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29 Things Mature Women Don't Do in Realtionships

Updated on October 24, 2017

Things Mature Women Don't Do in Relationships

Maturity is an essential trait and it’s seen in every successful relationship, and it’s lacking in most unsuccessful relationships. Every couple has ups and downs that is why keeping a relationship intact is one of the most challenging things in our society. `Because mature women do not walk around flaunting their bodies most people believe that they are uptight and no fun to be in a relationship with but matured women, you’ve experiences in relationship that make them good, supportive, and fun. Mature women make the relationship easier and better for their men; because they understands completely that compromises, obligations and commitments are part of any relationship. Hooking up with a mature woman is almost a guarantee that your life will be experience less problems because she has no time to deal with negativity, childish behavior or questionable situations. Dealing cleverly with their relationships, they know exactly how to treat their partner and also herself for a healthy, fulfilling relationship. Here is a list of 29 things that mature women certainly don’t do in relationships:

1. They don’t sacrifice other relationships

Mature women don’t break their ties with their families, friends and other loved ones. They like to spend some exclusive time with their friends and family and this doesn’t mean that they love their life partners any less. Mature women make sure they have a happy balance between all of their loved ones. They make cordial ties with all the members of their partners’ families; making extra efforts to get to know them better, spend more time with them and this makes their men happy that they are trying to bond with their families. Their interest in your personal life makes you love them even more.

2. They don’t keep grudges

Mature women understand the importance of forgiveness; they understand that forgiveness makes it easy for peace and understanding to reign. Mature women don’t keep scores; they forgive their partners and move on easily, but immature women focus on keeping grudges.

3. They don’t forget to appreciate

After other women have been in a relationship for a while, it can be easy to forget to appreciate little things that their partners do for them but mature women are always appreciative and grateful to their spouse. No matter how independent they are, they never forget to acknowledge and appreciate any little effort from their partners. Mature women realize that sharing their lives with someone is a gift – so they don’t forget to say thank you. They realize the importance of recognition and gratitude in a relationship.

4. They don’t resent other relationships

Mature women know that their partners need other relationships in their lives. As opposed to immature women who try to keep their men to themselves, mature women know that their relationships with their man is unique and can’t be replaced, so they don’t get jealous of other relationships or resent they having them. They try to adapt to your family and friends instead of imposing different conditions in the relationship. They encourage you to get out with your friends, family, and coworkers. Mature women don’t make any such unrealistic demands from their life partners. They won’t ask their man to choose between her and his family because they realize the fact that family and spouse both hold equal importance in the life of a man.

5. They don’t give up financial independence

No matter how well off their partner is, they never completely give up their financial independence because that actually means giving up their independence. Mature women enter a relationship with a financial confidence that lets their life partners know they are choosing to be with them because they likes them, not because they need anyone to take care of them. Mature women don’t have to ask their partner for everything – it makes them feel proud and happy to be able to buy things with their own money because many situations can arise where a woman will need to have her own money.

6. They don’t let their friends ruin their relationship

We all know that friends are important people in our lives, but sometimes they could overstep their bounds if they are given the chance and give harmful pieces of advice knowingly or unknowingly. Mature women don’t let their friends interfere with their relationship.

7. They don’t focus on their partner’s bad traits

Everyone has bad traits, but mature women try to focus on their partner’s best traits rather than the negative ones. Mature women completely understand the fact that no one is perfect so they don’t focus on the flaws and limitations of their spouse understanding that they too have flaws. They concentrate on positive qualities of their life partners and always maintain a positive approach towards their relationships.

8. They don’t gossip about their partner to other people

Immature women are known to share all the good and bad about their relationships with everyone, but mature women get no kick out of trash talking the man they are hoping to make a life with. Their partners don’t have to worry about them telling other people their most embarrassing story. A mature woman will have a significant relationship problem and she will keep it to herself. They cherish their relationships, and they do not feel the need to talk bad about their partners, poke fun at them, or try to make them look back in other people’s eyes. If they do choose to talk to someone it is a confident someone they have known and trusted for decades, a sister maybe or someone they consider family. They don’t trade relationship horror stories, especially if they are currently with the guy because it could cause some awkward confrontations later.

9. They don’t give up their dreams

Mature women don’t give up on their dreams even if they are enjoying a healthy successful relationship. They understand that a great relationship doesn’t drag someone down – instead, it should bring out the best in that person. A good relationship encourages individuals to pursue their dreams, and a mature woman would struggle to be happy in a relationship if she stopped following her dreams. Individual growth is as important as the nurturing of a relationship. They believe that relationships should support and assist a person in pursue of his/her dream rather than pulling them apart from his/her desires and dreams.

10. They don’t vent on social media

Some women tend to share everything going on in their relationships on social media, but this is a childish and immature thing to do. Mature women would never take to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else to talk about everything that is wrong with their lives. Mature women don’t make their relationship problem their social media status updates. Mature women know that doing such things violate the privacy of the relationship and instead focus on communicating with their partner to solve the problem. Social media is an adult playground for most people; any woman with common sense can see that this could even put her relationship in harm’s way.

11. They don’t compromise their partner’s happiness

Mature women understand that loving someone means you want them to be as happy as possible. If their partner enjoys space, they give it to them, and if they enjoy affection, they give them that instead. They embrace their partner’s happiness and celebrate their achievements with them, rather than holding their partners back for more selfish reasons.

12. They don’t compare their relationships

Mature women know that every relationship should be unique in its own right and they also know that comparisons create unnecessary and unhealthy competition; so they don’t compare their men to others and they don’t compare their relationships too.

13. They don’t give up their self-respect

Compromises and settlements are natural parts of relationships, but mature women know that they don’t have to compromise on their self-respect. This makes men respect them even more. If you do not respect yourself then no one else will and this has been proven time and time again. They don’t allow their partners to speak to them negatively or condescendingly – they expect their partner to treat them just as well as everyone else in their life. A woman who makes herself a punching bag in a relationship is setting herself for tragedy. Mature women know that, a man needs to treat them the right way; otherwise he doesn’t deserve a woman like them.

14. They don’t become clingy

Mature women love their men and value their relationships but they do not need constant contact in their relationships, as they have their own busy lives. They are secure enough to trust their partner and give them their required personal space. They know that being too clingy can sometimes affect the relationship negatively — so sometimes, they let him have fun with his friends too.

15. They don’t give up their space

Mature women know that no matter how great their relationship is, they still occasionally need personal space for their individual growth of and for the growth of the relationship in the long run. From going to the gym to curling up with a good book, mature women value their time alone.

16. They don’t take “I Love You” lightly

It is not every woman that appreciates importance of those three words, “I love you”. It takes a mature woman who is ready, willing and able to accept love to truly understand and appreciate what those three words really mean. Mature women don’t say ‘I love you’ at the end of every conversation – instead they say it at the right moments, to show their partner how much they appreciate them.

17. They don’t resent their partner’s success

Mature women don’t drag their partners down for their own selfish reasons. They don’t resent the success of their significant others. Mature women will motivate their partner to do even more with the amount of encouragement and support they give. They celebrate every achievement of their spouse.

18. They don’t seek revenge

A lot of women hurt their relationships by seeking revenge, keeping malice and trying to hurt their man. Mature women know that when you do this, the relationship would only suffer. Many women try to seek control of the relationship but a mature woman knows that this could be harmful; so she enjoys the relationship instead and tries to be the best partner she can be.

19. They don’t quit on frivolous reasons

Immature women can break up a relationship over nothing. But mature women don’t end relationships over trivial issues because they understand that relationships take work, and they are willing to make their relationships a priority and work on problems that have come up. Mature women know when it is time to exit an unpleasant relationship and they have given their partner a chance to fix it and besides they never looks back once the mind is made up. Mature women understand the importance of their happiness, and that if they are not happy in a relationship, they shouldn’t be in one.

20. They don’t give up their identity

Mature women won’t give up their identity for someone else. They are aware that their partner is a part of their happiness, and should be someone who can bring them happiness when they are feeling sad but mature women do not let themselves lose their own interests and hobbies for someone else. They don’t cower because cowering is like giving up to her partner and giving up is never an option. They fight for their rights on just about everything.

21. They don’t overdo things

One of the best things about being in a relationship with mature women is that they know that they are not always right, and this allows them to admit when their partner was right, and they were wrong. Mature women know how to handle situations; they don’t overdo things, they don’t prolong quarrels, they don’t try to take advantage of situations, but they try to make things better after a fight.

22. They don’t let their partner make all the decisions

In a mature relationship both partners respect each other’s decisions. Though they do leave some decisions on their men, mature women don’t let their life partner take the lead in all big decisions of their life. This can range from big decisions, such as when to get married and the number of children, to smaller ones, like which restaurant to eat on a date.

23. They don’t hide their sexuality

Some women need constant validation that they are pretty or physically attractive. They will frequently pursue men physically just to see if they can gain a conquest. Mature women know who they are and who they like, they are confident and comfortable in their sensuality. They are not afraid to flirt, let loose and embrace their full sexual power.

24. They don’t try to change their partner

Mature women understand that everyone is different in life. Mature women have accepted that other people are who they are based on their past experiences in life, and they don’t try to change those people. Of course, this doesn’t mean mature women will accept anybody into their lives; just because they know they can’t change people don’t mean that they want any type of person in her life.

25. They don’t tolerate lies

Mature women don’t put up with lies but immature women are often willing to close their eyes to lies. Mature women understand that lies are a form of manipulation, and they are not willing to be manipulated by anyone. Mature women know that the truth is the only way to solve problems and avoid all the time-wasting nonsense that comes from dishonesty. They are very good at reading body language signals. The more experience women have with relationships, the better they become at picking up on those lies their partners are trying to pass off.

26. They don’t purposely hurt their partner

Immature women may try to be mean or twist words in order to make someone else feel bad, but mature women have much more emotional intelligence and never say or do things to hurt other people purposely. They won’t blurt out what they are thinking if they know it is going to hurt someone else. Instead, they will think of a compassionate way to say it instead. The bottom line is that mature women have a handle on their emotions and reactions.

27. They don’t put up with being used

Mature women know that they deserve relationships with people who actually care about them and will not use them for what they have or who they are. They know that they need to compromise sometimes and even let their partners have their way so that they can feel good, but if they are always focused on their needs and never on theirs, mature women will not be in a relationship with such men for long.

28. They don’t hesitate in expressing their feelings

Mature women know that expressing their feelings is important for strengthening the relationship bond. They openly express what they want, what they don’t like and what they expect in their relationship. Mature women don’t hesitate in expressing their love and they won’t be shy to tell their man what they really feel. They know that laying down all the things out the table is the only way to solve problems in a relationship, instead of concealing things away in the darkest and deepest corners of their hearts.

29. They don’t have unrealistic expectations

Mature women don’t keep unrealistic expectations from their life partners. They don’t expect what they know is not feasible; as a result they are very realistic in their approach towards their partners and towards life. They willingly and gladly accept what their life partners have to offer, but know what they can expect from their men and what they need to go looking for elsewhere. They completely understand that each person is unique and special in his own way and they value their partner for who he is.


Mature women value their relationship and try to do what’s best for their relationship.

After reading this hub, do you believe you are a mature woman or immature woman?

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