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5 Signs You're a Bad Kisser

Updated on January 31, 2010

Kissing is a really important part of dating and romantic relationships in general. If you and your partner have incompatible kissing techniques, things aren't going progress well. Therefore, it's important you have your technique down pat before you lock lips with your potential boyfriend or girlfriend -- cos the worse of a kisser you are, the less someone will want to kiss you; and who wants a boyfriend or girlfriend they don't feel comfy kissing? Unfortunately, few bad kissers are aware that they're bad kissers, which only perpetuates more bad kissing. Therefore, I've compiled a list of signs meant to help you figure out which end of the spectrum you belong in... the good kissers or the blech kissers?

1. Your date is reluctant to kiss you.

To be fair, bad breath could be the culprit here, but if your date has a go at kissing you and then strategically avoids your mouth for the rest of the evening, that's a sign you're a bad kisser. If you're not sure what I mean, have a think for a moment: When you try to kiss your date, do they turn their head at the last minute and ask you to kiss their neck instead? Every time, I mean.. not just cos they like that sort of thing. Do they kiss you only for a moment and then quickly do something else like ask a question which forces you to stop kissing and start talking? Do they tell you they're too shy to kiss you? There could be any number of legit excuses for avoiding a kiss, but if your boyfriend or girlfriend is constantly finding a way to avoid a kiss, that's a sign you're a bad kisser.

2. Your date has a wet face when your kiss is over.

Does your date have to wipe their face dry when you're done kissing? If so, that's a sign you're a bad kisser, as you're meant to keep your tongue in their mouth and not bathe them in slobber. This is a very unpleasant experience and most women will shy away from kissing you again if you do this!

3. Your date can't kiss you back.

Some people will just press their lips against someones mouth and then freeze up like a statue. This isn't kissing, this is pressing, and it's not sexy or pleasant. Not only aren't you kissing well, you're not allowing the other person to kiss any better, cos they can't open their mouth. Kissing involves mouth movement and tongue action so don't freeze up when your lips connect!

4. Your partner cries out in pain.

I'm a bit of a lip biter (in a good way...) and I've been known to elicit a tiny gasp of pain on occasion -- but you should not be injuring the person whilst kissing them. You should not be drawing blood, you should not be leaving marks, you should not be bruising them up, you should not slamming teeth into teeth.

5. You leave hickies.

It is not appropriate to leave hickies / love bites on other people's bodies, whether on the neck or elsewhere (unless they've actually requested you do such). No one wants to walk into work with a hickie as it makes them look like a tart! So have a think before you hoover someone's neck; leaving a hickie is the mark of an amateur!

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