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25 Amazings Facts About Relationships!

Updated on October 11, 2017

Here are 25 facts that you may not have known about love and relationships!

#1: Did you know that people are more likely to find a date from friends and family than at the bar scene? However the most common place to find a significant other is at your place of work.

#2: Nearly 40% of men do not feel confident meeting a woman for the first time.

#3: Studies have shown that some good places to flirt with people are at coffee shops, colleges, social gatherings/parties, malls/bookstores or supermarkets, workplace and bars. However please be careful at the bar scene and never accept drinks from strangers and never leave your drink unattended.

#4: It takes as little as four minutes to truly know if you are attracted to someone or not. First impressions should not matter but they really do have an influence on people. So be mindful on how you present yourself.

#5: Studies have shown that 92% of single parents would like to date another person who is a single parent. They feel that the other single parent will understand them more than a non single parent.

#6: Did you know that the four most common reasons to mess up a date are... showing up late, talking about yourself to much, talking about the ex to much and over-eagerness. Slow down and just let the date play out. Engage each other equally and leave ex's out of the picture completely, especially on the first day. Show up to dates early or on time.

#7: Signs that your significant other is about to break up with you... they get very distant, they are no longer romantic, a kiss turns into a quick peck, little to no sex, and the last thing is that they may start to cause fights even with the little things.

#8: Over 50% of single people in America have not had a date in over two years. Men are scared to meet women that they have met online because of the fear that they are "fat" and women are scared to meet men because they fear that they are serial killers.

#9: Both men and women try to wait six to eight weeks before making a real true commitment to the relationship.

#10: We all see the ads for online dating sights but did you know that 48% of people who do online dating had their breakups sent via email? Classy right?

#11: If you want someone to notice you and approach you in public you need to appear more open and friendly. Smile more, uncross your arms and make eye contact.

#12: Did you know that men know they are falling in love within the first three dates and a women won't truly know until date fourteen!

#13: With the popularity with online dating one of the biggest turn offs with both sexes is poor spelling and bad punctuation. So make sure to re-read each message and posts before sending them.

#14: Beautiful women tend to get the stares, winks and flirty words but they are less likely to be approached by a man because men feel as though that women is out of their league.

#15: If you do not get a call back right after the date there may be a few reasons as to why that may be. Either they were just not interested into you, they may be busy, they be insecure, they may have had some unexpected news come up, needs time to think or got back with their ex.

#16: Here is a tip for those men... if you see a group of women looking around and heading off to the bathroom alone it means that they are looking for dates or on the "prowl" and if you see women huddled together and giggling it means they are out to have fun together.

#17: Did you know studies have shown that remembering pieces of information about your date and bringing them back into the conversation later is very flattering and shows interest?

#18: Copying someones body movement shows interest in them and also can be flattering, however do NOT overdo it here.

#19: Men are nervous around a loud group of women and are likely not to approach. So if you are looking for a date you might want to break off from a loud group and be more open and friendly.

#20: Dating specialist have said it is wise to wait until the third date to cook for someone at home.

#21: The desperate daters constantly lower their standards, fish for compliments, are way to clingy and need to update their relationship status all the time.

#22: On average it could take up to 12 to 14 dates before the house keys are traded. A certain level of trust needs to be set into place for this one to work.

#23: Did you know that the most common break-up period is around three to five months? It is around this time that the butterflies stop to fly and both parties get a little to comfortable with one another.

#24: There is something called the seven year hump. Some people believe in it and many others don't. What it is is a time where divorce, break ups and such occur more often.

#25: Men fear that a women will come in between him and his friends, wont give him any free time, will turn out to be creepy and clingy, will not respect him and set their standards too high. So show him differently, prove him wrong in that aspect lol!


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      rafeeqq 5 years ago from Mandeville, Jamaica

      Interesting information