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4 Tips for Dating a Taiwanese Woman

Updated on March 18, 2012

Attracting woman of your own culture is hard enough. Trying to attract and date outside your culture is going to be a little tougher. But, if you are attracted to Taiwanese woman then there are some important things you should keep in mind. There are dos and don’ts in every kind of culture during the dating ritual that you want to know about here are the Top three tips for finding that seductive, beautiful Asian girl of your dreams

Where she is from?

This is an important question to ask the beautiful Taiwanese woman of your dreams. Why? There is a couple of reasons. In the larger cities of Taiwan, you are going to experience one type of woman. These women are a lot different then you will find in smaller cities around Taiwan. One reason is the Taiwan culture in the bigger cities has had a lot of western influence. So, with that women are still traditional, but a lot more independent when it comes to relationships. In the smaller cities and country, the woman are extremely traditional. Their focus on relationships is with the family and firmly settling down with a true love. So, it really depends on what you are searching for to truly make it work.

Her dating history?

Knowing a person’s dating history can give you some great insight into how she likes to take her relationships. Not every Asian woman you meet is going to be the same way. Some Asian women take them very quickly, and others want a more traditional dating experience. Knowing which one that she like will help you decide if you are into the same type of relationship that she is.

Dominant Alpha Male Characteristics

Taiwanese women are known for their love of a dominating man. This does not mean being a “jerk” but someone who know what they want out of life and is not afraid to go after it. If, you are confident and demonstrate alpha male characteristics then they will respect you more. This is just the environment that they are use to being around. But, there is always a limit so do not take it too far. If, you are shy around woman then Taiwanese women may not be right for you.

Where should you go on a date?

Taiwanese women love to go on adventures. There are many places that you can go in Taiwan to make it a special, romantic getaway. There are great places to show how romantic you are with a river tour, jungle hike, or a romantic resort on the beach. So, treat your love to something special and make it just the two of you on your perfect getaway. This will also help you get the relationship moving forward towards a steady girlfriend or towards marriage where ever you would like it to go.


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