with this virtue, which will help me get into prolong minutes of meditation and intuitions towards what life has to offer. This is a difficult path that I am planning to venture upon but, to take up a challenge is always uplifting to one’s spirit and helps us keep going.

July—Month of Gratitude

Gratitude comes when we are able to come to terms within our self. That’s the time when we appreciate the beauty around us and tend to bow our head in respect. Inner peace can only come via meditation, and IF I am able to achieve my June goal; bowing down and appreciating people and their tasks around me should not be a problem.

August—Month of Light

If the mind is dusty, all things seem unclear and foggy, and negativity prevails. But, if the mind is clear and at peace then there is radiance everywhere, and we can illuminate any room we enter by our positivity. Such is the impact of light. To be able to get a grip on my previous monthly goals will help me trod on this translucent path.

September—Month of Serenity

Serenity is a synonym of peace and I would like to visit this noun once again since; this is the main element of MY composure in ALL situations of life. It works in all aspects and IF attained will lead to stillness of my mind. Mind is a real naughty reflex organ and to attain lull over it, is priceless.

October—Month of Low-Key

Some time, doing nothing is mesmerizing. It helps an individual to catch up with their inner self. It helps a person to see one’s potential. This is the month, I want to keep a low key about myself and discover my harmonious self. Keeping my fingers crossed!

November—Month of Breathe

Ever wonder how many times a day do we “actually” breathe? That is also one aspect for tight muscles and stress accumulation. IF we would use our lungs to the full capacity, we would be so much better emotionally and physically. Breathing helps us in many ways, and this is the month of helping me create awareness about it.

December—Month of Harmony

This is a month of celebration and amity. With the above accomplishments, I am hoping that I will be in a state of bliss. There will be compatibility with all my friends and family that I meet.

I am hoping to end my 2013-year with lots of positivity, radiance, accomplishments and empathy for others.

I am Aware..

I am aware that I have used such magnificent nouns and verbs with powerful meaning for each month. I am aware that these goals are tough to meet but, challenges always makes MAN go one step ahead in life.

2013 is going to be an exciting year IF all the above majestic nouns/verbs are used to dress me up. I got to indulge responsibly.


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