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5 Creative Ways to Get the Revenge You Deserve When Someone Hurts You

Updated on August 14, 2017
Anger Controls Him by Jessica Flavin
Anger Controls Him by Jessica Flavin | Source

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

At some point in our lives we have all been hurt by someone that we loved or cared about. We have been wronged by either a spouse, significant other, family member or someone that we thought was our friend for one reason or another. Sometimes to the point that we strongly feel that some sort of revenge or retribution is necessary to make us feel like we are whole again.

The problem with seeking revenge is that on some ways it pulls you down to that person's level. Unfortunately some people are perpetual jerks. They feed on drama and going back and forth with what they perceive as a weaker person or a person that they are jealous of. You are prettier than she is. You are more successful in life or work than he is. He cheated on you. She did something to you out of malice that is simply unforgivable.

No matter what happened, you can't control what others do to you but you can control your reaction and how you handle the situation.

Here we are going to discuss five ways that you can receive your satisfaction. Your revenge. Some of the things mentioned here are more devious than others. Some are so annoying that they are comical to say the least. Have fun with your plot of vengeance and retribution and try not to feel bad about it once you are done. After all, the person that hurt you had no qualms about whatever they did to cause you to end up here reading this right now, did they?


Pull an Epic Prank Call or Text

There's a little website out there called Fiverr that is an excellent place to hire someone extremely cheap, usually for $5, to do a bit of dirty work for you. My favorite is the prank calling or texting.

A couple of ideas for this one are:

  • If it is an ex significant other, have the prank caller call the new man or woman in their life and talk to him/her about the fact that he/she is also dating your ex.
  • Have the prank calls come in at a time that you know will be extremely inconvenient.
  • If your ex is dating someone else (a woman) have the prank caller pose as a doctor's office and reveal the happy news that the pregnancy test came back and it is positive! Congratulations DAD!

Sign Them Up!

Sign them up for all kinds of goodies in the mail and via email. Especially all of those embarrassing things like porn sites, dating sites and bladder control or period product samples. Be sure to include their current phone number.

There are a ton of free sample sites on the internet that will let you know when companies like Astro Glide, Playtex and Teena are offering free samples. You only have to check one of these sites once to find a plethora of things to choose from.

Dating sites are easy so sign them up and again, be sure to include a phone number in the profile and make it very clear that you are just looking for fun and easy hookups.

The patriots revenge, by James Gillray
The patriots revenge, by James Gillray | Source

Craigslist Ads

There are a few awesome things that you can do to get a bit O' revenge by utilizing Craigslist and some of the site's great features.

I would strongly suggest not doing this one right out of the gate if you want to keep your revenge a secret. Wait a while. Patience if a virtue. This one is quite devious because it works and works well.

The first thing that you can do is a "review" on your ex in the message boards. Be specific, accurate and if you make it funny, it could possibly be shared across social media. Be sure to use an email address that you created for junk email to post this so your real email address isn't attached.

The second way to utilize CraigsList for your sweet revenge is to post something awesome in the free section. Be sure to say that calls are accepted any hour, any time because believe me when I say that people WILL call at all hours of the day and night.

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Free Wake Up Calls

There are awesome websites out there like wake up dialers, that will give you a free wake up call at the exact time you specify to any phone number that you want to enter into the site. This can be done repeatedly over the course of a couple of weeks. The one problem with this service is that it would be easy for the person that hurt you to put a stop to it by simply turning off their cell phone at night or unplugging the land line.

There are quite a few of these types of services available for free on the internet and you'll know that at least the first few calls at inopportune hours will go through before they are stopped.

Do Nothing but Better Yourself

Out of all of the ways that I have given you to enact your revenge, this is the one that will have the greatest impact on the person that hurt you. The desire for revenge can be an amazing motivator. Success is the best revenge. Accomplishing your goals and doing well in life is a sweet reward.

By simply denying the person that hurt you any access to you or your future, you are cutting off their ability to hurt you again. Cut that toxic person out of your life by walking away and concentrate on things that you know will make you happy. That within itself is the sweetest and most productive revenge that you could ever deliver.

© 2017 TheBadJuJu


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