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30 Things Every Woman Should Own/Have by the Age of 30

Updated on August 16, 2011

We make all kinds of lists in our lives to do all sorts of things from grocery lists to various errands lists. What about making a check list of must-haves for life? We all need different things at different stages in our lives and the older we get, the longer the list usually is. Some of the things on our lists are necessessities, others are things that are good to have as insurance. Unexpected things will always happen, problems occur and not everything goes as plan. That's why it's good to plan a head and that's what this list is mainly about. Some things may seem a little frivolous, but other things are on the list to remind us that even after we're gone, there will still be things for other people to do for us, things to put away, and things to pass on from generation to generation.

1. Land

As Tony told AJ on the show The Sopranos, "Buy land, God ain't makin' anymore of it." The price of land has gone up, but it's still a worthwhile investment for your future. The value of jewelry depreciates, land doesn't.

2. Passport

You never know where your career/job, relationships, or life in general will lead you on a whim. Passports generally take about 2 weeks to get back to you so why not just have one on hand even if you're not planning a trip any time soon. Never say never.

3. Luggage

Because carrying your clothes somewhere in a plastic bag just makes you look like a slob (unless you're 3 and you have an accident at school, only then is it okay). Also, they're not exactly going to let you load hefty bags onto the baggage area of a bus or a plane. Just saying.

4. good dentist

Teeth are the windows to your vagina. How you take care of your mouth says a lot about how you take care of the rest of your body.

5. good gynecologist

If we're going to have someone work down there, you should feel comfortable and trust them. That is one of the most sensitive areas on your body, and by 30 you should there's a world of difference between having your own OBGYN and the ones at a free clinic.

6. decent credit score

By 30 you're about to begin settling into middle age and it's the time to prepare for buying a house, children and retirement if you haven't already. I know we all have things we need to pay off like school loans and mortgages and it never seems to end, but at least attempting to improve your credit rating would be commendable.

7. Funeral savings

No matter what anyone else told you or what you think or how you feel, we'll all die someday. If you're reading this, chances are you're not immortal, you tend to get sick from time to time and more than likely you've seen others pass away before. Tie up some of your affairs while you still can; make your funeral wishes be known and don't stick the living with the bill if you can help it. It may sound morbid, but planning things like this takes the sting off your loved ones and allows them to grieve without having financial issues to worry about. Not to mention if you detail some of the things you want done they will know how to conduct the service that you wish, etc. A lot of people don't like to deal with this, talk about it or think about it, but everyone should at some point in their life when they know better before it's too late.

8. Living will

It would be nice if accidents didn't happen and tragedies didn't take place, but they do. People getting into car crashes, motocycle accidents, go into comas, have strokes, etc. When you have your loved one standing there trying to make a life or death decision for you--whether or not a doctor should do a risky operation on you that would either restore you or kill you, keeping you on a ventilator, whether you want to be an organ donor--make it while you're of sound mind and body so they know exactly what to do in that situation. At 30 you should know that the unexpected happens all the time and how it can effect those around you. If you love them, make the decisions for yourself so they won't feel guilty for whatever ones they choose.

9. Simple Will -or- A Will Prepared by an Attorney

This is just as important as having a funeral savings. Another way to make sure your affairs are in order while you're of sound mind.

10. Frozen eggs

This is a good option if you know you want a baby or even if you're not quite sure whether you want one or not, but it's a nice insurance policy for perserving your DNA just in case you find out 8 years after turning 30 that the eggs inside your body are no longer viable. If you can afford it and you think you might want children later, I say do it.

11. A momento of your parents'

Whether it's a blanket or a locket or even just a picture put away somewhere you should have something that reminds you of them.

12. Bulk discount store card

Just in case...

13. Really nice coat

You may just have to take a plane or train or bus (or even long car ride) somewhere during the winter where you're not familiar, but you know it's freezing. I don't live in a particularly cold part of the world at all, but on a whim if you have to go, go in (classic) style.

14. savings account

You'd be surprised at how many people either don't have a savings account at all or have always had a joint one with someone else. You should have your OWN savings account with a bank with your OWN money put away.

15. checking account

...same explanation as the savings account.

16. IRA

If you can, put away $150 a month for your retirement so that you actually can someday.

17. Car that's paid for

Unless you live in a city where public transport is the more convenient way to get to where you're going, it doesn't take much to have a car on hand that you can use to get you from point A to point B when need be. So many people spend too much money leasing different cars every few months or putting a bulk of their cash into other newer or luxury model cars, but it doesn't take much to drop $2000 on something used to have for emergencies. You never know when something will come up where you may need to have the old beater put to use.

18. At least one pair of heels

Even the most tomboyish of women should have one pair of heels for a special occasion. The average woman, on the other hand, has at least 10 pairs *wink wink*.

19. work boots

Every woman should have a well worn beaten pair of boots by 30 that have seen her through the years. Not every pair of shoes or sneakers or boots in your closet has to be glamorous. You should have a pair of boots that you garden in, camp in, or hike in--just a really trusty pair of stand bys for those days that you're doing something that's going to get you dirty.

20. A set of tools

This is something everyone should have after they leave home and get their first place, or even when they move into their dorm rooms. A screw driver (or 2), a hammer, a couple of nails, hand held power drill (you can get them for like $10), etc. By thirty you should have figured out how to at least follow the directions on some things that need to be set up at home at have put together, at minimum, a small desk or something. It's a part of being independent to be your own handy-woman at some point in your life.

21. Primary physician

Some women only think they need a gynecologist on call and believe it or not a lot don't get regular check ups by a primary physician. Most exchanged their's for their GYN when they either left for college, or left college. We still need to have our hearts checked as well as stay on our toes when we're ill so we're not looking through a directory at the last minute and pulling someone out of a hat. Your primary physician is just as important as your GYN.

22. medical insurance

You could be healthy one minute and lying in a hospital bed the next in pain, not knowing what's wrong with you and racking up a big bill as you lie there. Do yourself a favor and be covered because there's nothing worse than having your budget (and credit) shot to hell because you thought you were invincible.

23. A tailor

Your wardrobe is important and as we all know that even if something is in your size it doesn't always fit perfectly. The waist could need taking in or out or your hem could need adjusting. A trusty tailor on hand could solve your problem for you before you even consider it one.

24. A good resume

By 30 you should be able to conjure up a good resume without padding it one bit. Life experience should equal job experience.

25. Nice crystal champagne flutes (even if you don't drink)

Every now and again, especially if you're in your own place, you'll probably get trapped into throwing some sort of dinner party. It's good to have the nice stuff put away to lay out in front of guests. Remember, alcohol isn't the only thing that can go into a champagne flute.

26. A quiet place all her own

Every woman should have a place where she can either walk away to or drive to that's a secret and all her own to get the noise out of her head and relax and reflect. Everyone needs to get away sometimes, even if it's only for a couple of hours.

27. A good line of bras that may not be cute, but are definitely comfortable

Nice lacey bras or good when you're trying to impress, but when it's just you, you want to be comfortable. So whether it's Just My Size, Hanes, or Fruit of the Loom you should definitely have your go-to line of bras that you go jogging in and lounge around your house in.

28. A journal (old or new or both)

It reminds you of where you've been, how much you've grown and learned, and where you wish to be.

29. Fave pair of lipstick or lipgloss

It's the one that always looks good on you even if you're frazzled and running out the door, it's that never fail shade that makes you feel confident, and it's the one that you almost consider a second skin if you have to choose any one out of a million.

30. Cash not stashed in a bank

This is your money that you may need on a whim. Sometimes you have to get up and go and not stop by a bank. This amount could be a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, but either way it's an amount that you feel comfortable being kept hidden somewhere either around your house, or somewhere you know will be safe and away from anyone else's prying eyes; and it's your emergency money. A lot of people keep all their emergency money in the bank, but I say there's no big deal with keeping two stashes of emergency cash. You can never be too safe.


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