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25 Awesome Ways to say I Love You

Updated on September 23, 2019
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Hi, I am Sharon a dating and relationship blogger. I believe relationships should be full of fun and fulfillment. Follow me!

Having a partner in a relationship is only the beginning of the journey. Being in a relationship is a journey, and keeping the relationship healthy and happy is a commitment. The three-letter word 'I Love You' is a magical term that cannot be replaced by anything. However, it does not hurt to go out of your way to tell the love of your life; I love you without saying I love you.

We have compiled a list of ways for you to tell your love how much you care. Feel free to choose any that goes with your personality, your significant other taste, and your intent of sending the message. The list combines three most fundamental ways of expressing your love, that is; speaking, writings, and physical gestures.


  1. 1. Love Letters

You can never go wrong with the oldest form and most romantic way to say I love you to your partner. This involves physically writing a love letter with your hand and tying it with a ribbon then gifting them. It may include giving them personally, or hiding it in a place they will find, like in the fridge, pantry, or their closet.

  1. 2. Mugs

Writing love intended words on a mug have become a modern-day way of expressing love. What better way than to start a day with a mug that says positive vibes and love from your significant other. You can choose to buy them a favorite cup and print your love message to them most shortly and sweetly.

  1. 3. Bracelets

Bracelets are cute when worn around every day. What makes them even more special is a love message from your partner that accompanies it. It is like saying I’m with you everywhere. Therefore, go on and get your partner a cute love bracelet.

  1. 4. Love Frame

You can opt to make your significant other a love frame. To make it even more personalized, you can write the words on the frame, or create a D.I.Y frame and write words on it and present it to your love.

  1. 5. Love Cake

What better way to get into someone heart than through their stomach. You can make or buy your loved one a personalized love cake written 'I Love You.' They will love you for making it fun

  1. 6. Personalized Wine with Custom Label

Your partner will appreciate it if they find out you went out of your way to find them their favorite wine and custom label it. It will show how committed you


  1. 7. Love Bottle Message

Bottles can be used to pass a love message creatively. Write a thoughtful note for your partner, find a love message bottle, and put it in. And present it to them unexpectedly.

  1. 8. Make them a Playlist

If you have been around your partner for some time, you know their taste in music. You can go on and make them a playlist of their favorite songs together with some of yours.

  1. 9. Chalkboard Love Writings

Make a chalkboard or buy one and always write something in it to appreciate your love. It could be daily 'Reasons Why I Love You' or weekly to appreciate your love.

10. Love Deck Cards

The 52 love deck cards can be used as a reminder to remind you of how far you’ve come with your significant other. You can make them personally and let each card represent a reason why you will always love your partner.

Speech or Text

We love being told by word of mouth how much we are loved and needed. The internet and the phone make it even more accessible when we are not neat each other face to face. The following are some of the words you can tell your significant other or you can text them how much you love them.

11. You're perfect to me the way you are; I can never change any aspect of you

12. Nothing in this world makes me happy than the thought that you’re my girl.

13. Whenever you feel like doubting me, look at your fingers and the spaces between them. Let them remind you I fit perfectly in them.

14. Since you came in my life you made me better; I feel inspired and different with you.

15. Life has never been perfect, but with you, everything is better.

16. Do not ever foolishly think I forget about you; I am always thinking about you.

17. I never knew how much the world could be bright until I saw you smile.

18. I am always falling in love with you every single day.

19. I have more than a million reasons always to love you.

Physical Gestures

Some gestured that we do for our loved ones speaks more volume than the three magic words.

20. Make them a Photobook

Selfies taken by our phone with our loved ones are fun. However, making a photo book out of snapshots is thoughtful.

21. Favorite take-out

Surprising your partner by bringing their favorite take- out to shows how much you care for your partner.

  1. 22. Flowers

Nothing more says I love you than red roses and chocolate. Such simple gestures make the heart of your loved ones burst out with more love.

23. Kisses and Cuddles

We can never have enough kisses, cuddles, and hugs. Simple gestures such as kissing your partner and hugging them tightly. Sends a message on how much you love them.

24. Songs

Every human loves music. If you can write your loved one a song and sing to them or do karaoke of your favorite songs, show how much you love.

25. Playing Games

We’re never too old to play games. Playing your favorite game with your partner shows you’re willing to have fun with them because you love them.

There you have the list of telling your loved one how much you care with actions.


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