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5 Simple Ways to Make Your Hubby Feel Appreciated

Updated on January 20, 2016
Though retro, this picture depicts a good example of how to make your hubby feel appreciated. This wife baked a homemade cake for her hubs, how sweet!
Though retro, this picture depicts a good example of how to make your hubby feel appreciated. This wife baked a homemade cake for her hubs, how sweet! | Source

1. Have Dinner Ready When He Comes Home

There's nothing like a piping hot, tasty-smelling meal cooking on the stove when you walk in the door after a hard day's work! Men love coming home to yummy food, especially when they are tired and sore from a long day at the office or out in the field. Maybe you work for a living too, which makes it harder to have dinner on the table when you both get home (and I totally get how hard that is!) One good solution for this is to do some meal prep on the weekends. Freezing meals so they are ready in advance is so helpful! You can definitely also take advantage of your crock pot's ability to cook food all day while you work! I love my crock pot -- it's a lifesaver! Simply put all the ingredients together the night before, and place in the refrigerator. Then, in the morning, turn on the crock pot on low, set it to the appropriate time, and voila! You both can come home to a tasty, home-cooked meal! Your man will feel loved and appreciated, and you'll both feel peaceful knowing you don't have to scramble around for something to eat for dinner.


2. Make a Lunch for Him (Including Sweet Love Notes)

My husband loves it when I make his lunch. For one thing, it saves us money. For another, it saves him an extra stop (he already drives around a lot for his job). Plus, it makes him feel loved, because he knows I took the time to make him a homemade sandwich and put together some of his favorite snacks. Also, it's much healthier for him than eating fast food! I like to put a little love note in there as well. It doesn't have to say anything fancy, just something like "Have a great day. I love you!" or "I know how hard you work. I really appreciate everything you do for us!" Those encouraging words of affirmation really go a long way to make a person's day more positive. You can also include a scripture verse the Lord may have put on your heart for your husband, which is even better. It might be just what he needed to hear!


3. Straighten Up the House Before He Comes Home

I work part-time, but on the days when I am home, I like to straighten up the house before my husband comes home. This includes making the bed, vacuuming if needed, straightening up the pillows on the couch, making sure the dishes are washed, and that the trash is taken out if it's overflowing (although he usually does that last one for me, thankfully!) You can also clean the bathroom during the day if it needs it, wipe off countertops and sweep the floors, dust the furniture, and so on. You get the idea! Basically, make sure the house looks nice for him when he gets home. It's a proven fact that clutter and messes make a person feel more stressed, so try to alleviate that stress for him as much as possible! If you don't have time to deep clean, at least straightening up a little and making the house look tidier should be sufficient, until you can take the time to really scrub the place down! If you have kids, have them clean up their room(s), or clean up their toys for them if they are too small.


4. Plan a Special Date Together

Think back to when you and your husband were first dating. You probably both took turns planning special dates for each other. Or maybe one of you did more of the planning than the other. Regardless, time and effort was put into the relationship, and meaningful times together were created. Well, just because you are married, doesn't mean you have to (or should!) stop dating your husband! Plan a special date together every so often to make him feel loved and appreciated. You could surprise him with concert tickets, or tickets to his favorite sporting event. Or, if you're tight on funds at the moment, you could ship the kids off to a babysitter and surprise him with a candle-lit dinner at home! It's good to keep your spouse on their toes and keep things fresh.


5. Be Available in the Bedroom

Another way husbands feel loved and appreciated is when their wives are available to them in the bedroom. I know there are a lot of stresses in life that can make this difficult. Jobs, kids, bills, sleep deprivation, and aches and pains can sometimes cause us to have the knee-jerk reaction of saying "no". Although there are definitely times when you can legitimately say no, and he needs to understand, make it a habit of saying "yes" as much as you can. He will be happier, and you'll have a closer relationship with him because of it! It's important to keep the love flame ablaze and not let your relationship get stagnant. Find ways to spice if up in the bedroom, and do your best to be available to him as much as possible! You may even find that it eases your stress and makes you feel closer to each other than ever before!


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    • kiddiecreations profile image

      Nicole Kiddie Granath 21 months ago

      Robie, thanks for your comments! Yes, I guess in some ways it could be seen as old-fashioned. Sometimes old-fashioned doesn't have to be such a bad thing! I know for myself, I have to constantly try to keep up with the dishes and clutter around the house, so part of this hub is me preaching to myself, haha! Many of these gestures could definitely be done by husbands for their wives as well, no doubt about it! But like you said, when you make an effort and give of yourself to your spouse, you will likely get good things back (the reaping and sowing principle). Thanks for your input!

    • Robie Benve profile image

      Robie Benve 2 years ago from Ohio

      Well, it looks like there is quite an upset audience out there. I scrolled down to leave a comment saying that I agreed with your points, and what a surprise, to see that some people got offended by the article being sexist.

      I guess it could be seen as full of old-fashion relationship standards, that's one way to describe it. But it is an article meant for wives that love their husbands and are trying to keep them happy and keep the spark alive. It does not mean that a similar article couldn't be written for husbands as well. Anyway, back to my original comment intention, I totally agree with you. All the 5 things listed are gestures that some man (and mine is surely one of them) would really appreciate. And when a man feels loved and can tell that you are making an effort, he will give back to you, multiplied. This is assuming that we are talking about a healthy relationship, in which both share the goal of being together for the long run. Nothing wrong in doing things for your hubby, sex and all. :)

    • kiddiecreations profile image

      Nicole Kiddie Granath 2 years ago

      I don't assume a husband works harder than his wife; these are just some ideas to make a husband feel appreciated. Yes, the husband could also make dinner for his wife, but this post is about what wives can do for their husbands. (Maybe I'll make a list about what husbands can do for their wives next.) #5 is definitely not intended to mean a wife should be a sex slave. That is not what was stated. It's about being available because a healthy love life with your husband is good for everyone. Obviously there are exceptions but this is just a general list. MsDora I think you understand what was intended :)

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Providing that number 5 does not suggest being a sex slave (I don't think that was intended), then what works for you may work for some others. Thanks for sharing.

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image

      Michaela 2 years ago from USA

      This is....really kind of....terrible and sexist.

      1. Why do you assume that all married men want the same thing out of their wives?

      2. Why do you assume that the husband works harder/more than his wife?

      3. In light of all that, why is the wife still expected to put more work into the marriage/bedroom than the husband? How is that any kind of fair?

      I take particular issue with #5 - no one and I mean NO ONE should be forced to have sex if they're not feeling it. For any reason, ever. I don't care if you're dating, married, whatever, no means no and a woman should never feel pressured into it just to please someone else. That's not what sex is about - it's a give and take between two people, not just one party putting out for the other. There are a whole host of reasons why someone might not want to have sex and they are ALL VALID. ALL THE TIME.