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23 Ways to Know if He will be Faithful

Updated on December 19, 2016

Ways to Know if Your Partner will be Faithful

Relationships and dating trends seem to be ever changing, but there are certain key things that always remain constant; the need of a partner who is faithful, loyal, and trustworthy. Everyone wants a faithful partner because no one wants to go through the pain of being cheated on but it can be pretty difficult to determine whether or not that is the kind of partner you have. It is not uncommon in an otherwise successful marriage for one partner to become suspicious of the other at times, especially when the relationship seems to be struggling or when stress or financial worries begin to wear you both down. A lack of energy or sexual interest does not mean that your husband is cheating or that you should immediately withdraw your trust in him. It does not mean that he doesn’t love you either. If you want to know for sure whether your man is true, use some specific personal qualities that offer a strong predisposition for faithfulness instead of unfaithfulness:

He is faithful in the past

If he has been faithful in the past relationships then chances are he will be faithful in this one. Reliability and trustworthiness across many aspects of life is a good indicator of faithfulness in your relationship. If he doesn’t have any cheating history, then probably it’s not in his nature to cheat you. A serial cheater will most likely remain this way. Even if he hasn’t always been faithful, it doesn’t mean he won’t be now. But it is something you should know about and keep in mind with all of the other factors to consider.

He avoids getting involved with your friends

He likes your friends but keeps a respectful distance. Researchers found that nearly 50% men and more than 25% of women are attracted to friends of their partners and are tempted to act on it.

He feels secure

Being a secure person means he believes in himself, with or without a partner. It means he does not completely depend on the opposite sex to determine who he is. This kind of man is confident, and he knows who he is. To him, a relationship is not just something to boost his ego, or make him feel pretty and wanted. He goes into a relationship because he wants to join forces and build a life with someone. This kind of man has no time for insincerity and games and usually make really good partner.

He has no secrets

An unfaithful partner is usually a secretive one. When your man is comfortable being with you and shares everything to you, then you can relax and be confident that he will not try to cheat on you. He will be happy to answer any question that you have, which will set your mind at ease. Small secrets can blossom into big ones down the line. There should be no secrecy in your marriage with the exception of maybe a surprise for each other here and there. If your man is being secretive about something and you don’t receive a surprise in the near future, this should throw a red flag.

He has never disappeared without explanation

Men who are unfaithful have large gaps in their time when you don’t know where they are and they can’t explain. If your man always inform you about his activities and who he’s going to be with then that’s a sign that he is loyal to you. If he doesn’t act like he has something to hide, he probably doesn’t. It’s not so much that you need to know his every movement, but that he shouldn’t keep it a secret from you where he’s been. Don’t be suspicious if there is no need to be.

He is aware of the danger zones

He is aware of danger zones and avoids them. For instance, business trips are particularly troublesome: 36 percent of men and 13 percent of women said they gave in to temptation on a business trip. Going out on dates with co-workers could be tempting.

He doesn’t have a roving eye

If his eyes are not constantly roving, when you are out with him and he seems to only have eyes for you, then you can be confident that he’s not on the lookout for alternatives. You can’t expect a man never to look at a drop-dead-gorgeous girl in a low cut top, but that’s very different from eyeing every girl that walks by. A man who will be unfaithful will generally have a roving eye. He doesn’t look for other priorities anymore as you serve as his topmost priority. Enjoy him and appreciate that he only sees you. Your lover doesn’t flirt with anyone but you. Flirting or checking out other people is disrespectful to you, and disrespect is a step toward unfaithfulness.

Your partner has extinguished old flames

Is your partner’s ex always in the picture and always finding ways to get back into your relationship? Many people look back on past relationships with fond memories, and some even maintain friendships with past loves. No ex will have the right or opportunity to worm their way into a relationship without permission. But wise individuals guard against too much interaction with an ex. So, if you are with a partner who either keeps talking about his ex, or getting messages from them, then it is likely because your partner may be unfaithful. It is a sign that he is not ready to be fully committed to you. If your partner shows commitment in your relationship, that’s a solid sign that he will not cheat on you.

He’s your best friend

Your love is invested in maintaining a friendship, as well as a romance, with you. Many individuals who get involved in affairs have been unable to deepen their love relationship beyond the early phase of infatuation and adrenaline rushes.

He’s happy with you

A man who is content and happy in his relationship is unlikely to cheat as he is confident that he is getting all he wants where he is. If your man is comfortable in his own home and you obviously enjoy being together, then he’s not going to want to lose that. Relationships are like anything else, once you feel fulfilled and happy in a particular position, it is unlikely that you will want to risk your happiness and neither will you feel the need to be curious about what else is out there.

He accepts you as you are

If he is showing that he accepts you for who you are and he is happy with you, then there is a big possibility that he will not look for other girls anymore. If a man shows contentment in all the things you are giving and showing him, then he will not probably cheat on you.

You are working towards common goals

It’s good if your guy has independence, but it’s also important that you are working towards common goals. If you made plans together and strive to have the same goals, then chances are he will be more focused on achieving that goal with you and for you which will make your relationship with your man even stronger.

He maintains proper boundaries with coworkers

Researchers have found that that about 60 percent of affairs start at work.

You have a gut feeling about him

Trust your heart and your instincts because it’s amazing how people can look back on a relationship and realize, after the event, that all the bad signs were there, but they chose to ignore them. While our intuition isn’t always correct, most of the time it is. Your true intuition is a feeling you have, regardless of other factors. Sometimes people tend to push thoughts that their partners might be cheating to the back of their minds, because it’s a difficult thing to deal with. However, it is also important to note that you carefully separate your unrealistic suspicions from your true intuition.

He feels appreciated

Man will not do any form of cheating practices when he is always respected, loved and appreciated by his partner.

He knows the importance of a satisfying sex life

After all, 52 percent of people with unsatisfying sex lives said they would be tempted to cheat, while only 17 percent who were sexually satisfied said they would be tempted.

He doesn’t susceptible to flattery

He should not have an excessive need to be admired and liked. A need to have one’s ego boosted leads to inappropriate relationships from someone eager to flatter.

Not greedy

Some people are naturally greedy in character. No matter what they have they are still obsessed with getting what others have. They are hardly ever content as they always believe there is always room to get something more or something better. People with this character trait will not make faithful partners. No matter how great their partners are, they will always be seeking for something better elsewhere.

He’s completely open about finances

Since money disputes are the number one cause of divorce, it is important that your partner is open with finances. Some men deceive their partners with hidden debt, secret credit cards, and undisclosed shopping sprees.

He emphasis “we,” not “I”

Faithful partner recognize the value of preserving the relationship’s love and intimacy—and will take measures to protect the special bond you share.

His parents are faithful

Are his parents still together? Well, whatever kind of relationship that his parents have, it will always have an impact on him.

He hangs out with the good guys

You can tell a lot about a guy from the company that he keeps because the crowd he hangs out with always has an influence on him, whether it is a good crowd or a bad crowd. A good crowd of friends will encourage him to choose a good path and follow good morals. So, if your partner is surrounded by friends who are not faithful in their respective relationships, then it is very likely that he/she will not be faithful too.

He keeps his word

A big sign a person will faithful is if he is very good at keeping his word. A man who keeps promises and pulls through whenever he says he would is usually an honorable person and honorable people are very unlikely to be unfaithful.


These are just some of the signs that your man is faithful to you. When these signs are observed in your partner, then you are assured that he is truly faithful to you.


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    • Chuksm profile imageAUTHOR

      Anthony Modungwo 

      2 years ago from Benin

      dashingscorpio you are right. I agree with you but it will be much better if things are different.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      2 years ago

      Sadly to say we live our lives in "snapshots".

      Very few people on their wedding day imagine themselves or their spouse cheating. One of the most famous cliché lines used by cheaters:

      "We never meant for this to happen."

      In other words they want to believe none of it was "planned". One thing just led to another. These are the same people deemphasize choice as being a part of who we end up with. They prefer to believe:

      "The heart wants what it wants." or "You can't help who you love."

      With that philosophy it's easy for one to offer the following explanation:

      "I met {the right woman} at {the wrong time}."

      Sometimes people cheat because their mate/spouse changed/stopped making them (feel special). When we change our circumstances change.

      There's really no way of knowing what your mate will do years from now.


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