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5 Signs You're Not In Love

Updated on April 30, 2011

I've already done an article on the 5 Signs You're In Love, and now I'm going to address the signs of not being in love. These signs may apply to people who used to be in love, or they may apply to people who aren't sure if they've ever been in love. Obviously, everyone is different, and some of these may or may not apply to you. My main purpose in writing this is to help people who have fallen out of love, or those who can't get over a crush, realize it before they waste a lifetime on someone they don't belong with.

1. You're Not Sure.

Generally speaking, if you've got to ask the question of whether or not you're in love, you're probably not. That's not to say you never were, but it stands to reason that you're probably not, at this time, in love with whomever you're thinking about. Moreover, I'm not suggesting that you can't fall back in love with someone, but if you're at this point, you've probably already fallen out of love.

2. You wince at the idea of kissing or getting naughty.

This is the test I always use when I'm wondering how much I dig someone. Close your eyes and picture yourself sucking face with the person in question. If you can't picture it without grimacing, wincing or, God forbid, gagging, you're not in love with that person. You may well love them, but it's not an Adam and Eve type of thang.

3. You'd rather be with your mates.

If you'd rather spend more time with your friends than your girlfriend or boyfriend, something is amiss. Certainly, one should have their own time away from a partner, but if the partner is getting 40% and the mates are getting 60%, something's not right there.

4. Everything they do annoys you.

We've all been here, haven't we? Winding down toward the end of a relationship, the other person inevitably annoys you to the point you'd rather sleep outside in the snow than sleep in the same flat, due to all of their annoying habits. Habits which, by the way, didn't bother you in the slightest when you first got together.

5. You've realized you're dating a moron.

Even if you're dating a neurophysicist, that man is now labeled a complete moron for the simple fact that he forgot to take the trash out for the second week in a row. Not only that, he watches stupid programming on television and his taste in music is childish and mundane. Nevermind the fact that you found his taste absolutely charming when you first started dating.


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