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4 Ways on How to Make Someone Think of You

Updated on January 29, 2014

Sometimes, out of the blue, you have this weird question on how to make someone think of you. Well, it’s just a normal feeling of being a normal person who wants to be noticed by someone. Perhaps you have some sweet little thoughts in your mind about how to please somebody so that you can paint a nice memory in his or her mind before that person sleep at night. Actually, you don’t need to plan and create a spell for that person fall for you or notice you. There are organic and very natural tricks that you can somehow apply in your own simple ways. This way, things will go smooth and very natural without you feeling so awkward and looking like chasing the moon and the stars. So, here are they.

Pamper Yourself by Maintaining a Good Hygiene

Hygiene is a priority for you to execute the other things that you need to accomplish so that someone will think of you. Nobody wants to smell bad; thus make sure to smell good. So, take a daily bath and don’t forget to wash at night too. Take care of your skin, hair, teeth, nails, ears, lips and other parts of your body that need to be cleaned. If you have an underarm odor, then try to have some deodorant daily. If you are a woman or lady, give extra attention to your skin, face and hair. Moisturize your skin with a nice lotion daily so you’ll have a smooth skin. Then wash your hair daily and make it soft, shiny and well-combed. Then try to have a light make up too and apply some amount of perfume enough for you to smell nice all day long. Thus, you are sure enough that you are presentable and that you won’t be awkward if somebody is near to you.

Feel Good About Yourself

Now that you have a good hygiene; then there’s no reason for you not to feel good about yourself. Thus, be confident in everything that you do. So whatever you are doing; try to express freely while maintaining a good posture. Present yourself well by making a balance with your movements in a way that they could not distract other people or things around you. On the other hand, don’t be too conscious about your movements. Just be yourself and do what you are supposed to do.

Don’t think twice of doing many things as long as you know that you’re just doing what is right. Thus, don’t think about what other people will say if you will do something. Just mind your own thing because most of the time; they don’t care at all. This way, you will become more dependable and responsible while gaining more authority in what you do. Thus, other people will be curious about you because you’ve got extraordinary focus and sense of direction. So this is just like dominating the atmosphere unintentionally. This is a very important tip on how to make someone think of you.

Smile and Talk Well During Conversations

A smile can change the world and also the people around you. Once you smile; the tendency is that people will also smile at you. Therefore, be gracious with your smile to someone that you will meet everyday. So, you will be more approachable to people that you just newly met. Any person will not be scared at you because you are opening your door to someone new. Then conversation will follow after that simple smile. During conversations, make sure to talk sensible things with humor by your side. Don’t be too serious. Just enjoy talking many things and respond well to the topic. Try to respond and exchange topics or questions. Throw some jokes or just don’t make the person feel that you’re not interested to what is he or she talking about. Just let him or her feel your presence as well as your magic.

a glance saying: take a look at me
a glance saying: take a look at me | Source

Look Straight to the Eyes for Seconds

Talking to a person without you looking straightly to the eyes will make you look so dull and boring. Your eyes are powerful parts of your body that can do powerful things. Eyes can make better conversations than the words that come out from your mouth. Through your eyes, you can reach the person’s inner self by leaving him or her wanting to know more about you. So, try to look straightly like for three or more seconds; but don’t be too much. If you overdo it; things will get weird and won’t end up nice. Just make a glance from time to time especially if you are talking to that person. This trick is very effective but this is not about hypnotizing someone or making a spell from a psychic. This is just one of the normal traits of a person that if you can use well; you’ll get the so called thing- charisma.


Finding ways on how to make someone think of you is very challenging especially if you are not that sociable person. But the very first thing that you need to have within yourself is confidence. If you are not convinced about yourself or about who you are; so are the other people. Just be yourself and try to stay positive with other people. Enjoy your day and make life more meaningful while sharing some moments to people around you. Stay connected, express more and keep things cool. Stay fresh, nice smelling, clean and happy with eyes so bright. And for sure, that someone will think about you because you made his or her day great.


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