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3 Ways to Make Sure You Don't End Up Like Kobe Bryant or Tiger Woods

Updated on December 10, 2009

Don't Get Caught Cheating

Don't Get Caught Cheating
Don't Get Caught Cheating

If you went by the exposure that the media has given them lately, you would think that young Black sports stars invented cheating! The past few months have found Tiger Woods’ and his wife Elin Nordegren’s business all over the news, media, and the internet. His affairs with the tell-all Rachel Uchitel, Jamie Grubbs and her voicemails, and all the other countless women that have conveniently come out of the woodwork are splashed all over everything.

It hasn’t been that long ago that Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa endured a public scandal when Katelyn Faber accused him of raping her in his hotel room in Colorado. Even though Katelyn declined to testify in the trial and ended up settling out of court, he has still remained vilified by many. Being a man in a society that is so quick to judge is no walk in the park! It is a well-known fact that women cheat just as much as men do, but the consensus is that the fairer sex is better at hiding their indiscretions. So, what can you do to make sure you don’t end up being run down by your wife with a golf club?

Step One: Keep Your Cell Phone Locked. If your wife or girlfriend asks why you feel the need to keep it locked, turn around and ask her why she feels the need to snoop around on your phone. She will probably say, “What do you have to hide?” You should respond with, “Why are you so insecure?” Women tend to feel entitled to all of your personal information once they’ve started sleeping with you. You have to make it clear that you don’t believe in full disclosure if you know that you are stepping out on her.

Step Two: Everyone Except the Main One Should Be in the Know. The problem that many men run into is sleeping with more than two women at a time. When you start having two, three, or more mistresses, you will need to make sure that everyone is on the same page. Each of the people you are seeing should know who your main woman is, and that they are not the only one in your life. Trying to hide your number one woman from each of your mistresses is just too much drama. You’re asking to be caught!

Step Three: Make Sure Mama Stays Happy. The number one thing that women know how to do that men have not grasped yet is making sure that their number one love stays happy, even if they are cheating. This is the biggest mistake men make. If you devote your time and energy into making your wife or girlfriend happy at home, she won’t bother worrying about checking up behind you all the time. What that means for each woman will differ. Does she want you to clean the house every once in awhile? Should you cook dinner for her? Is she impressed by material possessions? Do what you have to do to keep a smile on her face, and you can have whatever you want!

If Tiger Woods or Kobe Bryant would have followed these three major laws for keeping themselves out of hot water, the headlines may have read something far different. No matter what you choose to do, remember to always treat the people that you love with respect. Communication is the key. Honesty is better than deception, but if your situation is complicated, at least be smart about what you do.

When a mistress turns on you, you can be left wondering what the hell happened! All of a sudden, it seems like she changes her mind about what she wants, and it becomes her mission to destroy your world. If you want to know what she’s thinking before she ruins your life, click the following link: The Other Woman Dating a Married Man.


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