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5 REAL reasons women hate men 2

Updated on December 13, 2012
"Keep laughing...Asshole."
"Keep laughing...Asshole."

Here are the two top reasons why women hate men. Drum roll please!

2.) Fear.
Yep, fear. Many people don't know this but fear is a huge motivator in a woman's life; fear of being alone, fear of not getting married, fear of being judged by society, fear of rape and so on. But fear is a huge motivator in a lot of people's lives so why is it that it a reason women should hate men? Well, you see hatred is just a product of fear. Which is why I usually laugh at all the women who comment on some blogs on how proud they are to hate men. The truth is that you can only hate something that you fear or something that you can't control or understand like spiders or a Rubik's cube. The women men should be afraid of are the ones who don't hate them like Marylin Monroe. From an early age little girls are taught to fear men and their penises-especially their penises. We often hear stories of men who rape and these stories haunt us through out our lives making us wary of any being with a penis and creepy smile. Although, the fatal flaw in our childhood is that while many women know that there are many bad men out there, we are never taught to fight back. While erasing the myth of women and their sexualities and telling men flat out that they are not entitled to women's bodies will help reduce the rape statistics, I also think that rape would substantially reduce if women actually fought back and no, not in court. Instead of telling women to be afraid, teach them to fight back, instead of telling them to fear their car breaking down in the middle of the night, teach them to fix their cars. Instead of telling them to avoid their worst fears, teach them to face the bitches. It's really not that hard.

And last but will most certainly never be the least..........

1.) Modern Feminism.
Notice how I wrote Modern feminism and not feminism itself. The difference is feminists seek to empower women who do not have the standard human rights and encourage them to speak up for them selves, modern feminists on the other hand just sit around and degrade men. They give us true feminists a bad name and this way of life has become so popular that many women have forgotten what real feminism is all about, now all they want to do is bitch about men, burn their bras and show off their hairy pits and legs-like that's going to make any change in the world. Modern feminism teaches women to both hate and fear men as revenge for all the male oppression of women all these years, to them every man is a potential rapist/oppressor/pedophile/murderer/sadist/asshole/monster and they've got the evidence to prove it. Incredibly, these modern feminists have a way of talking that would even get the attention of the most rational thinking women. Until there's a way that modern feminism can be stopped I don't think women will ever stop hating men.

Beautiful, just beautiful.
Beautiful, just beautiful.

So there you have it. The next time you're wondering why your wife is turning into a cold bitch, your girlfriend keeps talking smack about you to her friends or that pretty lady at the bar keeps flashing you the finger just remember what you've read here and probably pray.


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