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Incredible ways to perfecting the art of gossip without looking like one!

Updated on November 8, 2012

Gossip has been given a bad reputation and this makes it known to many as an evil way to pass time. On the other hand, though it is branded in a negative light it is vital to note that gossip is good in various ways such as when gossiping about the latest model of cars, phones or other electronics, politics gossip, homecare gossip, beauty care gossip and the like. These forms of gossip helps the parties involved to share and also gain from the other information and advice.

Be it in the salon, the diners, school, the workplace, in the train, bus, on the streets or any other place; women are widely known to engage themselves in this undervalued and instructive pleasure better known as gossip, but neither do the men get to avoid this addictive engaging activity.. Gossip is addictive as it is a source of pleasure and at times it is necessary for survival. As one person said, gossip is like sex, this stands true in that it has its negative aspects and positive aspects depending on how it is used.

But what is gossip? In my own opinion, gossip is an old means of sharing facts and views, it is also the idle talk or the rumors about the personal or private lives of others.

Gossip has merits such as: it makes life more interesting, adds more knowledge about things or persons, boosts self esteem and confidence of some individuals who gossip, it is a way of passing time well especially if you are gossiping on positive enlightening stuff and gossip can also be used as a marketing and networking tool.

Gossip also is linked to some negative aspects such as: wastes time when gossiping on petty things, lost of trust, an effective tool in tarnishing the name of someone or something, gossip may not always be true and finally a gossiper may be branded a gossiper(not a good name) by the society as a whole.

Be it for the right reasons or wrong reasons, gossiping requires skill and balance. There are certain guidelines that help in gossiping, they are:

· Do not trust the tightlipped.

· Do not in any way distort the truth.

· Do not be boring.

· Do not confide in mouths that blabber.

· Do not go for the drama queens or the wall flowers, choose well.

So with the above rules it is easy to make gossip your friend and this is how one can perfect their art of gossiping.

1. Audience. One should know and understand their audience. It is a general fact that people are more interested in people of their own age, class and gender. Men will want to hear and talk about cars, money and women. Women will want to engage in gossip that involves hair, beauty, babies, food, cooking and everything else.

2. Hide the sources. It is very important to never reveal your sources. A good gossip knows how to keep the original source well hidden especially when the original source is himself/herself.

3. Secrets. Though counter-intuitive, great gossips keep some information in their confidence. They do not tell it all.

4. Interesting talk. Embellish. Though lying would get you into trouble, be colorful and interesting when gossiping. Add spices to your story telling sessions.

It is thus possible to be a great and interesting gossip by following the tips above and it is also wise to be clear when communicating and do not forget to add some mystery into the tone of your voice. It is also wise not to rebuff a disclosure, kill the urge to tell someone to keep quite especially when his gossip makes you cringe inside. Instead you should act easy by smiling, tell a joke and change to another topic tactfully.


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