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Steps on How to move on from your Ex

Updated on July 24, 2015

It is a long process

Love takes time and even moving on from your ex. Below are my simple steps on how to overcome your feelings from your past relationship. This could be a little difficult but with your family's and friends help, it will pass away. In my own experience it took 4 years to forget his name and even the best memories with him. I forgot my purpose. I didn't even know how to start. I lost my job, even loosing appetite. I just want to be alone. I kept on looking back, got more confused and depressed. I felt like the whole world is against me but I have realized that I am fighting against myself. I hated myself. I hated everyone.


1. Return all stuff

We have the tendencies to keep things because of its sentimental value or simply it has a value. But it will just remind you of sweet and bad memories of you together, it's hard to move on seeing these things everyday. We heard a lot of news today about celebrities who just got engaged and the next day they have announced that they just broke up, your question is, what about the ring? They will definitely sell it.

  • Let go of your Teddy Bears
  • Return all the love letters or better burn it
  • Sell your couple shirts and gadgets
  • Delete all the Text messages conversation and call logs
  • Clear your anniversary dates on calendar
  • Remove from contact list
  • Unfriend from all social sites

2. Go on a date

1.Date with friends

  • Date with your friends, they are better when these things occur, They can comfort you. They even give some referrals for a date.

2. Date with Someone referred by your friends

3. Online Dating

  • If referrals from a friend are not working with you, try online dating. This can be risky though. You need to be cautious about the online peeps for they are still strangers. The best way is to ask a lot of questions or you can investigate. Ask for their Facebook account or other social networking sites, in that way you would be able to know what kind of person he is by checking his/her friends & relatives. When getting a chance to meet each other, try a group date first, bring someone with you, do not ever date just the two of you.

4. Date with family


3. Ask and Pray

Do you believe that our greatest Match Maker is our creator? Yes he is. And he said, "ask and you will receive". When asking for man, be specific. Pray with all your heart.

I never would have thought that he will give me a man that I prayed, I told him that I am tired of finding the right person, that want to be happy again. I asked him to help me move on from a 4 year relationship before. And he did. He gave me a better man.

Everything happens for a reason. Singleness is not a cursed but a blessedness. If you are single this time, take your time. This is a great time to spend with family and friends. There is a purpose of being single. Do not rush. For God has something prepared for you at the right place, the right time and with the right person.

We went to a minizoo


4.Love and forgive yourself

What do you love to do that you've never tried before?

  1. TRAVEL - go to different places around the city or your country.
  2. Focus on your career- eat in a restaurant with officemates
  3. Get a tattoo
  4. Visit your relatives- I went to Kabankalan city, happy to see my grandma, uncles and aunts and cousins.
  5. Learn to play a guitar
  6. Do outdoor like hiking or going to the beach
  7. Adopt a dog or cat, learn to take care of them
  8. Spent more time with your MOM
  9. Help other people

We went our for dinner in a BBQ Restaurant


Tattoe's Fine


Time to Get up

I have decided to move in a new city. My cousin invited me to come to Cebu to find a new job. Fortunately, I got hired within one month of job hunting. It was not that easy at first.I wasn't comfortable living in a city known for wiser people, the Cebuanos. I had the feeling of emptiness which I can only see, pretending to be happy. Then one day, my cousin invited me to join an online dating site, DIA, Date in Asia. I wasn't interested anymore for I have tried some online dating sites before and it did not work for me though there were nice and decent people in there.I had the second thought of joining because I was tired of it actually. But a friend once mentioned to pray and ask God. That's what I did, I joined. I met a few of nice people, one from USA, a lawyer, an architect from Davao City and a small entrepreneur from Lapu Lapu. I don't know why but I was meant to meet the entrepreneur.

Visited relatives


We went to Gawahon Falls with sisters, brother and friends

Tried learning to play a Guitar


With mom


Which step is more effective on moving on?

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Hoe to get over a break up


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