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4 Important Steps You Need to Take When Starting an Online Dating Service

Updated on September 15, 2013

Thinking to start your own online dating service? Well, this can be a daunting task when you consider the tough competition you have to face as you go on with this process. As this might be the case, there are important points that you should remember to better your chance of success. Here are the basic steps you should know.

1. Frame your overall service

There is no doubt that you have to take on already established dating sites. Therefore, you need to be unique with your dating site, something that will set you apart and special in the midst of the competition. This can be done by specializing to a particular group first and expanding later to a bigger market. If you try to be everything for everyone, you will most likely fail. Target a specific group according to ethnicity, sexual preference, nationality, culture, age, country, and others. Each person in the internet is unique. If you offer something that they need, you will gain their loyalty.

2. Determine how you will generate income

Basically, there are two ways to earn from your dating site. First you can place sponsored ads. Second, you can ask payment from your members. Of course, you have the freedom to use a combination of both methods. Just be careful though. Asking fees from your subscriber can easily deter them from continuing to use your service. Too much ads can also make your site a newspaper classified ad instead of being a dating site. You need to balance both.

3. Know your budget

Every business needs a working capital. You need to have the hindsight to see how much you are going to spend initially until you are fully established in the market. This is a crucial phase in your planning. Failure to accurately estimate your cost may mean that you will eventually get broke and waste your money, time, and effort. The bulk of your expenditure may come from the maintenance of your website along with advertisement. If you still do not have enough funding, you may want to consider obtaining commercial loan or ask for monetary assistance from capitalists.

4. Increasing online visibility

Here’s the tricky part. Those established dating sites are successful because they are also successful in establishing their online presence. For this reason, you must make it a point that you will let others know who you are and what you are. This can be done through paid advertisement and affiliate marketing. It will be wise to display advertisement too on social networking sites since this is where most people aggregate. You can also choose SEO, SEM, print ads, TV advertisement, mobile marketing, and even word of mouth.

These are just some of the fundamental steps on how to start your own online dating sites. Undeniably, this is an ambitious endeavor and therefore you need all the help that you can get.


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