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3 (Not Your Usual) Wedding Advice for Newlyweds

Updated on May 21, 2019

Lots of love in the new nest

Here are 3 not-your-usual advice for couples staying together for the first time, especially when you or your other half can be particular on seemingly innocuous things at home. Lots of love in the physical space you share together can be made more comfortable with some adjustments to your mindset and things at home.

A new nest for the newlyweds. From now on, one becomes two.
A new nest for the newlyweds. From now on, one becomes two.

#1 - It doesn't matter if the toilet seat is up or down.

I know of a few girlfriends who used to get really frustrated with one another over this when they start living together. Really, this should be the last of your worries whether the seat is up, down or even closed because it needs to be cleaned anyway.

Try googling about #puttheseatdown. In Singapore, NTUC Income Insurance had even did an interesting ad on this. Their message? “True Care isn’t always obvious. Like protecting the family with a life insurance plan”. If you are interested, catch their ad on YouTube at the end of this article.

The thing about the toilet seat is:-

If it's up when you need it down, put it down.

If it's down when you need it up, lift it up.

Go make love instead. Else, do the laundry together.

Toilet bowl seat down, up or closed still needs to be cleaned anyway. Plus, we do not spend a lot of time on it!
Toilet bowl seat down, up or closed still needs to be cleaned anyway. Plus, we do not spend a lot of time on it!

#2 - It is better to have a blanket each.

It is really difficult to lovely dovey share-a-blanket and sleep in each other's arms everyday.

Moving into marriage, it can be more physically comfortable to have a personal blanket to ensure a good night's rest, especially if your other half is the one always winning the whole blanket by morning. It may not look as Instagram-worthy as it should after you make the bed in the morning but you will surely be able to find a way to house two blankets. Well rested bodies are happy bodies.

When Le wife (laughing while taking a picture of this) wakes up to find the shared blanket all wrapped around her husband...
When Le wife (laughing while taking a picture of this) wakes up to find the shared blanket all wrapped around her husband...

#3 - Have just one television at home.

Preferably a smart TV or android TV.

Many of the people I know will not agree with me on this point though.

It is a first world luxury, and many households have more than one TV at home today. The thought of having one TV in a household poses a challenge if not an object that sparks potential arguments.

Perhaps it is the way I grew up. We had one TV (yes, we could only afford one) in the living room and we were forced to think of others who share the same space as us to use the surely entertaining TV. There were disagreements but the family members were never violent to one another.

I may not have a lot of dating experience but generally the men whom I dated and raised in homes with a shared family TV seemed to have higher emphatic intelligence. Haha!

Having newlyweds to share a TV in a honeymoon stage will probably be easier than asking for a habit change thereafter. It is probably one of the easier ways to learn about caring and compromising in a relationship without much effort. Innocuous & passionate moments spent in front of the biggest entertaining machine at home.

So if you haven't already gotten more than one, why not try starting with just one TV first?

Don't worry, if all else fails, you still have your mobile phones!

Couple Goals
Couple Goals | Source

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