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3 Awesome Male Dating Profile Examples

Updated on February 24, 2018


Online dating is one of the avenues you can use to find a wife. Some have tried it and today they can credit online dating for helping them to meet their present wife.

However, your chances of attracting women depends on how well you craft your male dating profile. A great male dating profile can intrigue many women and increase your chances of getting women to respond to what you write on your profile.

So, what should you write? In this article, I want to give you some male dating profile examples to increase the chances that you will connect to a wonderful woman who will be a blessing to your life.

So, what should you write?

Show That You Are Not A Modest Guy

A study has revealed that women do not feel attracted to modest guys. This is because some women feel that a guy who is modest lacks self-confidence and so may not provide the leadership she will expect the guy to show in the relationship.

Additionally, some women feel that modest guys may not be great fun to be with—they are not adventurous and do not like to take risks and so do not go out of their way to make a woman experience great fun.

Therefore, do your best to let the women who will visit your profile think that you are a self-assured guy who knows who he is, and who can make a woman experience fun she has never imagined in her life before.

So, you may write something such as this on your male dating profile, “Hello Sue, Amy, Anita, Anna, Ava or whatever your beautiful name may be! You are warmly welcome to the profile of the greatest guy on Earth! You need to meet me to experience that! I work for the best export and import firm in West Africa, Papee Company Limited. In fact, I am one of the top guys in the company—I am the Marketing Manager. And don’t be surprised if I end up as the CEO one day! And I must add only a few men in this industry know more than I do in marketing! I did my first degree in Harvard where I graduated at the top of the class with First Class Honors. I went on to do my masters in Yale where I was the toast of my lecturers, and of course it was just a matter of course that I landed this great job. I want to know, have you ever been to the Mole National Park? Well, I was there last week and I had a fabulous time with all those monkeys, baboons, elephants, deer, hyenas, lions and leopards. After watching all those animals, I spent the rest of the day swimming at the Kintampo Waterfalls. It was a fantastic experience. Feel you are missing out on the fun? I will take you there some time, okay? I never keep a good thing all to myself. Sharing is caring, isn’t it? I am sure you would love to go there with me in my Chrysler. Or, would you like me to take you there in the Lincoln Continental? The choice is yours! I am the son of the King of kings, God, and I act that way everywhere I find myself. You may have your opinions about issues, but I also have my opinions and I am never afraid to share them. I am taking courses in cooking and I would love to cook your favorite meal for you some day. The balance is important, isn’t it?”

Show That You Are A Kind Guy

Some studies have revealed that women like guys who are generous. When the woman feels that you are a kind and generous guy, she will feel that you will spare no expense to take her to see the most exciting places and also to see fabulous locations—she will feel that you will take her to a “dream world” and that can increase the chances that she will drop you a message so that you can connect.

It will also tell her that you are likely to be a responsible man who will do his best to take care of her material needs, if she starts a long-term relationship with you, and that may influence her to contact you so that you can start a friendship which can grow into a long-term relationship.

So, you may write something such as this, “Hello sweetie! I hope all is well with you! I hope you are fine, your health is great, all is going on well in school (or at work). I am fine too by God’s grace. I just returned from making a donation to the orphanage in my neighborhood. I must say those kids are lovely. I wish I could spend more time with them every week. However, I have to share my little time between visiting them, visiting the elderly at the elderly people’s home from time to time, and also looking after my mom. Ah, how I love her! I will never forget the smile that slipped onto her face when I gave her that dress on her birthday. The feeling was just magical! My three adorable sisters are my best friends for now and I hope you will become the fourth. I look forward to visiting my sick work colleague at the hospital tomorrow. I am a member of the World Vision International, the Rotary Club, and several other charities across the nation. I am a friend to the poor, lonely, sick, widows, orphans, street children, but also find time to have fun. Hope to hear from you.”

Show That You Are Humorous

Research suggests that women are attracted to guys who have a good sense of humor and who can make them laugh.

Women think that funny guys are smart—most women want to date a smart guy because they feel smart guys have great prospects for the future.

Additionally, when you let the women who will visit your profile page know that you have the ability to make them laugh, they will feel that you are an intriguing and exciting guy who will give them great entertainment when you date them and that may influence them to contact you.

Furthermore, they will reckon that you will be able to lift their spirits when they are down— you can help her to deal with the stress of life. That is the kind of friend most women want!

Accordingly, you may write something such as this, “Hello dear. I am a ghostwriter. No, I am not a ghost, I just write for ghosts! Ha-ha! Actually, I write thrillers, love stories, and articles on love, relationships, marriage and so on. I have written a few eBooks too. Yes, you guessed right. I am an author too—no relation to Arthur! I love eating stew cooked with the eggplant. Yes, there is a plant that produces eggs and it tastes delicious! I love dancing calypso with Afua. No, that’s not my sister’s name. Neither is it my girlfriend’s name, but my… well …my wow!, wow!, wow!—my dog! Very lovely bulldog with a beautiful face! I must inform you I never fall in love; I ALWAYS stand in love. Craziest thing I have ever done? I absent-mindedly wore my sister’s dress once as a boy. I thought the passengers on the bus I boarded had inhaled some laughing gas when they kept giggling and smiling at me. It was only when I got to school that the truth dawned on me. At that moment I wished the Earth would open up and swallowed me…”


I have shared with you male dating profile examples to help you attract a woman for a relationship. Some of the things you must remember are that you must make women see that you are an ambitious and adventurous guy who will give them quality entertainment, and also let them see that you are generous and humorous and you can be sure many women will want to date you.

Additionally, you might want to learn about these descriptions and these descriptions too so that you can enrich your profile further.

Male Dating Profile Examples

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© 2018 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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